Did they ever explain where mike trained to be an elite level sniper, top level hand to hand combat...

Did they ever explain where mike trained to be an elite level sniper, top level hand to hand combat, inhuman sleep control, and insane tech based intelligence?

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yeah retard he says he used to be a beat cop in los angeles

he had alot of time to watch youtube guides while working at the parking lot

Just wait until the Young Mike show with the same actor.

Also probably a nam vet

He was in nam, retard

>elite level sniper
Idk about elite-level but it was implied that he served as a sniper in Vietnam through his conversation with the arms dealer
>top level hand to hand combat
Probably through military training and a lot of practice
>inhuman sleep control
Anybody can stay up all night
>insane tech based intelligence
Former cop who probably kept up with developments in forensic technology

Didn't he job to Walt?

Waltuh... the chief's gonna have my ass and kick me off the force

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I started young mike (same actor) and Id really appreciate it if you keep pushing the meme like Im doing, i see it having legs

He is a vet I think he talks about it with the arms dealer. Anyway, he is definitely overblown in BCS it was cool when he was an old school hit man in BB but he never did anything too crazy. Now he is taking out entire crews by himself with a rifle? The “elite hit team” sent to kill Lalo can’t handle a fucking frying pan? They aren’t smart enough to not send 2 dudes down a death tunnel? BCS is better than BB because of all the lawyer stuff and generally when Jimmy gets involved with the cartel it’s cool and scary, but just like BB the actual cartel shit and hitman stuff is way over the top especially considering how fucking old Mike is.

It's arguable all the disarming gun moves, little tricks and general crime mentally all came from all those years as a crooked cop in Philly. Remember the guy is old as fuck. Alot of that stuff can be learned in ordinary law enforcement because alot of cops are trained on SWAT team and shit. What makes Mike so unique is his mental dynamics. He's just so clever, he was born that way

He was a marine in Vietnam, based on him talking to that gun seller that Walt goes through for the machine gun. He mentions how they sent snipers into the jungle heat with rifles that had wooden stocks that warped and made using them much harder.
Vietnam was full of guerilla warfare, and marines are typically more deeply trained than the Army.
Also, US soldiers in Vietnam got very good at sabotaging their own people/officers so getting away with fucking up your superiors adds a certain angle.
Also he worked as a cop in a super crooked precinct, meaning he had to constantly be on guard while also treading the line of being an outright criminal himself.

I get that Mike seems overpowered but honestly he's not much different than the US-trained Mexican special forces turned Mexican cartel that Fring and all of them were around; clearly Fring could spot a well-trained soldier.

As for staying up late? That shit gets trained into you in the Marines, plus he drinks black coffee and doesn't partake in much sugar which causes crashing.

Why did Jimmy go back to convince them to give him a job on the spot, only to turn down the job and ridicule them?

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Pimento Cheese

he was a cop in Philadelphia, watch the show dumbdumb

Jimmy is the bad guy

He's struggling with his nature, he's a conman through and through and it pisses him off that he can't escape it, so he takes it out on them for being gullible instead of himself for being a piece of shit

Correct, ernesto is the only good person im all of BB/BCS

>You see Waltuh, The thing is about Cheetos is that they leave behind a bright orange residue on everything they touch. Now I just had a little look at your keyboard and found stains on the letters C E F G K I N R S and U
>Now Gus saw the post you made on Yea Forums the other day. You better have a real convincing story for him because he's not gonna do any half measures.

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>fat old man beating up an in-shape thug in his prime

>Vince... why are you filming Bob's scenes first? I'm dying over here

Why do they ruin the show with dogshit scenes like this? Typical reddit moment. Some dyel chud power fantasy about a geriatric who irl probably shits his pants on the regular but in the tv show is somehow a ninja.

Faggot shit.

he implies that he was a vietnam sniper when he was buying the sniper from the arms dealer

>calls him employers "upstairs jack-holes"
>buys tart granny smith apples
>breaks his confidentiality agreement
>indirectly causes Jimmy to lose his law license
>indirectly causes Chuck's suicide
Yea...I'm thinking Ernesto is the villain.


It's almost like this is some kind of work of fiction

His character is supposed to be like 15 years younger, tbf.

this joke makes no sense because you need two G's to spell the n-word

He's like an anime character with their power level hidden.
Looks old as hell and can barely move but when the time comes his power level shows and he's faster and stronger than everyone else.

Actor requested the scene

What's bad about it?

So what? It’s fiction so it has to be cringe?

>Look Mike, I just really needed to coom alright?! I was googling “fucking gingers” and throttling my hog to videos of milfs who looked like Christina Hendricks. There’s no need to get Gus involved

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Is that all you shitposting fucks can say?

>Waltuh... You thought you got the drop on me. But you've never even heard of the Guanyin Bodhisattva, have ya'? You dumb prick.

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>and HE gets to go outside? What a sick joke!

ex-military (maybe special forces), cop for decades, autism

I hope Trevor shows up again in season 6

He must have been making hella pensions. Why was he working at a parking lot?

Mike fetishists are the worst

>marines are typically more deeply trained than the Army

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am i retarded? finishing season 2 and it feels like kim and jimmy are constantly on the edge of a breakup.

their relationship gets better, then much worse, then much better.

>Here's what you're going to do. You're going to change your IP address, I don't care if it's range banned just do it.
>Then you will browse /gif/, /lbgt/, /trash/ any board you can find that hosts adult content. You will then deliberately browse interracial threads, and do NOT use the incognito tab. You need to clog up your history with your searches.
>Fring will order one of us to bring a legible paper with alll your internet activity on it, then you just pray the humiliation will be enough for him to spare your life.
>Do you understand?

Godspeed user

Listen, user. His guys are solid, okay?

Mike I swear I typed SNEE FEE N SEE FR CUK FUK N SUK. some of my keys aren't working, you have to believe me

What kind of retard uses a gun that way when the enemy is within striking distance? It's literally begging to be disarmed and spanked.

Shut the fuck you faggot Army pog
We Marines fucking GET SOME while you Army pussies circle jerk about how well-funded you. We do twice what you so with half the budget so OORAH and SEMPER FI motherfucker!

>dude let's take the goofy sidekick character who only works in small doses and give him his own show and make him le deep and completely out of character from the source material lmao
Has this literally ever worked?

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This post reeks of crayons

>Has this literally ever worked?
yes, here

Is this shopped? Why does he look like a 150 year old walrus?

That's the exact point of this scene.

He who has a "why" can bear almost any "how".


He was literally begging him to disarm him.

It's my only grip with BCS that the power levels of the main character are ridiculous for a show that takes itself so seriously. The writers can't help but show off how clever they are at problem solving.

>buys tart granny smith apples

>not enjoying tart master race granny smith
ngmi bud

>a show that takes itself so seriously.
it really doesn't

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You forgot to mention
>has Jimmy levels of social manipulation when it suits him

Would have made sense for him to be CIA instead. No wonder why Gus went to the lengths he did to keep him

It is photoshopped. He is never shirtless and they made his skin look bad here

>a show that takes itself so seriously
what show

he's also a proficient security and safety hazard inspector on the go etcetera

Is Kim actually on team Saul in the end of S5 or is she deluding herself into thinking that she is? She really laid it into Howard but I didn't feel like she meant it, deep in her heart.