ITT, actresses who are now post-wall in the role when they were at their absolute physical peak

ITT, actresses who are now post-wall in the role when they were at their absolute physical peak.

Pic related (Iron Man 2) for ScarJo.

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That's her peak...?

She was never particularly attractive. Her face is a six at best.

shut the fuck up.

She is plastic as hell, but I wouldn’t call her six

she has a bulbous nose and round face.

Post a 10 if ScarJo is a 6.

Not that guy. But nobody is 10 even with make up

Fine. Post a 7, an 8, and a 9 if ScarJo is a 6.

her peak was lost in translation

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the past is a foreign country

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Peak autism.

HOw do you think women feel about going from a literal 10/10 to a washed out roastie old hag?

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>two-syllable "cutesy" names
I blame UK and Australia for this faggotry

Well, it's probably a lot worse for the one who never had a jew connection to the fame game..
cause when it comes to ScarJo.. I met her just before the MCU era.. She was very nice and even gave me nice cleavage reveal..

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We know how they feel; they bitch and moan about "BOO HOO I'M INVISIBLE NOW!!" and "IT'S SO UNFAIR HOW I CAN'T GET ROLES ANYMORE AFTER HITTING THE WALL!"

Which is nonsense because they had zero issues when the world had literally rolled out a red carpet for them and was handing itself to them on a silver platter in a way almost no one else can relate to. They're quite literally regarded like goddesses for a time, and then complacent that it doesn't last forever rather than thankful that they got to enjoy a level of privilege for even a brief while that is an alien concept to 99.999999% of people on Earth.
>tfw I was a freshman in high school watching this movie

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why does that necklace make me hard?


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I'm entitled to fuck scarlett

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What does she look like now?

Well then I'm entitled to fuck Milla Jovovich, if we're going down this road.

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There's a photo of ScarJo when she was a little girl and she had a massive schnoz. If she got a nose job, who knows how much of the rest of her face is fake.

Doesn't matter if you wouldn't fuck this mouth pussy then there is something wrong

don't care

Not that bad if she had bangs

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woah momma

Peak ScarJo

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Peak Scarjo was THE ISLAND

> ScarJo in Eight Legged Freaks (2002) hasn't been posted yet
What the fuck do you guys even watch movies?

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literally perfect mouthpussy

ScarJo is best as a blonde and hottest in either Vicky Cristina Barcelona, or He's Just Not That Into You.

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>What the fuck do you guys even watch movies?

>Pic related (Iron Man 2) for ScarJo.
>25 years old
lol no.

>17 years old

Women literally become worthless after their 21st birthday

iron man 2 scarjo was kino
she was showing signs of the wall by avengers and past that she was very clearly a fried egg hanging on a nail in the wall

This man is a truth-speaker

She hit the wall during ironman 2

I remember seeing Iron Man 2 in theatres, being aroused by her, and then taking my gf home and fucking her while imagining she was ScarJo

My personal bracket is 16-22 yo.

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IF we're going down this road, I'm entitled to travel back in time and slide my tongue into peak Jennifer Connelly's asshole.

this is also when they start crying about how sexualized and molested they were.

Absolutely nothing. Their number of simps go from 3 billion to 2.8 billion. Women "hitting the wall" is a male revenge fantasy.

You are a married Orthodox Jewish man with 3 kids who believes he will burn in hell for lusting after another woman. You hate gentiles and want to push adultery onto them through shillposting on an Egyptian camel-hair sewing site.

They were sexualized and molested.

Fucking lol. Nice cope tranny.

She was perfect

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peak ScarJo is The Island (2005)

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yet another "walled" thread by self-hating scarjo fans.
she's prime breeding material

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If women had the same sex drive as men there would be world peace. Why can't she just rape me bros?

>prime breeding material
>37 years old
Lmfao. You're 20 years late.

Kys pedo

Can confirm. My mother had me at that age and I'm here with you all.