This is our Black Panther - SUPPORT IT


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does anya get naked in this? that’s all i care about

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>our black panther
>starring the niggers of white people
granted they were getting more civilized around that time

So no booba?

Supposedly the second scene possibly has some nipple but it happens just before that clip starts.

This not "our Black Panther" because northmen actually existed and what will be depicted in this movie is plausible

was hoping for some raw viking era bush shots

>our Black Panther
>MC's mom is the one who plotted his father's death because of some sob story about being 'enslaved'
>Kills his mom and half brother
>Ends up dying while the villain goes out with a smile.
This is a shitty movie. Also, the costumes may be on point but the action is ass. Really disappointing fake PG13 bloodless kills for the most part despite it being R-rated.

no, i wont support anything from jewllywood.

>six pack abs on a medieval protein quotient, dog impersonation, ridiculous fantasy sequences

nope, definitely our Black Panther.

sounds like your EXPECTATIONS were SUBVERTED, user! you weren't SUPPOSED to want the hero to get revenge in a revenge story! ahahahaha! 2 deep 4 u???

There's also a bush shot in another scene (and it clearly shows her face) but in this day and age it's probably just a glue-on merkin.

that's some Bernini tier grab

Reality is our Black Panther.

>6 packs ab vs advanced black civilisation in Africa due to some magic vibrating minerals that improve your iq or something
Vile disingenuous little worm

>This is our Black Panther

>black panthers
>niggers actually act like civilized white people

>acts like literal subhuman dog, kikes laugh at whitey relating to schizo dog

Fuck no, this movie sucks ass

yeah I don't remember Black Panther being marketed as being gritty or historically accurate.


Comparing vikings to niggers is extremely disingenuous. While vikings weren't a high culture like Greeks/Romans/Persians etc they were still way ahead of niggers to this day. Vikings were able to build actual houses and towns with proper infrastructure, they were able to forge high quality swords, armor and jewelry, they wore actual clothes, they built ships and sailed to other regions to colonise them. They knew how to farm and domesticate livestock. They had political systems, a writing system, sagas, poems and stories as well as a developed belief system. Niggers TODAY have none of that lmao.

watch the movie, he's literally a white nigger

Naw, I'm latino and barely heard of this movie

I'll just fuck a white girl instead

where the fuck do i get a magnet

cringiest post on Yea Forums the whole week tho


Cope medoid


Dont compare this masterpiece to that piece of shit affirmative action movie

designated amerimutt thread

most glorified bunch of retarded barbarians ever

Greco-Roman aristocracies were of same blood as Vikings, just a different culture.

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you are not even white

Augustus had auburn hair and his uncle jet black hair with very dark eyes. Nevermind that though, viking culture was still nigger-tier.

Looks like Putin to me.


Sorry I’m European, I don’t need a larp movie to cope with Asian/African heritage

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>Greco-Roman aristocracies were of same blood as Vikings
Just fucking lol you probably believe germans and scandis are of "the same blood" too

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cringe tranny thead

Romanians are not European

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Tell that to Herodotus

Honestly though it's very common for italians to have more varied features even in the same family, two of my sisters are blonde and the youngest one is ginger while I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

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Of course. Blonde and blue eyes are recessive traits of course. They can express themselves out of any dominant genes (but not vice versa). Nordcuck arguments about how something may have had blue eyes just shows their ignorance of the world. Ethnicity is beyond skin color or hair color, and Europeans know this. It’s only the larpers without culture that cling on to skin as a defining trait of their ethnicity.

fuck off Varg

That's a terrible recreation, looks absolutely nothing like the bust. Here's a proper one.

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Well I’d consider Africans closer to Europeans than anglogermcucks or other Asians that’s for sure.

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>bust has wavy, tousled thick hair
>recreation has thin, straight hair

>bust has refined aqualine nose
>recreation has thick, stumpy nose

>bust has full, plump lips
>recreation has thin, virtually non existent lips
That's more like it

it's billed as an anti-revenge film in all the interviews and advertising but americans literally do not understand morality plays

Dark skinned individuals depicted in Minoan art are not Africans you cuck

One thing I really miss about the whole scamdemic was same day releases on streaming services and getting high quality torrents on release day

That’s not what I implied at all, dumbass nordcuck. You are Asian migrants from the ADs. Of course I’m going to consider the Africans who Europeans have had relations with for millenias as closer to me than the Asian migrants that have completely different culture and civilization focus.

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its great

Even going beyond your "Anglos/Germans are actually Asian!" autism, Asians are still genuinely closer to actual Europeans than Africans will ever be, including the presence of neanderthal DNA and straight hair. Why would anyone want to be associated with Africans lmao.

For example - Egypt was founded nearly 5000 years ago as a union of European settlers and African settlers. Our Eurafrican union will always be strong. Eurasia is a failed dream of chink migrants who have yet to figure out why they’re unwanted.

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.... absolute yuck. supporting a movie for a political agenda rather than a piece of art makes you legitimately reddit tier. go back and be a contrarian where you belong, sub human

>Of course I’m going to consider the Africans who Europeans have had relations with for millenias
What Africans are you referring to you? North Africans, yeah maybe, they are genetically very similar to other Mediterraneans. Sub-suharan niggers with bones going threw their noses? You consider yourself close to that, yeah?

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Lmao, you probably also enjoy legions of Tyrones taking your women as well? What a cuck you are lol. Unless of course, your failing to distinguish between African groups.

No shit that cultures get more different as geographic scales increase. Too bad Asians will never be European no matter how close they try to get.

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>You are Asian migrants from the ADs.
lmao. you current day "meds" are literally Turkoid rape babies. kys you onions and garlic sweating unibrow shitskin roach offspring.
There was no such thing as mediterranians, it's the result of relentless Turkoid rape cruases against Southern Europe.
Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece were white. Yo are 100% genetically turkshit rape babies.

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Sure Hansdeep Nigelwong

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OP is obviously a retarded leftist trying to pretend they're alt-right or whatever.


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Do you consider yourself close to sub-saharans? Why are you so obsessed with niggers who have never achieved anything? At least asians like japs and koreans have actual achievements to boast about.

>It's another 'shitskin pretends they're white' episode

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Only northern scandinavians with sami blood have chink eyes. Many have a distinctive med look, like the Norwegian prince for instance. Unfortunately that chink look is common is souther Europe as well. You'll find plenty of Romanian gypos with it.

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I consider them close on a cultural basis at the very least. Genetically Europeans, Africans, and Asians all started from different parallel evolutions (Grecopithicus, Australopithecus, Denisovans/Pygmies, respectively). However else also cannot ignore the geographic proximity and the various relations Europeans and Africans have had. Asiatics on the other hand were mostly confined to their continent until the Neolithic when the ice sheets started receding and the Northern Way (Norway) started opening up for their migrations.

I’m sorry you are embarrassed to be an Asian migrant, Hansdeep. I really am. You should be proud to embrace it. That said, I cannot avoid the truth just for your feelings. We have to look at things realistically and logically using the evidence we have.

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>biggest ancient empire: Han China
>biggest medieval empire: Mongol empire
>Biggest empire of all time: British empire
Medlets, kneel before the Great Viking Shogunate and I may consider showing you mercy.

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>tfw Spanish/French and reading this thread
Am I safe?

Yes you are my European brother

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