There are things in this world that we will never fully understand

There are things in this world that we will never fully understand.

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the bad boy of the Shire, suck it Frodo

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Why do people think ghosts are fake when clearly Discovery thinks it's legit if they're funding a show?


It's called the DISCOVERY channel. You can't discover shit that doesn't exist.

Ghost aren't real. It doesn't make sense that only prisons and hotels are hunted when people are horrifically murdered in cities every day for years and no one sees ghosts walking down the street.

Bigfoot on the other hand, there have just been too many sightings to ignore.

Ok, story time...
>be me
>be 18
>girlfriend's dad owns a funeral home
>we sometimes go there at night to bang in the upstairs bedroom
>there's a room she doesn't like to go in because "it gives her bad vibes"
>she's a flake, so I dismiss it
>one night I persuade her to go into the bad vibes room to bang
>we're in the process of getting naked
>suddenly we hear a loud voice that sounds like it's being played backwards
>sounds like an old man
>we immediately run out of the funeral home
>note: there was an old man who was in an open coffin for a viewing that weekend

I don't really believe in ghosts, but this shit was undeniably weird as hell.

Ghosts are real
>doesn't make sense that only prisons and hotels are hunted
Why would you think this? Ghosts are seen everywhere

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Ghosts haunt those places because they build up negative energy, this is basic stuff the show explains.

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Ghost Adventures is my guilty pleasure, it was pretty kino before they started 3d acanning enviroments with kinects

My dad says ghosts are fake but swears he saw a UFO when he was a kid and a bigfoot in the woods when he was a teenager. He recounts it too sincerely for it to be bullshit.

Same here. Used to watch Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures with my rich exgf before she completely lost her mind. Some very comfy memories. It wasn't paranormal related, or maybe it was.

> before they started 3d acanning enviroments with kinects
This is kino though.

He becomes gayer looking with every passing year.
I remember the looked like a grown up man when the show started. Now he is a hipster.


Most haunted was good when derek acorah was in it. The Mary loves dick line he did had me in tears but let’s be honest these ghost shows are just a bunch of assholes fucking around in the dark.

Very disrespectful of Michael Jackson to stay on earth as a ghost. He needs to finish whatever he's doing here and go to heaven where he belongs.

I think it's funny how he magically became a psychic after he started wearing the hipster glasses

ufos are bigfoot are more plausible than ghosts though, not that I believe in them

>what's that noise omg bro
>bro did you see that omg
>you feel that bro it's a cold spot woah
>bro i'm feeling so drained of energy bro
>i'm scared bro I don't want to go in the cellar bro
>bro i'm feeling intease anger i'm getting possessed bro i'm gong insaaaaane bro
Rinse and repeat

Sublime taste.

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Derek was a proper menace whenever he got posessed, you just knew you were in for a ride when he closed his eyes and started grunting. Most Haunted was pretty shit in retrospect though most of the female crew just screamed the entire episode. Was a good laff with the missus tho

My studies of history and archeology have convinced me that the Etruscans where capable of feats of magic that have now been lost to us. I will not elaborate any furtherr on this, unless I change my mind that is.

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For me it's ghost dimension

What's the scariest episode?

The live one with the Rabbi

The one with the real ghostly apparition.

>cameras become common equipment 90% of people have on hand at all times
>paranormal stories/sightings drop dramatically
Weird how that works.

Hello Zak Bagans here today we are exploring the harrowed caverns of Lindsay Ellis's haunted pussy as it has been reports of paranormal activity concerning dead babies, I'm going balls deep to see if I can solve the mystery of Bob's unborn child and put that ghost to rest

i wouldn't believe in ghosts if i didn't have my own experiences. i get it. i don't believe they're dead people but there's certainly something there we probably won't ever understand. if i never had experiences in my own home growing up i 1000% would not believe in ghosts or anything resembling them.

Remember the show "Sightings"?
That shit was on Fox at 8pm.

who is still watching this?

I see ghosts often in my day to day, but you would just call me a schizo. They are very real.

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non meme answer is upper fruitland curse

The movie is the scariest footage they've caught

>Got spooked so hard he needs glasses

Anyone been to his haunted museum in Las Vegas?

I want to go, but I'm poor

Too bad. My gf will never pay extra for this crap and she is the only one I know who can tolerate it for more than 15mins

If ghosts aewn't real, then why are realtors legally obligated to mention if any murders have taken place on the premises when asked? Chekmate, Atheists.

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its a good way to get a discount on a house desu, last 3 homes I've lived in have been murder/suicide houses

Kino. Why doesn't Zak make features?


just download it

Man, you do realize there now exist uber-skeptics who believe conspiracy theories such as "all of world history is fake and was written in the 1960s"

The demons fucked up his livestream so that he didn't step on the toes of LiveSciFi

I firmly believe that the world ended in 2012 and we've been living in hell since.

This is unironically true. The only part that's up for debate is the year.

Yeah I was at it

Its pretty good has some real gnarly shit

based incel ghost

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I do too, however I think that now there's forces trying to make us accept this, or undo any protection spells keeping the world together

>what is stone tap theory

Rams Head Inn, Bobby Mackey or that canned olive place

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for me, it's ghostsuckers

That olive one was hilarious, wish they got better video of billy losing his shit in that back room or whatever

I'm still waiting for the day they investigate the Chris Benoit house

Same. Maybe its something related to parallel dimensions or past events repeating somehow, who knows.

I would not go that far, but seeing how many things have been lies during just the past 20 years, I'm starting to doubt historical accuracy. History is written by the victors etc.

Because it's entertainment you retard

>tfw 'ghost' shows can't happen now cause massive public cynicism
its obviously just a retarded and bullshit concept anyway

and no-one is certainly paying for it lol

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it's one of the highest rated shows on cable and over half the us population still believes in ghosts

Lindsay Ellis slaughtered Spoony's child in the womb because it's Spoony. It's why he became a depressed dropout alcoholic.

>Ghost Adventures is my guilty pleasure,

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>on cable
what does that even mean?

I mean on anything that's not one of the big 5 channels (abc/nbc/cbs/fox/uni)

that literally happened as soon as Blair Witch came out
it's nothing new
yet here we are