On top of all else, they gave Cortana SHOES
Footfags absolutely rekt and on suicide watch.

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shoulder width

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Doesn't matter, Cortana's toes already peaked IN 4, anything else would just be an insult

>no live-action holographic feet

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Looks 40.

>add shoes, remove boobs (and any sexiness)
I hate modern media.

Why does she have permanent uncertainty look plastered on her face?
Is it like some meta thing about the chances of this show being a success?

what the fuck is wrong with her face

>cast actress to portray Cortana
>have jen taylor dub her anyway

They should have just used a CGI model for her at that point, unless the decision to dub her was last minute, which I suspect it was.

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She farts a lot and feels ashamed.
Good catch from the games by the writers.

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That is a male

You know looking at the cinematics in Halo Wars 2 I'm wondering why even bother with live action when CGI already looks this good AND allows you to skip 3DPD

she was made from a clone of tucker carlson

Why is everything about Cortana now? Just fucking make her the main character already holy shit.

Reminder that Cortana peaked in Halo 4

Serina > Cortana

Halo 4 was when the realistic representation of women in video games bullshit kicked in, she was a below average looking girl with saggy tits painted blue in Halo 4. Cortana was never meant to be sexualized, but they're basically ugly-fying her at this point.

I can't believe they managed to fuck up this show this bad. Not even taking into account the story and characters they've completely botched they couldn't even get little things right like Cortana or the music. None of it feels or resembles halo. Unironically the Halo 4 Forward unto Dawn movie is way better and it was made with a fraction of the funding

>Halo 4 was when the realistic representation of women in video games bullshit kicked in
That was also when 343i took over Halo.

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>swing low sweet chariots

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>video game fags pretend to hate movies and shit
>movie fags pretend to hate video games and shit
still somehow both cry and bitch and moan about everything?
hmmmmmh makes one think. not too much but very little to think..

She resembles a titan from AOT.

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That's a dude. And Larry should sue Paramount for stealing his work.

at least they look like they have heels this time FWIW

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Are you blind, bro ?
It is a CGI character (and a very uncanny one at that).
Jen does both mocap and voice. The whole reason why Cortana is human sized in this was so Jen could be on set with the other actors.

Which begs the question as to why they had to go for this weird look if they aren't limited by an actual live actress. Could have had her easily look like what she does ingame, especially the H2A version which was on point.

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CGI ages very badly no matter how good it looks on release.

nah, there are some pretty old games that still have fantastic CGI rendered cutscenes in them

that cortana model is a real woman that blur hired
she looks like that irl

I've seen you around, shilling this Cortana. Why is this. She's a low-tier Cortana. She has a goblin face and she's too human looking

I don't think they expect this show to make it into a museum user

fucking pleb

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>It is a CGI character (and a very uncanny one at that)

Are you sure? It looks like an actress' head and wig composited onto a CGI body. I almost refuse to believe they would DELIBERATELY make Cortana look that fucking weird.

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wouldn't have been more kino to just have cortana be naked in the scene with the spartans and everyone looks confused and she puts on clothes to make her more human? these writers are pathetic

No meme answers please.

Is the show worth watching now that its 4+ episodes in?

tat actor really is trying his hardest, poor guy. probably played the games when he was younger


its ok if you know nothing about the games

no, it's absolute trash and when you recognize how bad it is it's very hard to sit through

but i can enjoy criticizing it and picking it apart while enjoying the worldbuilding and story elements that actually work

overall it's not worth it though, only watch it if you've exhausted all other options

nobody knows who that is

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All forms of entertainment seem to go hand in hand to ruin everything.
Is there anything left that is not pozzed to hell and back? Even tabletop seems to be lost.

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I played halo wars so much dude, loved the scenes in it

He insists he never played them.

Tabletop is still fine because at the end of the day it's what you make of it so even if Paizo of the Coast insists that the orcs are actually misunderstood gentle giants your DM can just ignore it and have them be their usual unthinking chaotic brutes
God forbid if you play with some turbocuck though

how old is he? probably a sony fag lol

It's a fact Jen does voice and mocap for the character, and it's also at least part CGI. Face is probably a mix of both Jen and Halsey.


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>they gave her shoes!
Fucking Good. Absolutely disgusting fetish shit for gaylo 4 design. GTFOOH with that shit, shes a fuckin AI robot.

Incel virgin post

damn skippy

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>a penis that has been in 0 vaginas and over 100 Male asses typed this

robots don't need shoes

first Ed now Cortana. footkeks can't stop LOSING

Halo? Moar liek GAYlo, M I Rite?

>GTFOOH with that shit
>shes a fucking AI robot

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But those spartan cheeks, amirite
why couldn't halo wars be a show?

i never played the games and so far it is pretty good to me

How can you possibly like mistery meat talking about their feelings? Are you a woman?

the blonde doctor is cute

What's the deal with that chick spartan with the blood stripe in her hair?

Based lowest common denominator rubbish watcher