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Star Wars Prequels are more Star Trek than NuTrek.

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Look at the top of his head!

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No trannies please

>Watch 'Doctors of Trek' panel video
>Crusher, Flox, Bashir, Holodoctor actors on stage
>Panel is going great, lots of great questions, answers, stories
>10 minutes in the gay doctor from Discovery shows up
>"Heelloooooooooooooooo sailers!!!!"
>Audience freaks out, everyone on stage freaks out
>They spend the rest of the panel blowing smoke up their own asses about how woke their Trek was
>"Yeah well we had a black captain!!!" "Yeah well we had a FEMALE captain!!!"
>Watch DS9 documentary
>Producers literally hold struggle sessions in the middle of it where they apologize and talk about how upset they are for not having more gay shit in the show
>Garek was gay coded!!!!!!
>Literally dates Gul Dukat's daughter
>"Yeah but actually he loved dick up his ass and eating cum, we just weren't allowed to say that!"
>Go on Yea Forums for some Trek discussion
>Pickletrekkers from Yea Forums absolutely destroy any discussion that isn't waifu posting, avatar fagging, and baiting actual trek fans in to posting something their Yea Forums mod friend can ban them for.
Everything about Nutrek is cancer, and I haven't even had to mention Picard.

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Would you guys be up for a /trek/ watches livestream?

Instead of constantly bickering about off-topic shit, we could instead actually watch Star Trek collectively, and maybe take requests on episodes.

>conference room talks
>strange new worlds
You know what, user? You’re right.

The prequels are very DSN, with the emphasis on galactic politics, clone armies and lead protagonist/antagonist locked in a mystical struggle of good and evil.

>Literally dates Gul Dukat's daughter
At Berman's insistence. Everyone knew it was bullshit.

Eat shit, chud.

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tfw postin hapi neex =^_^=

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Low IQ space soap opera.

It happened on screen, so unlike your gay fanfic it's canon.

What is so hard for you to understand? You are not allowed to post this.

He doesn’t seem happy.

They imply they wanted to make bashir gay too even though he's dated women on the station.
It's like JK Rowling saying post movies that Hermione is black and wizards shit themselves. Nonsense for twitter trannies to retweet.

Why are the discordfags going so hard at ruining /trek/ today?
Is this because late night /trek/ has been having quality discussions and including nutrek?

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This bitch will kill you, in a very Star Trek way.

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It's because they know they can get away with it.
One of them is literally a mod here

Someone said that LD is shit and now discord trannies are having a meltdown.

Because two threads ago gorespammer got exposed
Then someone made fun of Jesus
THEN gorespammer tried to push RLM and got ridiculed
So gorespammer is having a massive meltdown they made end in gorespamming

Why do you guys hate Search for Spock so much? Wasn't it very emotional?

I want this to be a civil place to discuss Star Trek.
I have been doing an Enterprise rewatch of the HD re-release. The CGI effects look like machinema, but but much better machinema than I have ever seen before.

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Now, that everyone knows MKUltra was the gorespammer, he can't get over it. He feels that shitting up /trek/ is the only way for people to get distracted.

I hate everything made before 2009. I hate Star Trek.

Same, I also hate Star Trek. Beyond was trash though.


Give it up, ClingingMars.

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I'm so done with this cancer. get a life faggot

dey hea dis time

I like JJ's Trek and everything made after was better than the previous iteration (LOW being Trek's peak). But the old shows are total shit. I have no clue how geezers could stand faggots like Shatner and Stewart.

Why did the writers hate Kes so much? Why did they even create her?

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>Noooo it wasn't me, it was one of my tranny friends from a discord that only I use!!!

>Why did they even create her?
To suffer.

I don't understand why he always posts screenshots of discord from 2 years ago as if it has any relevance

Is the new season of STD worth watching? I dropped after 2 episodes

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>become godlike being that can boop starships 10k light years
>nah she's just an aging bitter retard with a crappy shuttle dude

Poor Jen. How did she end up this way?

Tilly looks extra foul on this image.
Imagine being some Jewish goblin in Kurtzman's basement and thinking
>Yeah, this'll sell our show!

Part of that is is because JJ Abrams went out of his way to make Star Trek more like Star Wars because he doesn't even like Star Trek and now Star Trek is stuck being a wannabe Star Wars.

She still looks better here than in real life.

JJ went out of his way to make Star Trek like the Original Trilogy (aka the midwit one), and that’s why it sucked.


>>Yeah, this'll sell our show!
It did. DIS got renewed

I am even edgier than you.
I hate all Star Trek from before twenty-thousand years from now.

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all they do now is appeal to the same 5 retards on twitter who clap whenever body positive queer PoC trans characters are on screen

This is the only gore MK ever spammed.
Spoilered to protect young eyeballs.
Star Trek, bitches.

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BenjaminCMaxwell is a secret LODEfag

Sure, MKUltra.

Based. Lucian’s “A True Story” is the only real Star Trek.

Reminder that you can't use the name ClingingMars on /trek/ because it's permabanned

Who is Jake?

Everybody in /trek/ long term knows the score. There's no need for screenshots.

Prominent members of Trek 2.0/6.0 are stupid autists who hate anything new. There are very few of them. They are the TNGeezers who lost.

The LDchads are not Discord users with the exception of a couple moles who were planted in the geezer Discord. There are far more of them than the TNGeezers. They don't post as much per capita because they have jobs and families.

That's MKUltra. Speaking of which...

kys MKUltra

Season 4? Idk I dropped it after 3 episodes. Some shit about a gravity object. I just spoiled the plot from Wikipedia and saved myself 8 hours.

Some faggot race made it to do faggot things and discovery solved it all by talking to them or some shit. Also apparently Tilly leaves after like 4 episodes for being too fat. Official line is teaching at academy but that's bs.

Too much fat Tilly and that other weird dumpy looking he/she thing with an imaginary friend ruin it. It's sci fi for losers. Raised by wolves is for normal well adjusted people.

The CGI in Enterprise is noticeably old, but still passable I say. Even the Xindi are charming in a way.


Pickle trannies are the only posters I've ever seen who cared about discord or the trannies that use it.

Knowing the name of somebody from Discord does not validate your complaint. It just proves you come from there too. If we talked about Star Trek, the quality of this general would improve. I liek TAS.

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>5.0 trannies still on full damage control mode

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>There are very few of them
But they can post a lot.
They also have no compunctions about samefagging entire arguments to derail threads.

MKUltra hates JC.

>discussing about discord trannies with MKUltra

I’m pretty sure LDz were the ones who originally used Discord.

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>(You) arguing with (You)
Oh wow. You're so sneaky, MKUltra.

I do not care for discord drama

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Jansa, you blow your cover every time you post that image because it shows you can't understand English.

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>It just proves you come from there too.
Everybody knows who BenjaminCMaxwell is, bro. Even people who don't use Discord.

Reminder, four days remain until the dubsminion returns and eradicates all troon life in /trek/.

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It can't come soon enough.

I’m pretty sure MKUltra and JC have opposing viewpoints.

That just proves you're a newfag or a liar.

You keep repeating that every time and accuse everyone of being Jensa, but you still weren't able to find a believable alternative for what VF's call for raiding /trek/ actually meant. Why do you love rimming VF so much? Why do you want everyone to know that you're his bottom bitch?

Calling something small dick energy is not an endorsement, Jansa.

Back in the day (2020), VF orchestrated raids on /trek/ and they posted LD images.

yes, yes, MKUltra. Your personas are very versatile. Your schizophrenia is developing really well.