Dies in one single episode in the middle of a season after accomplishing nothing in your path

>dies in one single episode in the middle of a season after accomplishing nothing in your path

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>Jon’s entire arc has revolved around the white walkers
>Jon fucks around on a dragon in a snowstorm throughout the climatic battle

>doesn’t even get past winterfell
Lol, the white walkers still might as well be a myth to the majority of Westeros

Did you not realize what show you were watching? Do you remember Ned Stark dying? What about Robb? Yea guess what, things don’t always work out like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. Sometimes the heroes die before accomplishing anything significant. Sometimes the villains are incompetent losers that end up not being a threat.

Feminism stopped climate change.
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White walker storyline was the only reason i kept watching, i expected some actual clarification about why they came specifically now and the crippled kid's role. But instead you get the irrelevant edgy character just killing him. Still mad because GRRM is probably never gonna finish the books anyway before he dies so we'll never know what he intended with it

This is the most retarded shit i've read in a long time on here

They gave up. These kikes thought they were gonna helm a new Star wars trilogy for Yidsney and it blew up in their face. They intentionally phoned it in our of laziness. This is public knowledge.

Night King was a terrible creation. He’s got zero character, might as well be another brainless zombie. They didn’t need to give the white walkers a leader. It was also a bad decision because his defeat could only come way, getting beat by Jon Snow. However that would be cliche and GOT’s schtick was that it went against fantasy tropes so they gave Arya the kill

ned and robb's death were a shocking but still thematicc conclusions. whats the thematic conclusion of the big bad guy getting PSHHH NOTHING PERSONEL by arya plotarmor

>fast enough to sense Arya, turn around and grab her by the neck
>falls to the old falling alternating hand knife trick

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But why did they give up? The show was insanely popular.

true when we saw them being overwhelmingly competent in the entire rest of the show who's to say they shouldn't have a little whoopsie at the climactic moment?

>bad, uninteresting, meaningless stories are actually a good thing because sometimes the real world just works that way, brah
That's one of the lowest IQ takes I've ever seen on this board.

Well it was supposed to be oh, this turns out to be not that bad and dun dun dun, daenerys who you cheered for was the real danger all along, expectations subverted, omg yay I love having my expectations subverted.
But it just came off gay and stupid cause they did it in six episodes and Kit Harrington + Emilia Clarke had no chemistry whatsoever.

So how were the white walkers going to get the past the wall if the heroes weren’t stupid enough to go north and capture one of them? They only get past because they kill Daenerys’ dragon

They've stated before, their interest into making ASOIAF into a show was so they could adapt the Red Wedding. They succeeded, but had to keep going, so they stopper giving a shit about quality.

So at any point in time, anyone could have hired any faceless man to just kill the Walker leader and everything would have been dandy

It wasn't actually a bad plot line but to work it needed the following.
>The battle against the night king should have been a hard fought campaign culminating in an epic fight with Jon, who along with help from Daenerys defeats him.
>Actual chemistry and a long enough build up between Jon and Daenerys that you don't just go ew, that's her Nephew. The reveal on that was too soon to get cheers from burlington bar fags. The audience should have found out he was Aegon Targaryen at the same time Daenerys did, punctuating how fucked up it was and his obvious rejection of her that starts to contribute to her madness.
>Now the betrayal of Daenerys going mad might actually have the impact intended instead of just meh whatever, I guess the leaks were real, what a shit fest.

> the show made them famous
> HBO wanted to continue for more years into season 10
> D&D didn’t want anyone else to take their show and continue making it without them
> Decide to try and get S7&8 over as quick as possible
> we know what happens next

but what of his tax policy?

HBO should have fired them. Fuck those hacks.


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They straight up sabotaged entire fucking show.

They really did rush at least 3 seasons of material into 6 episodes. Sickening. More unforgiveable than anything in the previous 7 seasons.

Unironically read the books, although germ will never finish the books actually have good payoff for the plotlines that close and the dialogue is usually really strong

> "To be honest I've never really cared much for them, innocent or otherwise."
How did they manage to kill an entire 8-season character arch in a single line? Almost impressive.

biggest jobbing in history

>read the books
no thanks

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These guys should never work in the industry again, GOT literally went from "must see TV" to absolute nonsensical drivel by the end season 6. Never has a show been so massive for so long and then tanked from mismanagement, and never one with the budget and resources D&D had at their disposal. There is simply no excuse for producing 3 seasons of trash.

POV: its 2014, Game of Thrones is back on after a week break, you're excited to watch it

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>huge amount of foreshadowing for both of those deaths

>fucking nothing but a unfufilled prophecy for the series' big bad

You're a retard.

nigga be lookin lik a tuatara an shit fr senpai nocap

Lamest villain in tv and movie history, can’t be argued otherwise
>built up as the ultimate threat
>7 seasons of doing nothing
>all die out in one night

Thein killing him and dying would have saved the show.


Yeah bro just read a series that will never have an ending

No face off between the Night King at all.
Side note Films and tv shows are so dog shit now.
Why are there no iconic fight scenes or cinematic moments.

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desu Didnt mind her killing him, but its so lazy they should of made it where she actually fought him.
Tricked him with her faceless ability

watcha gonna do about it suckers

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Do they ever explain who Sunset is in the books and why was it looking for her?

Or xir's tax policy...seems kinda important


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>although germ will never finish the books actually have good payoff for the plotlines that close
I don't care because that lazy lardass will never reveal who sent the pink letter and Stannis will never be crowned king of the seven kingdoms

Obviously you pseuds don't appreciate subversion of expectations. You CHUDs probably didn't like The Last Jedi, either.

trips wasted on shit bait

Loved the ending, the last three seasons were the best ones too

It was such a staggeringly lazy way they rushed to the end, which I can sort of understand. Everyone was getting bored, the show was shit because they had run out of books, people want to move on to other projects.

Although even the earlier seasons kind of sucked, far too much of 5 minutes with A+B, 5 minutes in the north, 5 minutes in Riverrun etc. The best episodes were focused on just one area like the Wall attack, or Hardholme.


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Could he beat the Night King?

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>Star wars fanfilm
>Shot in the woods
Every time.

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I was kind of pissed that he basically had no back story and no relation to anything happening in the series other than he was a dude that some girl put an icicle into his chest. Kind of idiotic back story. I thought maybe he would have some more elaborate elegant relation to the plot, but he's literally just a boogey man who dies quickly and randomly by Arya flying out from the shadows and stabbing him with a knife trick and by a character that had never even seen a white walker until that particular day. Honestly this made no sense. Whoever came up with this idea must have had a lobotomy.

>What killed the dinosaurs?
>The Ice Age!
What did he mean by this?

And it's still better than 90% of official starwars media

you're right they should spend 100k to build a set instead
you fucking faggot

Yep, it's pretty shit. At least the first few seasons were good.

>bran's entire arc was completely and utterly pointless
>the secret to defeating the supernatural existential world-ending threat is... a wacky knife trick
>all the minions instantly collapse LOTR-style when martin has specifically said that's something he wants to avoid at all costs

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They're Jews.

>>bran's entire arc was completely and utterly pointless
Hey man, he warged into some ravens or something. Single handedly turned the tide of the battle.
The only good thing about that episode was all the Dothraki dying and then they didn't even do that.

Now that the dust has cleared, can we all agree that Stannis was actually a shitty, boring character?

Found the beta