What are some franchises that keep on going despite having only one good entry in their history?

what are some franchises that keep on going despite having only one good entry in their history?

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>the only good headliner is ruined by Swedish house mafia

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>Not a single good artist on this line up
Except for Freddie Gibbs but that's because he had good mixtapes back in the early 2010's

2006 had the most soul

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>Danny Elfman

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idk even for 2006 the line up seems woefully outdated in retrospect aside from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Animal Collective and Devendra Banhart but maybe I'm a boomer

>festival lineup looks good
>bands you want to see are all playing at the same time on different stages

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how the fuck is Fatboy Slim so far down

because it's 2022, and he's extremely lucky to even be at coachella despite not being relevant for 20 years

for being "super in the moment" acts, yeah a couple years dated

but the names there were big enough for the times that people probably felt like they were watching legends in their early years. and they kind of were

That looks amazing. Can I hop in a time machine?

Out of those I would only particularly want to see 100 gecs, Denzel Kurry, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Spiritualized, DJ Koze, Richie Hawtin, and The Weeknd (but he's with Swedish House Mafia?). I guess I'd drop by to see Danny Elfman and Fatboy Slim too

Really weak lineup though, I've already seen better concerts on my own this year (Drain Gang, 100 gecs, Bjork, Playboi Carti, and RXK Nephew next month)

All of them including Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord Of The Rings and as of recent, Harry Potter. Marvel is the worst.

I can't stand Nilufer Yanya, because she puts on this really weird fake east London accent. You'd have thought for an industry that loves to call people out for cultural appropriation someone would have pointed out her trying to make herself seem more working class, instead of the Chelsea rich girl she is

>Megan Thee Stallion
do black people know stallions have dicks?

what was the first festival you went to anons?
this was mine, 50 cent got bottled off stage.

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Crumb and BADBADNOTGOOD are the only 2 groups worth seeing out of that massive list of shit

I'm watching some of the performances live on YouTube right now, and I can't believe how bad most of this music is. I haven't seen a single band/artist that I'd rate higher than a 5/10.

I recognize 6 names in total.
>it will happen to you.

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And why does it seem like there are fewer and fewer genre specific festivals nowadays? They always seem to be this hodgepodge of "Whoever is semi popular" in an attempt to attract as many people as possible, but I just feel like there's no point in going to a festival to see two or three acts, if I think the other 40 are absolute trash

I went to FYF one year but honestly festivals are too exhausting. I'd rather just for to a 3 or 4 hour show than walk around in the sun paying $7 for beer and getting lost.

Despite not even attempting to rap the songs, Carti is one the best lives shows out there

I recognise most of them, but I couldn't name a song for any but about 5 or 6

they were pretty good desu
dread to think what went on backstage

Considering not even his band mates knew what he was up to, he must've kept a low profile outside his hotel room, but considering what he was into I'm amazed no one even picked up a bad vibe from him

Zoomers sure pick some retarded fucking names for their bands holy shit.

I knew people who'd met him at clubs and stuff and the impression they gave was he was very cautious, knew a girl who tried to fuck him and he totally blew her off

Even 5 years ago they would at least have a Boomer/Gen X band headlining like AC/DC or Guns n Roses.

Now its all Zoomer shit

its like that for all the cards. they are always 4 or 5 years after their big creative contribution and often never do anything as good.

that said
juan maclean in 2006 would have been relevant still.
phoenix, mylo in 2006 would have been fine too. mychael mayer..dk if i'm thinking of the right mayer but eitherway: ok. and thats it.tbf idk all those smaller print bands but... since i did my best to be a hipster from 2000-2012 i feel i would have heard of em?

are you posting from the 90s

Yeah, it's definitely to attract as many people as possible. Coachella rakes in around $120,000,000 on average.

There are boomers in this thread RIGHT NOW who do not comprehend the genius of Doja Cat

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Was this the supernatural season 1-5 of concerts?

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13 if we’re counting just hearing the name of the act once. As far as music I’ve heard I got 3 counting Elfman’s movies.

I'm getting old. I only recognize like half a dozen of those acts and two of them are Danny Elfman & Fatboy Slim

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tell me about your flying cars user

she used to be an e-girl on here and has several old songs shitting on black people

She looks like she fucks white guys exclusively therefore I’m a fan.

Zoomer here gonna see Nine Inch Nails in November. Is Trent kino on stage now?

Boomers are too decrepit to leave the house.

>The Cars
>The Beatles
>The Doors
>Beach Boys
>Foo Fighters
>The Police
>Red Hot Chili Peppers

I could go on forever. Very few band names are good.

They're one of the few bands that age like a fine wine when it comes to their live performances.

She's appealing until she opens her mouth and you remember she's just like every other ghetto black girl except with lighter skin and an insane body.

one of the steps to being an actual adult is not giving a shit about current music trends and slang in youth culture.
its not for you anymore.

You can be older and still into discovering new music. Who gives a shit about what you think makes for true adult behavior? Especially on a faggoty cartoon image board?

>Coheed and Cambria on the 3rd line


>Purple Disco Machine
>Fatboy Slim
>Duke Dumont
>Duck Sauce

literally the only names I recognize and know that are above decent

lmao zoomer musicians are garbage

holy shit this is nostalgia
really wish i got to see funeral for a friend when they were in the prime, that was my shit during high school
the darkness was such a fad due to apple but they had catchy songs, and fuck any franz ferdinand faggots, it was always band kids who liked that shit
>bloc party so small at the end
weren't they bigger or was i just in a UK band phrase at that point and thought they were bigger than they were?

Based Depeche Mode

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Retarded nigger music zoomer

>the hu

I can’t believe Filthy fucking Frank is doing a show in there Wtf

Everyone went apeshit for Bizkit in a way I never experienced then as a teen, thankfully current year revisions taught me to realize this was no different than a Nazi rally

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I've honestly never listened to modern music since I'm not a fan of the pop-ulist movement. But I enjoy Jazz and Metal. Theres just nothing better

I miss the Darkness bros

Justin Hawkins has a YouTube channel now

It's pretty interesting getting music critique from an actual musician

>fat boy slim

Literally one good act. Imagine if these guys didn't get any E they'd 0robably enck themselves given how shit this is

I'm guessing this is in 2005 because ffaf is a headline. Man if you went just off the headlines you'd think its awful but that's some good bands

This. Ffaf had a very specific peak and during that short window they were amazing. Also noticed how bloc party is where it is and not a headline. Would that date it 2005? They were huge at one stage

GOD FORBID, I don't want this to happen under any circumstances AT ALL, but what if russia dropped a coupla' tsarbomba nukes around the vicinity of that location on said dates? And for the sake of disscusion, what if they sent some to Downtown LA to test things out?

close, 2004. This is 2005, which I also went to.
Bloc Party were bigger by 2005.

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They'd still be the 2nd or 3rd line of a major fest, they're not popular at all outside of rock-centric festivals.
Lollapalooza 2014, saw Eminem/Rihanna on the same stage and got grinded on by the girl in front of me.