What have been some kino profiles in cinema?

What have been some kino profiles in cinema?

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Why is this image mirrored? The text on the Mendl’s boxes is backwards.

To make her look right instead of left

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why not


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pointy nose
would not bang


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What a faggot

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She isn't black you moron

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Was going to post Lucy. Her and Poots are kinose.

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That is incredible
Like a portrait


Cutest girl has cutest profile.

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Filmmakers know it too, she's often filmed from the side in movies

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literally every Wes Anderson shot like that one
Gilliam uses them sometimes but even he isn't as obnoxious with them

Disgusting belly

le quirky disorientation
>your brain can still read it but it's BACKWARDS tee hee
there's a reason people call him pretentious

she has def had a nosejob. she was way cuter in julie and julia

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Is that Angela?

what the fuck is this posture?

Naomi Scott

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user, that shot was mirrored by OP, it is not mirrored in the movie.

chin is too big

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Fucking moron

bitch looks like a monkey

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God tier

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poots mogs 90 percent of the girls posted in these threads every single time. this might be the perfect profile


She looks like a British boy.

do you enjoy being mean on the internet

How does the same country produce both of these?

Perfect....and the profile's good too

Probably due to the massive tits.

>Lizzie a 4
Retard and gay

> Has a retroussé
> Monkey

Troglodytes. All of you.

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I'm rating how she looks in that position, she's good looking otherwise.

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