What was his problem?

What was his problem?

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>beardstache in 2015
he was ahead of his time

not mine

looks like the get the vaccine guy lol

lol based

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Anger is in charge.

gay with his dad

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was this the last decent Pixar movie?

>latest 3 eps without Stav have been good
>he returns
>episode is complete dogshit

>still listenable
Stop peddling this lie

I legitimately recommend bonus 282

Get the vaccine
Then die

This movie sucks mam

>What was his problem?
Relentlessly handsome.

For me, it's the black, soulless eyes

If Nick was like 6'2 he would be a fucking force of nature.


Good episode. Reminded me of that one episode where they made fun of the virgin on the Chapo subreddit

He'd be a force of nature if he was taller than 5'2

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I want to consume Deathsticks for some reason.

>still no diccpics out
he has a microcock doesn't he?

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>latest 3 eps without Stav have been good
This is true.
If stav leaves that would be awesome.
I like Adam and Nick.
They vibe well together
stav is just juvenile and inoffensive

*hits pipe*

nah there's an entire episode where they make fun of the small dick reddit, there's no way he could do that without it hurting himself and breaking into tears, plus if he was 5'2" with a micro peen he would be long dead, that's too much for one man to bear.

Imagine turning red but with riley

This week was 1 hour of shitting on ian. I thought it was funny

i like when they bully stav for being fat.


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I remember thinking this was the ugliest movie pixar had come out with at the time

he cute and comfy

Nick would probably be my friend and we would beat Adam to death together

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no he's a meanie

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bug deserves it

Look forward to seeing him and sam hyde/nick rochefort interacting


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For what reason do you save/make these? did you post them on a subreddit? I don't know anywhere dedicated to discussion for it

he was raising a cute white girl in modern america

goddamn i love this show. i hope they ease off the drugs and stav loses weight. it will be a sad day if one of them dies

these are from the old subreddit before it got cucked

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Anna Khachiyan implied he had a huge dick "it's always a skinny 5'8" Irish guy from Brooklyn"

Has that Sam Hyde/Gillis/Nick episode leaked yet?

couldn't have been him

AK hates other wamen, she's just setting them up for disappointment with lies

>What if Barack Obama was Chinese... and gay
>"oooohh... me rikey Micherre Obama because she rearry a man!"

>hehehehehehehe hell yeah dude


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Probably, but she's a skank and could accurately assess the bulge

where can i get some SFM kino of riley

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i thought this thread was about inside out
now i'm embarrassed!

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The Dad is remembering a hockey game
>Oh he's so awful, what a shitty husband
The Mum is dreaming of a guy she met
>Yeah you go girl, you deserve it, you should've run away together

These are the morals of Hollywood

I miss the old sub so much. .org is just full of screeching retards who have nothing funny to say ever.

Only person itt who seems to be answering the question
Him having married someone with Sadness in charge probably doesn’t help

they havent been funny in years
it's amazing how far they've coast over being funny for a brief period during 2016/early 2017

unlike calling things gay that got boring quick.

>Have property in Minnesota with land and a lake that freezes in the winter
>you know what would be better? Living in a condo insane Francisco where you have to run a tech startup just to not foreclose
>I know the pizza is shit and there's a dead fucking rat in our new home and the schools are goblino nightmares but I SWEAR IT WILL GET BETTER

literal redditors ITT

He didn’t even wanna participate in the mde/Gillis podcast, so fat chance he dors something legit with them

>black sabbath shirt
>but woke

He's going to come back and lightly reference every single thing he heard Sam say to prove his clout, and Sam is so indifferent he just won't talk about it ever happening but I'm sure Nick was a huge fag

Completely average looking. In what world is Nick anywhere close to good-looking?

If Stav left, who would stop Nick from saying the n-word?

nothing great
nick says maybe 3 sentences, Sam and Shane try not to blow each others careers up


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he still wouldn't say it because he's a tiny irish coward

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no, this came out recently

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He's gay and also a cartoon