Has The Rock finally surpassed Arnold?

Has The Rock finally surpassed Arnold?

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Arnold made good movies

He's a bigger star than Arnold ever was.

is there a single good rock movie i'm missing?

Scorpion King

What is the Rock's Running Man? Or Predator? Or Terminator 1/2? True Lies? Total Recall? Even Arnold's shittier movies like "The Eraser" are still fun to watch. What does the Rock have to answer to all this Arnold kino?

Tooth Fairy > everything else

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Literally nothing except FF and maybe new jumanji I doubt anyone could name a single Rock’s movie. He is a meme whom s*yboys are dreaming to become


In terms of life trajectory, the Rock has not and will not surpass Arnold.

Has Rock ever made a serious movie??

even if he makes 10x as many movies none of them will be as memorable as arnold

>people still fall for this bait

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never ever

Only the hidden ones where he sucks penis to stay famous. It's an open secret.

Show me the Rock's version of this.

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Arnold got lucky and was put with great directors like Milius, Cameron, and Mctiernan. The closest thing The Rock has is Micheal Bay taking an interest in him.

Samoan junglemutt fingers typed this post

he has surpassed him in shitty flicks for morons. he will never surpass him in good movies.

My boy Dwayne hasn't still made a single good movie

>Total Recall
>Conan the Barbarian
>Terminator 2
>Last Action Hero
>Running Man
>True Lies
>Kindergarten Cop
The Rock legitimately does not have one movie as good as Kindergarten Cop. I do like him, mainly because I grew up with Attitude era WWF, but his movies suck. Looking at his CV everything looks like it would be straight to video in Arnie's dominant era, yet these forgettable pieces of shit are $150-$200 million blockbusters.
Probably speaks more to the quality of film in general today that Rock can't find one good vehicle for him that's even as good as Twins or Eraser.

He's right

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arnold's guttural "uuuaaaauuuugggh" sound alone is infinitely more iconic than any piece of dialogue in the rock's entire filmography

Don't be silly Dwayne

It's true.


The Rundown. It's was early in the Rock's career to.

I've resigned myself to president rock

I should also add Southland Tales. another one of Rock's early movies.

Plastic as fuck

kys for even thinking about making this thread

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No. The Rock's acting range is severely restricted compared to Arnold, not to mention that Arnold has a wider variety of genres.
The Rock has nothing that comes close to Total Recall or Terminator. Even Dave Bautista has a better catalogue

The Cock has ZERO good movies ZERO NONE he hasnt starred in a good movie EVER he is trash wrestler triple H undertaker kane bigshow even mankind all better wrestlers than the cock

Pain and gain was ok, but only because Marky "hit vietnam fucking shits" Marko carried it

>Even Dave Bautista has a better catalogue
this is the truth, and Bautista is still far for achieving Arnie status.

Get Smart was really good even if he's only a supporting role

he has tons there just not that good kek

top tier
centeral intellegence
good fun one of his best acting is average its decent
mid tier
jumanji-sky scrapper and misterious island
good and diverse roles not very diverse acting decently fun films nothing outstanding but watchable

but arnold has multiple genre defining movies so its not even close

The Rock doesn't have even the tiniest fraction of Arnold's charisma or star power.

Even attempting to compare them is laughable.

You rocksuckers make me laugh ,ahahahahaha you are pathetic dogs that need to be put down. The cock hasnt done ONE good film you dirty rocksucking faggots. Dont ever reply to my posts again or I will hunt you down and shove a rock down your cockhole .

Terminator 2
Total Recall
True Lies

What de the Rock have? Exactly, NOTHING

Dwayne pls

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None of them can surpass the acting of this man

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Kino after kino after kino.

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Rock has 0 Classics, The Rundown is probably still his best and that's a 7/10 if we're being nice

Literally SOVL vs. Soulless

Quality > Quantity. This can never be changed.

With that said, Dwayne should stick to what he's good at, which is kids and family films like instead of trying to be an action or drama star. If he keeps doing all-ages movies he can still build a decent filmogrpahy

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The difference is Arnold has at least 10 great films worth watching over and they are all adult, badass, funny, more variety of protagonists, and well produced and directed.

Conan the Barbarian
Conan the Destroyer
Red Sonja
Terminator 2
True Lies
Total Recall
Raw Deal
The 6th Day

The Rock by comparison has 3 or 4 Fast and Furious films indistinguishable from the next and 1 or 2 okay kids films with Jumangi and Moana being the best, they are not even in the same ballpark as actors.

Arnolds sisters...... we lost

made me chuckle have a you

A better question would be how Arnold would've fared if he got his start in today's world of "fuck it we'll CGI it'' shallow film making.

This op is a fucking retard

Aside form franchise movies Rock's best are Pain and Gain, Walking Tall, The Rundown, and Get Smart.

Doesn't compare to Arnold at all but he's got some good ones.

Yeah to be fair blockbuster action is a very dry genre these days, no one is doing as well out of it as they were from 1980-2005. Having said that the rock could have diversified if he wanted.

>Walking Tall
People will cry all day about whitewashing fictional characters, then when Hollywood blackwashes a real person they're silent. It's bullshit.

For me, it's all of these.

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Okay I missed Pain and Gain to be fair but those other films are mediocre at best and Dwayne lacks Arnolds natural charisma and charm to make good films from mediocre scripts. Dwayne will not allow himself to be vulnerable on screen and his parts therefore are always unrelatable and mostly garbage. Pain and Gain sticks out as good as it was the first role where the Rock played something besides "cartoon fake suave hero". The Rock needs none of our advice but as someone who watches films, the Rock has become a red flag that a film will be shit rather than the other way around, he needs to make some better choices and work with a real director.

In 2002 or whenever that came out, people didn't really care.

Arnold is a real life scumbag though.


they are both muscly action stars who play themselves in every single movie
the difference is arnold as 10x the charisma


I don't think the complete set has ever been made.

Arnold is in the WWE and the Rock isn't?
I didn't even know he ever wrestled.. dwayne absolulty cucked

He didn't wrestle he did some backstage segments and stuff, I think he punched Triple H one time.

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Yes arnold made constant kino that's still watched today

The only film worth rewatching Dwayne ever made is Pain and Gain

It's been said, but The Rock would need to make a good movie first. Blah blah money, but people will still remember The Terminator in 20 years - they won't look back with nostalgic fondess at Rampage or San Andreas