Why do normies root for this asshole?

>gonna bully autistic co-worker to get the receptionist wet
This is literally high school tier behavior.
>muh Dwight deserved to be bullied daily because in later seasons he makes a few mistakes

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>le daniel la russo was actually le bully!!!!!!
Woah OP, you're so clever.

People like Dwight are poison, they ruin the working enviroment for everyone else and should be bullied out of the office. Even if they happen to be the most efficient workers around (they usually arent despite incels claiming otherwise online) they lower the overall efficiency of the office. Nobody wants to work with this kind of people. Thank God most bosses understand this and allow bullying toxic people like Dwight so whenever someone makes a mistake and hires one they usually leave soon



It isn't? Seems like clear-cut lateral violence to me.

amusingly enough Dwight spends even more time than Jim not actually working, almost all his time is spent being a sycophant suckup to Michael or assigning himself some non-jobrelated task he goes around and does instead of actually, you know, sell stuff.

I think early on the show realized this. Dwight is a lot to deal with on a daily basis, Jim is an underachiever. It was better before they became self-insert mary sues.

People like Dwight make wage cucking even more unpleasant than it already is. Jim was right to bully him.

If you haven't turned against jim by season 3 you're fucking lost

bullying at work is kino. Makes the day go by faster and build team morale (except the dork)

And not a single guy went down the the warehouse, "uh, roy? this guy has been all over your fiancée for months. she seems really into him too. just a heads up"

Jim and Dwight were friends, not that you'd know much about that.

Dwight is a terrible person who deserves to be bullied


>plays pranks on his friends
>steals another mans fiance and slams her pussy
>well-liked in the office, manager likes him since he's not a suck-up and actually cool

why does Yea Forums get so butthurt over him?


Are you one of the retards that confuses pranks with bullying? There's a reason Andy snapped after Jim pulled his "pranks" on him, because they're not pranks. It's targeted harassment.

this nerd needs a swirly lmao

>american in britain suing his coworkers over "too much banter"

Wasn't he supposed to be the highest tier salesperson in the branch? Also you guys are retards if you think bullying a guy like Dwight would make him better or quit you have probably never held down a job in your neet life if you think that

>moved Dwight desk to the bathroom
>it now smells like shit and has urine all over it

Yes, in real life people like Dwight run away crying after a day or two of bullying. Doesnt matter if he was the highest selling guy, the office still wins after he leaves

Dwight knows that working smarter > working harder

it is like why does Jim even work there, Dwight likes his job, Jim hates it

Normies don't understand bullying. They think it's something only chad and stacy do (to them). They don't get there's always someone lower on the food chain and that usually they are bullies themselves.

IRL, Dwight files complaints with HR and Jim is fired. Simple as.

no I'm saying that Dwight is a terrible person and the bullying he receives is justified, because he either does worse or is more than willing to do worse. I'm not talking about work

If I were Dwight I would have told Roy what Jim and Pam were doing everyday then sit back as Jim gets the shit kicked out of him

IRL Dwight files complaints, HR investigates and comes to a conclusion that Dwight is the problem and he either quits or improves himself so that he doesnt make life hell for his co workers

IRL Dwight would have been fired for his antics long before Jim even started at the company

Tons and tons of Americans are trapped in dead end jobs that they hate or merely tolerate.

Because he's an underachiever and Pam works there.

>don’t actually move Dwight’s desk to the bathroom
>come in early to shit and piss all over it before work one day

There's an episode that the writers acknowledge that Jim is a time-wasting jerk. youtu.be/C5JPw3qKCP8

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In real life people like Dwight get promoted and still smash a third of the accounting department. Getting rid of your top producing worker because he has weird mannerisms or interests and thinking that's good for your workplace is leftypol tier retardation. Usually people like Dwight only leave when they get a better offer from a competing company for more money and an actual promotion not because the receptionist doesn't think he is cute enough to talk to

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Cry about it

Do you actually believe that? Even Jim realizes that he does nothing all day but bully Dwight and changes his behavior toward him. In an actual office, going to HR with complaints of hazing/bullying will get your ass fired, especially if you can prove it (company is liable for damages) - which Dwight can.

>This'll show Dwight!

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This is why Charles Miner was such a great foil to Jim. He just comes right out and asks "How much time do you spend messing with Dwight?"

They aren't, until season 9 decides they are.
When Jim changed the branch, he kept no contract with Dwight, and when he met Dwight again, he was immediattely annoyed by his presence.

>Dwight is a terrible person
Didn't Jim make a move on an engaged woman at his place of work? And when he bought a house without informing his pregnant wife that they are also gonna now be burdened with a mortgage for the next decade, and he took a job in another city despite knowing for a fact him and his wife can't do a lot because they already tried that when Pam went to NYC for art school. But yeah Dwight brown noses and has conservative values what an awful person

Kek he actually paid a friend to kiss his wife just to mess with the autistic co-worker

Bullies tell themself they are pranking, because it makes them seem good.
Jim's British counterpart, Tim actually pranks Dwight's British counterpart, not bullying (i.e. his pranks are very mild and not mean spirited).

did you forget the episode where Dwight is excited about ruining the nice family company that treated them like royalty?

What antics? He doesn't do shit in seasons 1-4?

That's called business acumen.

Nope but that's business not a 'prank' it was eliminating the competition for the branch. It is a Chad move as it ensures everyone else at their office gets to keep their jobs

Right? Dwight is competent at his job, loyal, and diligent. You couldn't ask for a better worker.

One of the few pranks that isn't mean-spirited.

Dwight continued to fuck Angela after she was engaged to Andy.

only fags and women watch the office

Why Yea Forums side with Jim against Charles?

No, but the saddest and most pathetic on Jim's part, to the part where it's more pathological than having fun. If he made Pam sleep with Asian Jim and sent the video out, that would really confuse Dwight!

And then breaks it off because she was being a slut, he was fucking her before she got with Andy though, it's entirely different

he was going to scam Robert California out of exotic meats with goats.

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The hardest I laugh is when I bully weak nerds.

If you’re handsome you can get away with anything. Women are shit and love assholes who bully us nice misunderstood autistic guys

lmao fart

this is actually the most important lesson in the office: everyone perceives tall, good looking bullies as fun and most importantly as winners. Being weird and autistic is ugly and repulsive, even if you’re right or outperform the likable bully. it’s not fair but it’s an incredibly honest representation of reality

Jim and Dwight are both annoying losers and obviously they are the characters most viewers of the office related to because target demographics and ethnic stereotypes.