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>these dinosaurs aren't racist

Is this satire or not?
Are the dinos supposed to not hunt anymore?


how the fuck can a t rex be "woke"? fucking boomers

Another kike lie.

the dinosaurs are trannies like in jurassic park

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Can't be perpetuating dem negative stereotypes, chud.

Is this a weird way of saying they aren't depicting the brutality of nature?

>The Sun

Remember the 97

it means t-rex isn't a children's toy/monster and will be portrayed as an actual animal

So is T-Rex going to be vegan?

give it a rest


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dinosaurs aren't real, who gives a shit

"Woke" just means "thing I don't like" now.

rexo caca

god isn't real, chud


Yeah, when seeing the skeletons of these giant animals in museums as a kid all I could think about was, "how did they shit?"

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>Another kike lie.

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Aiming for the Indian audience I see

I mean sure but... how did they poop?

They see themselves as prey animals. They want to groom you into being one of them.

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Good thing you're not a scientist.

there is no fucking way im reading all of this

To actually answer the clickbait, the Nu-Rex:

>doesn't roar
>has a plume of soft feathers on its back
>is sorta pudgy
>is a devoted parent
>feeds itself mostly by scavenging instead of predation

So it is following the modern "ackshually dinosaurs were fucking gay and lame as fuck" method of education

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Anything relating to science I genuinely am a skeptic towards. If you believe the dinosaur circus or space ships hovering around the moon you’re a fucking brainlet

wow what a loser

Guess he should have prayed… to the mantis

>waaah waah why aren't muh dinosaurs edgier

That just sounds like a vulture

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This is your brain on religion

what were they tax policy

>>>doesn't roar
>>is a devoted parent
>>feeds itself mostly by scavenging instead of predation
How the fuck do they know anything about the behaviour of dinosaurs? Literal fanfiction touted as science.

Their living ancestors, birds and crocodiles.

Bird kino is back on the menu bros

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>Fucks up ancestor/descendant
>still think's his opinion is worth anything

i prefer this. the 'bloodthirsty lizard monster' shit is boring and only appeals to kids

looking at their skeletons
no reptile or bird roars

birdfags DIE DIE DIE

From birds. In fact, all archosaurs seem to care about their young. Even archaic branches like crocodiles. It's likely that dinosaurs also took care of their young.
The last one is incorrect. I don't think if they show it, but tyrannosaurus was a predator.

My bad but also ligma


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i think i watched this and the dinosaurs were in it for 5 seconds, it was just stock footage and an asteroid and some talking heads

awful show

t. overdosed on soi

Yes, you fucking faggot, kids should continue to be told that T-Rex's were in fact wingless dragons that left a loud and bloody trail of destruction in their wake 24/7, and I say that without a shred of sarcasm or irony


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Why do birds fucking love having their heads scratched?

Refute this.

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We need more scientists focused on shit?

heres your rex

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stop ruining dinosaurs you subhuman scientist pieces of shit, if i ever get the chance i'll kill every scientist in the world

Hard for them to scratch themselves and it reinforces bonding behavior.

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They are god's perfect creature. Simple as.

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that nigga goofy as hell

Atomic level redpill right here. Women, Jews, and Numales are all inherently weak so they need everyone else to become corrupted into becoming as weak as they are

so you're telling me that t-rex goes "twit-twoo"?

Imagine being an adult and still believing in dinosaurs...

If you have to use a reddit meme like that then you've already been refuted.

This guy's mom sounds based. Currently redpilling my wife on the anti-dino (((conspiracy))).

What is it doing?

>woke dinosaurs
And into the trash David attenburough goes. I wish he died sooner before I could lose respect for him.

Have you heard the sounds some birds make?


>doesn't roar
>has a plume of soft feathers on its back
>is sorta pudgy
>is a devoted parent
>feeds itself mostly by scavenging instead of predation
This is what makes the most sense giving all the information we have on T-Rex to date. Only niggers and trannies hide from the truth, you're not a nigger or a tranny are you?

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Says the fag shilling slow burn, bone chilling biblically accurate dinosaurs

sue is based

>NOOOO they have to be hollywood monsters

Crying over its dead child.


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crying, her chick died

Are there any examples of meat eating scavengers being significantly larger than almost all of the things it would eat?

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They don't you can make your dinosaurs however you want but as soon as you call them woke dinosaurs I wish death upon you.


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just show them killing and eating things like in walking with dinosaurs

What a fucking faggot. Retards should be sterilized.

>woke version of the trex
at some point you have to realize your reactionary propaganda has become parodical of itself