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today i will post SOVL kids 3

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what a slut

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i'm saving that one
but what do i call it?

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is he, the guy?

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>scared, potter?

Rocky X: Rocky in a Coma

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>trying to bridge female to female molex connectors
>doesn't seem to check orientation of plugs let alone a wiring diagram
>bridges directly across connectors which appear to be 180 deg out with fucking paperclips?
>lets the smoke out
What the fuck was he thinking? Who is this guy?

tldr he once got on the front page of reddit and exploded in popularity except he's pretty dumb

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I love Kristen Bell

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Is it even possible to be this energetic without the help of cocaine?

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>Television and Film

>Webm Thread

>No Sound

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redditspacing frogposting newfag

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How did Robert Rodriguez convince not only John Travolta but Ricardo Montalbán to be in this is my question and why was it just so damn good? Like this better than Sharkboy and Lavagirl desu

>no sound
Tell me about it

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I love how some are obviously puppets and some are obviously just people dressed up like skeleton soldiers. Really adds to the charm of this movie.

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travolta? do you mean clooney?

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I know a board that could have a very successfull thread started by that webm

I prefer the webm where you don't see her face.

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really? which one?

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Too old.

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What was he on the front page for? The AI video?
I found him from suggestions because I watch tech stuff anyway. I didn't even realize he was that popular.

>why do all games have lava in them
>akshually its called magma

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