*plays the villain*

*plays the villain*

isn't he a little sick of being typecast? He only gets to do interesting roles in his native country like The Hunt, and that drinking movie he did.
It seems like Hollywood only casts him in villainous roles.

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He's not a very good actor. Not saying he's bad, don't freak out autismo.

He’s a below average actor being fellated by nordcucks. That’s literally it

Hollywood doesn't produce anything other than shit now. I doubt he cares and is happy for the pay cheque.

I don't think he cares desu
Just as long as he gets paid and he has fun doing it then its all good, which is the most based approach desu, acting is a joke profession and shouldn't be taken seriously

>Expecting anything from Hollywood.

If Mads is below average in your mind, where you would put Waltz? He's also a Euro actor who got typecast as a villain.

He's relentlessly handsome

He plays the protag in The Salvation.

>He's relentlessly handsome

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He's German, they're all evil anyway so it fits

villains are usually more interesting than the hero user

He’s been the hero in plenty of movies user


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I don't think he minds. Hannibal is his best role IMO and he overall has a very kino and handsome face for villainous characters. He reminds me a bit of a shark.

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What a stupid broad statement.

Waltz is below Mads. Despite being typecast Mads has range. Waltz does not

Not him but it's generally correct.


No it isn't

Yeah, it is.

You know you're in the wrong here.

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Jonathan Joestar is the best character so I'm right

Waltz is the better actor. He’s also better to work with.

>Jonathan Joestar is the best character
Not even meme-worthy.

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Men are superior to women in every conceivable way, not the least of which is that they are infinitely better looking.
No homo tho.

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Absolutely shit taste, he isn't even the best Jojo. In fact, he's the worst.

Strikes me as a guy who doesn't care much as long as he's getting paid and the franchise shit brings publicity to the smaller films

Angry diofags needed a crutch to evenly match jonathan

Why are you posting a Roman statue? You’re not Roman, Hansdeep Nigelwong.

>not being homo for mads

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He's the most based man on the planet

Do you even Takehito Koyasu???

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What does that have to do with literally anything?

>villains are usually more interesting than the hero user

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This is probably bait anyway, but he's Austrian.

Google it, he's both

It's from anatolia.
I am Swedish and therefore Turkish and therefore Greek QED.

who can say austria is not German?


The Romans in Anatolia built it. It’s from a Roman bath in Ankara. Also the turks werent in Anatolia until much later in the Middle Ages. Most anatolians are balkanics. You are indeed Turk, but you will never ever be Greek or any type of European, Hansdeep Nigelwong.

I'm not clicking that, shill.

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Wrong. It a well known fact that turks are greeks and the reverse. It's also a well knonw fact that virtually all roman statues where almsot exclusively made by greeks in in imitation of greek originals. This statue I date to the high to late classical owing to the sligthly effeminate chest which is much softer that what one would expect to see from early classical and hellenistic baroque examples.
+ you're a tataro-tunguistic mutt

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Is he better than Stellan Skarsgard? Seems like they have similar deals.

>where instead of were
Stopped reading

Anatolians come from Greeks and other balkanics, Genghis. That region may be called “Turkey” but the majority of people there are not Turks. Most turks migrated from Central Asia to Sweden and Germany during the great migratory period of the early ADs. Learn your own history, Hansdeep Nigelwong.

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>Yea Forums - Television & Film

Imagine getting paid millions $ to play a villain?

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I did that on purpose, to spite the english, I assure you on me mother's life.

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The 18th century fart huffers you cite are very particular on that they hyperborean Aesir and sheeit left turkey to rampage around the ancient world while your slant eyed forebears wuz still herding reindeer in the frozen wastes of Yakutia, sir.

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How? I've never seen him being less that 8/10 in anything he's been in

He looks like my French teacher from my 2nd year in college

No, Sven Lagerbring clearly understood turks come from Central Asia, not Anatolia and also understood germanics were turks. All the fantasy land and alien stuff is a cope made by germcucks like yourself to avoid facing the very real fact about your Asian lineage which Sven Lagerbring was brave enough to face.

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And to add - Russians are also Asians like you.

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I've watched a lot of interviews of him and he's asked it a lot and does explain that he would like to play more heroes/main characters if offered but he is gracious about it

nordic men will never be anything but villains in hollywood
you know why

Fuck you, I am Greek.
Simple as.

You are Romanian

Because they are handsome.

this shit?

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If that's true, I completely understand why he hates Turks and their ilk.

He hates everyone and shits up every thread

He was a good guy in Death Stranding.