The Thing (2011) was actually pretty decent

wish they used practical effects though

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Your setting yourself up for failure when you remake something that was already amazing and that has aged well. It was okay, but nothing like Carpenter's version.

you fucked it up

The Cute™

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i get that a lot of the scenes riff off the carpenter version but it's still a prequel
kurt visit's the prequel camp in his own film

so what happened to her?

does MEW die in this

im tired of you faggots saying this movie was good
>"this thing wants to hide" - macready
yet in the prequel its literally running out in brightly lit hallways stabbing people through their chests like its fucking nemesis hunting STARS

>macready is some kinda alien expert so his opinion is absolute canon fact

The 2011 movie sucked and people have this weird misguided notion that it would have been good with practical effects, when the movie as a whole is dogshit that clearly has no idea how the Thing is supposed to act/function.

Home wrecker

I'm going to have to disagree. It was more like "Here's more The Thing, it's not as good, but at least there's more." It did some clever things. It's like a good fanfic at worst.

It was nighttime, you twat, the alien had seen what humans are capable of and wanted to avoid any more confrontations with full grown men. In short, the motherfucker learned its lesson and got a bit better at discretion.

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I bet that puta's seen a lot of things.

She is very cute. But I'd worry she'd leave me. Hard to rebuild that trust after it's been broken.

Jewish dicks, amirite?

Mew is one of those women that are so physically beautiful it makes me cry.


Simps need to fucking die.

How do you say PUTA in your language, bros?

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lol is this a bot reply? It has absolutely nothing to do with what I said.

σκύλα (skýla)

Well, that is how you say it in my language

Nice cope you’ve got yourself there.

Just because there's a logical explanation why the movie is dumber and more boring doesn't make it good. Also, the Thing should already know everything about humans, it absorbs their memories.

she's the only one left besides the two guys who end up showing up in the helicopter at the start of the carpenter film
either she freezes to death in the snowcat or she somehow makes it to the next outpost carter was talking about even though he was a thing at that point. that outpost was either A - a lie he told to her so she would relax and get into the snowcat with him or B - it actually does exist at a reachable distance and he/it simply wanted to get there to have shelter/bodies and a place to hide to regroup
i was a bit let down that the one time someone is outted as the thing in human form and it tries to reason with kate she didn't let it say a few lines. i guess it would say anything to not be flamethrowered but it could have been a cool moment. then again it was also nice to see the protag not wait a long time to strike and not give the enemy a chance to try anything sneaky


the thing learns more about humans as time goes on, if it acted the same way as in the prequel it might have been discovered sooner

which MEW is not

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Imagine the fucking loser with this actress (who is a home wrecking whore irl apparently) saved to his PC in a nice little folder right there on his desktop, not even in his picture folder, just on his desktop.
He then BOLDLY claims that a shitty prequel that was universally disliked by literally everyone is somehow superior to one of the best horror movies ever made, for no other reason than because it has some hole in it.
I cannot even begin to imagine how badly his bedroom smells. The absolute fucking stink of loneliness and rotten food just left there all over the place. Imagine being this fucked in the head that you obsess to this degree over not only a woman, but a whorish one.

Gents life can get tough, it happens to us all. But you can just remember "at least I'm not the guy who obsesses over actresses and makes threads on Yea Forums"
Imagine the smell.

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>Let's remake a great movie that was a box office flop and only has a cult following
>it flops too
i really wonder why they thought this would be a success

what i really hated about the prequel was the director's commentary talking about how the back end was removed by like 20 minutes because all the additional alien ship scenes would have confused viewers
fucking studio execs

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You are mentally ill.

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Mentally ill.

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>"we've discovered THE THING can't create convincing human vaginal lubricant
>"it's literally the only way we can tell it apart
>"we're going to have to taste your vagina"
>oh nooooo

Mentally ill.

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practical effects would distract me from mew


This movie got way too much shit for mostly wrong reasons; like person here thinking its a remake for some fucking reason? He's seen the film but still think its the same movie.

The original practical effects looked great and desu i think the CGI looked really good except the ending.

>He's seen the film but still think its the same movie.
Because it has absolutely nothing original in it. If you were to slap "Remake" in the title, it would be believable. It's that shit.

I love PUTA so much that I've seen all her movies and I swear she has molded my taste in women so much.... I really wish she was a bigger star and was in more kino; rather than some forgettable dramady or something.

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Svinekjøtt = pork / pig meat

Marinert sild = marinated herring

MEW = a cute

mentally ill poster = fag

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I dont even know what that argument is supposed to be, so if it would be "remake" it would be just as bad? What? What does this even have to do with the movie itself?
Why cant you just watch movie as movie and not care is it remake or based on novel or whatever? I bet you're the people who go "achtually, its not that and that genre of music" on parties. Who the fuck cares

>I dont even know what that argument is supposed to be
Then you are a simpleton and we have nothing to discuss. Good day.
(I did not read the rest of your post).

I didnt even read after i saw the >greenspeak

Good day sir.

not him but you obviously did or you wouldnt have copied what he said lol

fucking got him

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puta bitch slut

Down with zoomer focus groups

THREE crying-with-laughter emojis, Clara? That's insane.

It was pretty awful and one of my most hated movies. MEWfags can leave and take their shitty remake/sequel/prequel flick with them.