Boomers actually fell for this

>The Apollo 11 missing tapes were those that were recorded from Apollo 11's slow-scan television (SSTV) telecast in its raw format on telemetry data tape at the time of the first Moon landing in 1969 and subsequently lost. The data tapes were used to record all transmitted data (video as well as telemetry) for backup.
>To broadcast the SSTV transmission on standard television, NASA ground receiving stations performed real-time scan conversion to the NTSC television format. The moonwalk's converted video signal was broadcast live around the world on July 21, 1969 (2:56 UTC). At the time, the NTSC broadcast was recorded on many videotapes and kinescope films. Many of these low-quality recordings remain intact. As the real-time broadcast worked and was widely recorded, preservation of the backup video was not deemed a priority in the years immediately following the mission. In the early 1980s, NASA's Landsat program was facing a severe data tape shortage and it is likely the tapes were erased and reused at this time
An event so major in human history, and so legitimate that the original records, that could have been preserved for future studying and examining, were instead erased in favor of Murder She Wrote reruns, isn't that odd?

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Now show the original footage that hasn't been sped up, you spastic.

NASA's budget dropped to approx. $0 at the end of the space race. Take your meds.

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"Erased" my ass. They were probably just compartmentalized due to the presence of alien craft visible therein

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is that footage the actual moon landing?

tape was more expensive back then, and recording over old tape was also a standard practice worldwide. Also I believe it was an accident anyway

yes, they had to jump because walking was too hard or slow in those space suits

What's beyond antartica bros?...

the black pyramid that controls us all

why does it look so fake?

The commies lost the space race.

it's a sped up webm

Funny how they just hop around and fall over like its all fun without any care at all that a sharp rock might puncture their suit and cause a painful suffocation death.
You'd think if they really were in such a dangerous and inhospitable environment that they would be extremely careful and do everything with great deliberation instead of bouncing around like literal spazzes.

So question, I'm curious about that
Exactly where did the people strapped to 2 million liters of rocket fuel go to if not the moon?

bouncing around was the most efficient way of getting around owning to both the lower gravity and the bulkiness of their suit
furthermore, space suits are pretty durable, not to mention the soles on their boots
in addition to this it would take quite some time for the suit to empty out of a small gash, and they had special tape on them at all times to patch minor holes

furthermore, all of them were experienced astronauts, which in turn had (at that time) to be experienced fighter pilots
Neil Armstrong was a military test pilot before working at NASA so brass balls were part of the package

Careful with this line of thinking, next you'll start asking questions that don't fit the narrative and you'll be forced to take meds

Bouncing around like spazzes was literally the only way they could walk around on the moon. Mostly to due with the incredibly limited range of motion that their suits gave them.

Can't leave this plane my guy.

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Every conspiracy theory comes with a narrative.

The narrative here is, "The US couldn't legitimately beat the Soviets to the moon, so they faked it.".

This theory is ancient Soviet propaganda.

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Yes, movement in zero gravity looks a lot like Earth movement, but with less resistance. Speeding up the footage makes it look like goofy people bounding around Earth...because conditions are close to Earth's. Hence why we landed there.

Assuming it's a lie, people are missing the more likely conspiracy theory.
The tapes weren't erased. They were sold to some rich collector.
Notice how it says "it is likely the tapes were erased and reused". Meaning they don't actually know what happened to them.
But honestly I believe the official story. Government institutions do stupid shit all the time when budgets are low.

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What kind of ESL retard do you have to be to not understand what he is saying?

In that case Brezhnev should have been the most prolific moon-landing denier the world has ever seen.

>conspiritards parrot old Soviet propaganda
>conspiritards parrot current Russian propaganda
The more things change.

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It still looks retarded, the speeding up just
better highlights the ridiculousness of what you're watching. The moon landings are the most obviously staged event in the entire history of the world. You have to be such an unbelievable fucking moron to actually believe men walked on the moon. I hate retards but I hate arrogant ones even more, so I hate you and your utter fuckimg gump level spastication. Now stop being so stubborn, accept that it was a fraud and try to be less retarded tomorrow for the sake of all of us.

you're glowing

The risk of puncturing their suit would be there whether they were hopping or walking, you could say that hopping increases the risk short term, but exhaustion could increase it long term if they just walked. The risk was always there, the astronauts knew what they signed up for

>ad hom out the gate
Post ignored.

I'm not getting vaccinated no matter how many times you screech CONSPIRACY at legitimate facts.

They had very limited range of motion. The pressure inside the suits made them like balloons. So it was very difficult to bend at the joints. Especially since they had to be very durable to prevent punctures.
And these were astronauts. They had to put extra fuel in the rockets to carry their massive balls.

>Careful with this line of thinking, next you'll start asking questions that don't fit the narrative

Every single one of you repeats this cutesy sarcasm bullshit. It's your most obnoxious cliche by far.

Tape was indeed more expensive, and therefore recording over old tape was also a standard practice everywhere, these are undeniable facts. Whether it was an accident is harder to know for sure, but I'd heard that a few times in the past and it sounds reasonably plausible. If you disagree do you have any rationale or are you just a schizo?

Not even the Soviets were retarded enough to deny it

There are mirrors on the moon right now put by apollo astronauts that we shoot lasers at from earth
Chinese satellites have taken pictures of moon landing sites
Soviets themselves confirmed the landings

>Why didn't we go to the moon again?
>We didn't go because there wasn't funding after the first landings
Like seriously. Are you this braindead or just being purposely dishonest?

>imagine being this new
you have to go back faggot

Who "screeched" anything? You're the one getting red in the face here, not me.

>trust the chinese gubmit bro
>trust the sobiet gubmint bro

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They didn't even bother hiding that these two things are the same thing.
>"nah don't worry shlomo, just jam a couple extra letters on the end, they'll buy it"
Please don't tell me boomers were reatrded enough to fall for THAT?

The only thing I'd trust those governments is to be chomping at the bit to disprove some great American achievement.

You're the one acting arrogant. Just because it looks silly when you speed it up doesn't mean it isn't real.

They were reflecting lasers off the moon long before the Apollo program retard, no man-made mirrors required: "Optical Echoes from the Moon" Nature, 194, page 1267 (1962).

Why do you believe any of this retarded shit? What the fuck is wrong with you? You're a fuckinf retard mate your brain is has much value as the shit I took this morning, fuck off

>noooooo I'm so poor I can't literally buy dirt-cheap discs so lets use the ones that have the greatest achievement in all humanity ever on it
you should probably kys the first chance you get newfag

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>every single one of the tens of thousands who worked on all the times we went to the moon was lying
is this how you convince yourself youre smart?

dont have to disprove something that never happened, deal with it burgerboy
the moon isnt even a phsyical entity

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He thinks compartmentalization is just a big word

Yes that is the line I mentioned in my post. I mean goddamn, how dumb are you?

>all those tens of thousands of people who went and stood on the moon

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>tens of thousands
lol like who nigglet brainlet faggot

Lunar rocks aren't really sharp.

>What is compartmentalization
You can't seriously be this dumb. The moon defenses are so fucking desperate, don't you get embarrassed??? Honestly. Just let it go it's okay, you were duped, we all were, but it's bullshit

if the moon landing didn't happen then why did the soviets not call the Americans liars? they admitted that the americans had beat them.

this wasnt some random home video tape. it was the fucking moon landing (allegedly). so what it wasn't filed or labeled and not one person thought to go over the contents of the tape?

That's right, I just started the reverse conspiracy.
We sent astronauts to Mars under the pretext that they were going to the moon. They went there to steal alien technology from the martians. Did you think the rapid advancement of computers after the moon landings was a coincidence?

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Nobody reads academic papers, nobody bothers doing the necessary checks to prove scientific theses. Nobody knows what's going on at any time. If you contract some heavy industries company to build a rocket engine and then show them the same faked tape of men on the moon you show everyone else, using the thing they made as a prop, how would they know? They don't have to lie, they've already been lied to.

In case it wasn't obvious: this stuff is pushed by paid shills trying to muddy discourse and clog public channels with noise. Any of what you might call the "classic" conspiracy theories gets used to this effect.

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They've got be sharper than anyone who believes in this farce

Except there was no compartmentalization of the Apollo Program. Every knew what they were doing and why because it was a civilian program.

Dude, that was literally before they put actual mirrors up there for more accuracte results.

bro it was an accident trust me the government said it was just an accident tapes were expensive so they just taped over it no big deal it wasnt important anyway just a simple mistake obviously br otrust me

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she didn't ask "why haven't we been to the moon"
she asked "why haven't we been to the moon in a long time"
which is, for Buzz Aldrin a very painful question

he was 10 year old when WW2 started, back then we only had prop planes
when he was a teenager there were the first missiles and jet planes
when he was in his 20's he was starting a career as a fighter pilot and actually flew one of the first combat jet vs jet missions and in his late 20's he read the news about Sputnik being launched
and in his 30's when he started working for NASA, he was at the forefront of the USA going from watching the russians launch manned missions, to launching manned missions to finally, with him being part of it, traveling to the moon and landing on it

At this point he was 39 years old, during his life aviation went from prop planes to the moon landing, and he imagined what humanity could achieve in another 40 years

...and we achieved jackshit

that's why this question is so painful for him

Lmao it wasnt the ussr, or the manhattan project. Everyone knew what they were contributing to.

>how do we get all of our top scientists to work on developing ICBM technology?
>I know, tell them we really just want to send the missiles... er, rockets to the moon! Totally peaceful!

Redditors will believe anything big daddy government will tell them to believe.
Webm related looks normal to them

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>the real conspiracy is there's no conspiracy!

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They come crawling out the woodwork

but who was camera?

I was

The real redpill is that we did go to the moon but it was a generally insignificant event. It was only done to score against the Soviets. 50 years after the landing America and the West started to decline significantly, and we never attempted any other form of space travel or colonization.

Who said they all went to the moon user?
You need better training.

anyone got the webm of the craft floating above the moon and it literally tilts from the cables holding it up lol

The funding for NASA literally went straight into welfare and other shit for niggers.

the earth is flat, real humans come from adam and eve (other humans here before), jesus is our lord and savior


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It was actually very compartmentalized. People knew that different subcompanies handled different things but does that therefore mean a morning memo was sent about the landings getting staged to 10k employees like you're implying? You're very dumb and I'm sad that you exist.

It's really easy to break orbit from the moon because its gravity is dogshit. It only looks weird because you're used to Earth gravity.

Is that a thunderbirds movie

Yea because they realized it’s physically impossible to leave the planet.

You picked that reply from a script.

For anyone who isn't braindead thats wondering. The lost tapes don't actually constitute any lost footage, just a version of the footage that we already have. All of the footage was recorded on NTSC and all of the NTSC footage has been kept archived to this day.

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>Laughs in Wernher von Braun and the rest of paperclip

i need training? you believe man stood on something that doesn't even exist LMFAO

I believe this recording comes from a camera on a rover or something.

I can smell your lib from here.

lel it's ok you tried.

>it’s physically impossible to leave the planet.
that phone youre posting on is connected to a machine spinning around the earth lol

Everyone thought they knew

i heckin LOVE science and THE GOVT!!!!

How come Soviet Union never disputed Moon landings? You'd think they'd be interested in ruining their rival completely, Cold War and all.

The American government would never lie to their citizens! Ofcourse they went to the moon! Trillions of tax dollars is HARDLY a reason to create such a lie! I don’t care how compartmentalized NASA is! I don’t care that Von Braun was a Nazi who should of been tried for war crimes! He turned into a hard working American! All you other countries are just jealous that we went to the moon!! Back to drinking beers and sitting on my fat ass watching my God the television. USA all the way!

they didnt predict that retarded schizos in the future would be so stupid they think it was fake.

Okay, but why would Murica fake the moon landing? If you're going to fake a major event, why a moon landing? Why not go to the bottom of the ocean?

It's a moot point anyway since the moon is a hologram

Just pointing out the facts seeing as everyone in this thread thinks that there is literally missing footage. If that makes you have a onions meltdown then thats your problem bucko

People like you are the first to believe space travel isnt worth investing in and we should all bury ourselves amongst the brown masses.

then how come we only watch the versions that were recorded from the tv

Watch it at 2x speed and it looks normal.

yes the rocket launching from a drastically smaller rock than earth with no atmosphere is not going to behave like you're used to
if it resembled in any way an earth-bound rocket launch THEN you could have had a point

>little hand held plastic box
>can instantly talk to someone on the other side of the planet
they didn't even try make them believable.

They had their own fake space programme and the US and Russia don't actually operate like the James bond movies bud

Im starting to think some of you arent just pretending to be retarded.

The phone I'm posting on right now is more powerful than all the computers NASA had back then, but they want us to believe we haven't had a manned mission to the moon since the 70s "because it's too hard and expensive and we've lost the technology."

The sad thing is boomers are so proud of themselves and the "achievement" they lived vicariously through television that they actually believe this.

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>hey see I'm a raycist like you, why don't you goyms believe me
you're too stupid to be here nigger. you should go back

"We simply lost the technology to leave high earth orbit"

"There is now a dangerous radiation field outside earth orbit we can no longer navigate"

NASAtards actually. believe this shit

Yeah sure bro, this is the same reason historic documents are never preserved since copies were made. Oh wait...

>If i call them all retarded maybe they will stop

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Those are the NTSC versions that I'm talking about. It would be nice to have the original raw SSTV format that was lost, but its also understandable that somebody thought it was a waste to store the same footage twice. Especially given for ridiculously expensive tape was back then.

>it's real because it looks fake

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we never lost the technology and the radiation field always existed
what we lost was the funding to go there, imagine trying to convince congress to spend 2% of the gross budget on NASA
And we're no longer willing to beat the soviets so badly we conveniently ignore we're sending our astronauts through a radiation belt

You’re glowing

the real conspiracy is they want you to think there's a conspiracy, that they have magic powers, that they are invincible and invulnerable and nothing can ever change. that the status quo is ironclad and you are helpless. that you need them to protect you from the big scary world they're only just barely keeping at bay with their godlike mastery of the universe.

It was a tape of the raw SSTV broadcast data, as you say this isn't just some random home video tape, but required expensive and extremely experimental equipment at the time. That broadcast was the first use of loads of new TV compression formats and such. The actual video itself isn't 'lost', it's just the high quality version. Which was kept for around 20 years until the 1980s when there was a severe data tape shortage, meaning that some NASA mission (Landsat) wouldn't be able to fulfil their objectives unless they found another tape to reuse. Now was it an accident? was it some douche nasa manager yelling at people to find them any tape to use? dunno, so I'll refrain from saying it's an accident for sure. Shit like this happens all the time

back to schizo retards

>If I say the govt lies that make me sound smart

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That gif is pure evil

The van halen belt is no laughing matter

I for one am glad that as time goes on, the globohomo is seen for the incompetent retards that they are, and always have been. Anyone can literally do a better job than them. And the standards are set so low, that even if you wanted to be terribly evil, it's objectively more impressive to be good.

All of these fake achievements will be nothing more than pathetic examples of their existence, as more people look at the globohomo and say, "At least we're not those retards."

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You're absolutely wrong and you have no idea what you're talking about. Imagine my shock

plenty of things have to look fake because they operate on a level completely disconnected from what your brain expects
like everything microscopic

They interview astronauts who literally say "Uh yeah I didn't feel a radiation field" And the bald NASA jew guy said word for word they lost the technology to go to the moon again

>No argument
Cry harder.

>nasa has explicitly stated that we don't go back because we've lost technologie
>redditor disagrees

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Do retards believe in any other space mission? Or is it like flat earth where they go "well other planets are round, we can see them"?

cope, you just talk out of your ass as usual

>Uh yeah I didn't feel a radiation field
That's how radiation works
you can't sense it, because your body doesn't have senses to detect it
best you could hope for is for one of the gamma particles to hit something just right inside your eye and produce a flash of light

oh what's that, pretty much all astronauts reported seeing weird flashes of light?

>And the bald NASA jew guy said word for word they lost the technology to go to the moon again
He said that as in we can't just build another Apollo rocket because its a pre-CAD design and all the factories that made it have been re-tooled so we need to design a new rocket. Context nigga

They pick and choose whatever makes them sound special

Still not hearing an argument

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The moon and sun are much closer than we think, despite being beyond the firmament and inaccessible. If you look at the texture of the moon through a telescope you'd see its a reflection of earth's continents arranged in a flat earth map.

>tfw im seeing flashes of light lately
>tfw they installed 5g towers
Why are the schizos always onto something?

same reason we can't build a WW2 era battleship nearly as fast as we could during WW2
unless of course anyone wants to deny battleships

wtf i now believe literally everything the government tells me. otherwise i'm a heckin russian

>How come Soviet Union never disputed Moon landings?
How could they go up against western propaganda and Hollywood from behind the Iron Curtain? They would have just been laughed at and the hypnotised American public would be whipped into an even greater anti-Soviet fervour.

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the radiation is dangerous to silicon microprocessors. the navigation computer used for the apollo missions was 70lbs of metal spread across 1950 cubic inches and about as powerful as an 8 function calculator.

our dependency upon microprocessors for everything is what's keeping us glued to this ball of shit.

The clown shit these days is you have livestreams of owls taking a shit, but we can’t install a public livestream setup on the moon? You know it’s bullshit.

this, but unironically