Actors like Mads Mikkelsen criticize method acting

>"It's bulls**t," Mikkelsen said about method acting in an interview with GQ.

>"But preparation, you can take into insanity," he explained. "What if it's a s*** film—what do you think you achieved? Am I impressed that you didn't drop character? You should have dropped it from the beginning! How do you prepare for a serial killer? You gonna spend two years checking it out?"

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>Will Poulter has also weighed in on the current debate around method acting and labeled it "an excuse for inappropriate behavior."

>Speaking to The Independent, Poulter said: "When it comes to an actor's process, whatever that is, so long as it doesn't infringe on other people's and you're being considerate, then fine.

>"But if your process creates an inhospitable environment, then to me you've lost sight of what's important. Method acting shouldn't be used as an excuse for inappropriate behavior—and it definitely has."

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rofl fucking based mads

Mads is legit. And he's right. Michael Caine complimented Heath Ledger for casually dropping the Joker character inbetween takes. He said it was nice to not have to deal with a crazy method actor.

How can one man be so Based?

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This little shit has no place lecturing anyone.


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good actor overall, but can't get rid of his fucking thick Danish accent. Embarrassing

I would drag my pussy lips through a mile of bullet ants and broken glass just to lick his crusty old ballsack.

His accent and voice is kino, no need to change it.

fuck off transhit

>he believes he's an actor
Lmao fuck off

Damn the last hollyjew movie I watched must have been from 10 years ago.

I like mads but I need more films that show his range.

It's an ugly accent. I speak the language, but there's no getting around the fact that the Danish accent is straight up ugly

>hating on the Danish accent
You're such a pleb, I pity you.

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The language is trash but the accent is kino

Sad to see somebody so self-hating. And I'm not even Danish.

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Monotone and high pitched accents are kino? next you'll be praising tonal languages and say they are le epic

pure autism

I'm fluent in Danish, but I'm not Danish, user

>everything i don't like is autism

Exactly this. Cantonese is the most beautiful language currently in existence.

Did Jared Leto piss someone off lol
Like everybody is working overtime to get rid of him

This is the kid from those Maze Runner movies and that one comedy with Jennifer Aniston, is he suddenly Daniel Day Lewis or something lol

He had a "glow up" all the girls on Instagram are talking about and I think teenage girls are like the first or second highest profitable demographic ahead of or behind 30 year old marvel manchildren

I'm not even surprised

>How do you prepare for a serial killer?
kek based mads

You leverage your pre existing drug addiction and die in a hotel room with Mary Kate olsen

What's this side profile called?

The Kino Profile.

>celebutard says something
>millions of retards that have no idea what they're talking about respond

>no awards for acting
>complain about other award winning actors

Poor Muds Milkstain

Mads doesn't really do oscar bait shit.

>no awards for acting
But this is wrong.

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lmao this just proves my point

What point?

Yeah he pissed everyone off by being a pretentious fart-sniffing retard.

He was a bother in Suicide Squad and Morbius and for all the method acting and shitty pranks he didn't even came up with good acting

Watch Danish cinema with no English subs on.

Matt Smith completely shits on Leto in Morbius in terms of acting and that's even with how comically retarded his character was written.

it's obvious B-list actors do this shit to get into headlines. it's a very common trick in the industry, piggyback off another actor and say something popular. now you're in the same headlines as them

he is LITERALLY me

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Tonal languages are objectively better and express ideas better than monotone droning

Wow based, against method because he's just a no nonsense professional, and rugged handsome alpha he's just like me

Umm not based, just against method for some pc signaling, nobody asked this baby faced loser virgin incel

You can't dance that well though, user.

He is nordic. We don't believe in smoke and mirrors bullshit.

his accent is cool

Isn't Scandinavia an extremely shitlib region?

No, he is me. You aren't even nordic, you don't know what finishing nordic high school is like

I can die trying!

yes unless theyre politicians lmao


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>You aren't even nordic
I literally am though. And high school fucking sucks, I went to trade school instead. Also I look just as mongoloid as Mads. Slanty eyes and all.

It's actually a very weird mix of rigid people who don't believe in any kind of bullshitting and a big homely states that take care of all and make sure everyone is being helped and given equal footing. Liberalism kinda falls on the equal footing, and socialism in taking care of all. But even our version of toxic american identity politics are very straigjt forward, there are is no grand rhetoric or bullshit behaviour included. So when somebody does something pretentious and elaborate just to be seen as more deep as he is, he is quickly called out, like in the case of Leto.

>high school fucking sucks, I went to trade school instead
Found the unironic pleb with no taste. I hope you enjoyed spending your best teen years in the dark while high school kids enjoyed all kinds of luminous traditional festivities.

Mads' voice is exactly what I imagined Madara would sound like. his english dubbed voice wasn't all that bad though.

I wish I grew up in northern Europe

>he thinks education stops at 18
found the starbucks "barista"

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The JP voice was the best. You can't beat that:

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Now starring in his own comfy British detective series and playing Adam Warlock in the next Guardians movie.

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Ahmed, I….

he won the cannes acting award (no idea what its called) you nig retard. I don't know what other acting awards you care about, but thats better than the jewscars

god i have to rewatch those episodes again. or maybe i'll just go through a nostalgia trip and reread those chapters