>OH N-

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>couldn't move an old man

>not webm
gay. I like watching it loop, it's hilarious.

>acting like you could knock down the fucking Terminator

sweep the leg noob

>Live with me if you want to cum.

Arnold's ad for a housekeeper.

what was that gust of wind

>caring if the housekeeper cums
I'd be confident sex with her was basically the equivalent of masturbating for him.

no one here believes you have confidence in any regards to sex with women.

Oh no, anonymous strangers are judging me based on my post about Arnie fucking his housekeeper

That's the zoomer strength for you.

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What compels them to do evil?

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Living amongst wild animals since the beginning of time. Actual correct answer.


the son of magnus, s4, i kneel

>"i am so cool"
Pretty much it. It's that simple, don't look for anything else in it.

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No morality.

Reminder that suckerkicked old man didn't fall down and the nigger broke his legs.

How did Arnie ever get people to believe he was over 6'?




for some reason they love to knock over people from behind, remember that video of a guy in a tower of plastic boxes and jus some jungle big niggy nog jumps and knocks him off just because:

Because he used to be. You'll shrink when you'll get old, but you REALLY shrink if you lift massive weights, it will fuck up the squishies between your vertebrae.


How come Arnie was even at an all black school?
Of course they had to act like a pack of niggers because niggers gonna nig.

Niggers are demons from hell. Look at Haitians. They killed every white person that came and they are now CURSED by God to forever eat mud cookies and dirt.

>Arnie accent
>'put your back into it!'

bigger question, how come there were students in that black school?

I wouldn't say evil, because morality doesn't enter into the young blacks mind. he thinks it'll be funny so he does it because he can.
it's best to say he's unsocialized.

they learn correct behavior mainly through behavioral psychology.
>If doing this causes me pain, I won't do that thing.
trying to explain the morality of why one shouldn't behave that way is a complete waste of time. honestly they really need specialized education to address their behavioral problems. in facilities suited for their special needs


He's an ultra bleeding heart liberal.

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EVERY SINGLE FUCKING NIGGER IS EVIL. Doesn't matter if they don't know what evil is, they're animals and they need to be treated as such. Every fucking nigger needs to be enslaved again and there needs to be a new amendment saying that all niggers and other swarthy races are to be enslaved and never released.

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In summary, black people are special needs

pretty sure we all look tiny compared to profesional bodyguards.

Why are Americans so obsessed with race?

its their only identity

what else could they be obsessed about? they don't have any culture or even mythology

You nigger lovers will fucking hang

“blacks” is their whole identity

>moves camera
What did they mean by this?

The jar shakers at the top.

Cause most of pro bodybuilders are like 5'7 Phil Heath, Jay Cutler etc. Arnold was probably like 5'11 / 6ft and pulled 6'2 with boots


It's in south Africa wich will soon renamed south hell.

It's the Price to pays when you live in jewish utopia.

This type of behavior, exhibited all over the globe. It's almost as if it's a heritable trait or something

>Race isn't real
>Stop focusing on race!
kek lmao

Looks like the last of us 2 sex scene meme

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isn't doing it wrong though, aren't you supposed to very gently nudge with the index finger as well?

Because we have to live around niggers
Your STUPID fucking post is like asking someone sitting next to a ticking timebomb why they're concerned about explosives

twist and let it fly

Dumb brat didn't even move Arnie that much, so much for a kick from behind.

Yeah, the problem isn't really his strength, it's that he doesn't know what the hell he's doing. I don't know where he got the idea to only push it with his thumb.

Around blacks never relax

holy fuck, what an embarassment

Now tell me about how whites have been killing, raping and worse since the beginning of time you stupid faggot.

and then they wonder why their women end up like this

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what am i looking at?