The Witch demonizes Christian history

>The Witch demonizes Christian history
>The Northman romanticizes pagan history
Why are Hollywood's historical films like this?

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>The Witch demonizes Christian history
Explain how.

Because it just does okay. Hollywood demonizes Christianity and glorified paganism it does it does IT DOES

>The witch shows actual christian history

I mean, Christians are hypocrites and their history if filled with vile behavior sooooo

You clearly haven't watched the northman. If anything it makes pagans look like brutal savages. The only Christian character is portrayed as good.

Christcucks will still adopt it as their own.

The movie is literally /r/WitchesvsPatriarchy
>The film's plot orbits around a psychological conflict, using a repressive, patriarchal portrayal of Puritan society and the dark, murderous liberation of the witches.[22] The main female character, Thomasin, harbors worldly desires that differ from those of her conventionally Christian family,[23] yearning for independence,[22][24] sexuality,[25] acceptance[26][25] and power.[26][25] However, while her father and the Christian God fail to fulfill her needs, Satan instead speaks personally to her, offering her earthly satisfaction.[27] Therefore, with the demise of her family and the rejection of the Puritan society, Thomasin joins Satan and the witches, her only alternative, in order to find her long desired control over her own life.[28] Her nudity in the last scene reflects her act of casting out the bonds of her previous society.[24]

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I wasn't asking for a Wikipedia article. I was asking why you think the movie demonizes christianity.

>their history if filled with vile behavior
So is pagan history. The difference is that pagan vileness is never portrayed as vile by Hollywood. It's always romanticized

Explain how.


At least we can all agree that jews are the worst

Good. Fuck christcucks. When the fuck did Yea Forums become a bunch of jesus freaks.

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if youre watching these movies as "historical movies" then youre gay

So you don't even have an opinion of your own?

being a vargcuck is even more cringe

Um, this is a board for everyone filled with diverse opinions ranging from every possible spectrum. We’re not a unitive hivemind sweetie

nooo not the heckin catholino

Because paganism hasn't been relevant in centuries. Nobody gives a shit about what medieval savagery they did in their spare time. While Christianity is synonymous with contemporary western civilization. So there are a lot more works that explore, subvert, and, villify the dominant culture.

>Because paganism hasn't been relevant in centuries.
It's the current dominant culture

The only thing cool about Christianity is that it helped inspire great music and art. Everything else, whatever.

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where? in cuck europe?

How does The Witch demonize christianity if it depicts witches/paganism as scary and evil

he's a creepy little man and his movies are satanic, not a fan

It's really weird how schizos here try to make Eggers some leftist faggot when he's clearly not. I wouldn't be surprised if in his next movie (supposedly called Knight) Christianity will be portrayed in a positive light.

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We need to go back to the edgy atheist era. I blame the Trump election (the fat retard isn't even a real Christian btw, he just pretended to be for votes)

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>if it depicts witches/paganism as scary and evil
it doesn't, it depicts paganism as symbols of freedom from the family, patriarchy, religion etc

You're very bluepilled if you're unaware how rampant witchcraft and other pagan bullshit it in western society these days

>You're very bluepilled if you're unaware how rampant witchcraft and other pagan bullshit it in western society these days
get out of your basement

>man thinking he knows better than the church leads to the downfall of his entire family
>”this is an anti Christian film”

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>it doesn't, it depicts paganism as symbols of freedom from the family, patriarchy, religion etc
By traumatizing the subject and make her go to hell. Christ, you people and your persecution complex is something else.

The Northman makes pagans look evil and petty

Those are just poser Tumblr girls they aren't even real pagans

based anti-wiki bro

keep backtracking cuck

>edgy atheist era
You want to go back to the "In this moment... I am eurphoric..." period??

>By traumatizing the subject and make her go to hell.
Doesn't happen in the movie
Yeah bro, Satanic Paganism totally isn't the dominant culture, I'm just paranoid

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Because Christians are the largest group of people holding us back from a progressive future and keeping us in the dark ages

Watch the romanticized blood eagle scene in Vikings. Hollywood would have demonized it if Christians had done it

>romanticizes pagan history
>film portrays the nordic protagonist as a part of a group of bloodthirsty rapists with a knack for ruining innocent people lives through pillaging and enslavement
lol fuck off faggot. next you'll be telling me the Japanese did nothing wrong in Nanjing

If you're upset about this video, you're almost certainly a repressed homo lusting after black cock


Unironically yes

But for some reason that Reddit atheist era never went past criticizing christianity. The second you talk about Islam you are a racist.

>I wouldn't be surprised if in his next movie (supposedly called Knight) Christianity will be portrayed in a positive light.
You fags always say this. You're never right. He'll keep making pozzed trash

what does some freak show youtube video have to do with popular culture? you think you see advertisements of gay black singers when you walk in to walmart? everything is designed around christian consumerism. this is just shock imagery of the week.
also you're gay and suck black dick for even having this saved.

I'll take that lukewarm response as an admission of defeat

No, it makes them look cool

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>evil witch who kills babies
>somehow better than Christianity

what? also, thats Protestantism.

That is positive to incels

Her father's pride was what set the movie in motion, if he didn't have petty fights over the other villagers the family wouldn't have be shunned off. I don't see how it's a critique of faith, patriarchy I guess if you wanna reach for that, but pride was their downfall.

>everything is designed around christian consumerism.
If that were true pop culture would be putting Christian themes in the media rather than LGBT and pagan nonsense, the evidence doesn't back up your weak assertion

In the beginning maybe, but the rituals and human sacrifices makes them look batshit insane and repulsive

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I don't care about any of this.

>subtitle is called A New-England Folktale
People interpret whatever they want

Why do conservative Americans see themselves represented in vikings

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>repeatedly challenges your copy and paste """opinion"""
y-you too, cuck
Douche bag

This guy is probably a tranny now

>>evil witch who kills babies
Liberals support this


Because vikings were manly and white. And conservacucks latch onto anything that's they can project themselves on.

Good. If Im going to follow some magical thinking Id rather believe in what my actual ancestors believed in rather than the god of the hebrews

>makes 3 movies with just white people in it

>evil triumphs in a HORROR movie

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To be fair, if a Wikipedia article makes the same point he would better than he could, why is it not ok to simply copy the text?
Your question was "Why do you think the movie holds such a stance?", and he posted text that describes the movie, accurately, while showing this stance. Why is it not an acceptable answer, do you want him to just rephrase the same point?

I was used to moronic and self-pitying interpretations coming from feminists, but self-proclaimed conservatives have proven to be just as deranged.

if you can't put your opinion into your words why should I care? clearly you are an idiot.

There’s literally Christian shot on every corner of every street in every business in America you gay little cuck, it’s Easter weekend, leave your basement