Guy says he'll put a movie on

>guy says he'll put a movie on
>he starts typing in the Google search, 123m

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> to watch movie for free

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>he doesn't have a 14tb HDD filled with remuxes

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based streamer bro not paying for a streaming service and not clogging his pc with gigabytes of worthless shit that he's not gonna watch again

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>he starts typing watchsom-

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Like I don't make sure we had agreed on the movie, the device and the video codec who would watch it first...

You faggots don't know about actvid and fmovies?

soap2day is the best one, i use one where theres no ads, kino

im using m4ufree, works pretty good for me


>green bubble dirt farmers

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I knew a woman who broke up with her boyfriend because he torrented movies

was it because it was illegal, or because paying for streaming is a status symbol?

The first reason is a moral objection, the second is an objection based on status. Which do you think is more likely for a woman?

I don't buy it
That'd be such a petty reason to break up over

>watch movie free Hindi subtitle

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All the other girls in that image must feel like shit being mogged so hard.

>my bf has his own plex server
>all our favourite movies and shows
>just ask for whatever i want and he adds it
>literally a tailored-made netflix i get for free
>mfw my friends come over to watch something

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why is she so smug

Qrd on Plex/Jellyfin?

>guy says he'll put music on
>starts Google search for youtube playlist randomizer

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Sasha was a 12/10 but sadly she walled hard

>"romantic playlist to get her in the mood"

>woman says let's have sex
>guy puts condom on

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What's his name?


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Imagine being this jewish, btw who the fuck cares what a warm hole thinks about the source of media?

>>"romantic playlist to get her in the mood for anal"


Yea Forums common words inserted boss, this time they'll know I'm a (((bro)))

what the fuck are you even talking about

There are better streaming sites than that one


I remember when The Office was relaunched on a new streaming service and their big marketing hook was "superfan episodes" which are basically just stripped down versions of what the extended fan cuts already do
Yes I watch The Office deal with it

Nothing wrong with that

>his favourite playlist
>it's all Lord of the rings soundtracks

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Concerning Hobbits is my jam

How the fuck is something that costs 12 bucks a month a status symbol? Are you fucking chuds THAT poor? I spend more than that on coffee a day.

I have it bookmarked.

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Okay now explain to your date why you don't have something she sees as "standard" without sounding poor
These are joke threads dude, no girl is gonna run out if you don't have Netflix
You most likely picked a movie ahead of time anyway

My point how is it possible not to be able to afford 12 bucks a month? If you can’t find 12 bucks a month in your budget you can’t afford to date .

wow, you sound cool and rich

No idea, man. I still don't understand how women use Tinder for "free food" when eating at a restaurant costs like 100 bucks max
But yeah there really are poor people living paycheck to paycheck
Honestly I would see Netflix more of a status symbol in the sense that's more important for women: It shows you have a network of friends who you can mooch off of

Is it true that Burgers don't have kettles?

>Okay now explain to your date why you don't have something she sees as "standard" without sounding poor
I don't want to give them my money

this young lady seems extremely smug, in my opinion

>implying women understand principles
Uh oh

Calm down Sophie. No need to brag.

reminder of what she went trought the night before

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honestly this. You don't have to pay for cuckflix, but if you legit struggle to afford 12-21 dollars a month you shouldn't date and especially not fucking breed.

I wanna "fix" her "hip" like that

so smug!


Who here struggles to afford 12 dollars? Do you spend money just to prove to yourself that you can?

The reason I don't use Netflix isn't because I can't afford it
It's just that pirating has always been more convenient and easy

get back in the oven, kikes


>women are retards who use retarded things as status symbols
>lol kike
Ok sorry women are perfect and rational

>he says he'll put a movie on
>"d-do you have a plex account? here, i'll make you an account"

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What the fuck ever happened to her?

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