What happened to annasophia robbs carear?

what happened to annasophia robbs carear?

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ass got too big

she didn't take full advantage of her youth and GIGANTIC ASS and is growing older and less valuable with each passing day

Can I shove my tits in her vagina


she's too busy giving me handjobs every other day

My buddy brucey fingered a girl who looked a lot like her last year in Cabo

Photographic evidence of this?

She did that movie where she lost her arm and it ruined her. Bad look.

Did you shake hands with him afterwards?

too short, too conventionally cute, too youthful looking

hollywood likes the combination of 5'6''-5'8'', unique facial features but attractive, youngish but looks over 23

Ugly as hell.
Mogged HARD by Julia Winter.
Sucked so much Jewish dicks they got sick of her and want younger, sexier girls.

Bitch got old and fat and started smoking.

shes my wife

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>too big
No such thing.

This film is a dramatization of real world events.

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No I licked his finger.

She walled

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She cut her hair

pls eggsblain

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fuck off ireland

Go on...

Girder beam?

Waxed and bleached her arms, she has practically nothing now.

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I miss her.

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I wish she'd grow her lovely long hair again.

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>Annasophia Robb height is 5ft 0 or 152.4 cm tall

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that is literally a perfect ass

She small.

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I keep thinking shes dead because of bridge to terabithia. I suspect a lot of people do

became yet another brainwashed man-hating, white-hating woman. which is sad because she's a top tier qt.
she's still quite beautiful there.

i once had a folder of 100+ as(s)r pics and i accidentally uploaded it to shared dropbox for a group project at work

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no wonder her ass is so big

I once dated a girl 4'11", I'm a manlet myself 5'7", but I felt like giant around her specially since she was super light.

Holy shit I was wondering what I knew her from

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Did they thank you?

She looks 60 wtf

>0 slut
maybe before college

Weird show.

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no she was fucking before college lol

lmao what happened next?

selling your body for roles is perfectly acceptable. having sex with a bunch of dudes just for the fun of it is not.

and you think a girl that looks like that just didn't fuck?

ASR would never.

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Wait did they really detach her arm?

she got better

that truck did not consent

The Wall takes no prisoners.

Too much ass.

It does make walking hard.

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Booty plane

slow it down and make it 60 fps haha

Compare this to Taylor Joy ass reveal and chuckle.

You mean her walking makes me hard.

I imagine its like climbing the everest

>the 2 men walking past don't turn around


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Monitoring this thread in hopes of more photos and videos


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reminds me of a time I fingered a girl and even though I showered you could still smell her on my hands. I went into work and had my bro smell my fingers. It was classic. being in your twenties was good times

she has a huge gut

fucking lost