Rian Johnson ‘Stands to Walk Away’ with $100 Million or More from Netflix ‘Knives Out’ Deal

Its funny how Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and most of the sequel trilogy actors careers are dead, while Rian Johnson unironically buck broke the entire star wars fandom and got away with it. He then created his own franchise (Knives Out) and personally pocketed over $100M, while star wars faggots are stuck with reddit tier Disney plus shows forever.
Dont worry star wars cucks, Doomcock said that TLJ will decanonized anytime this century! GO WOKE, GO BROKE! Right? LOL, Do something about it star wars faggots!

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TLJ was kino

Rian Johnson is high IQ as far as ‘flick directors go, TLJ was blatant trolling.

>Refuses to include LGBT characters and relationships
>Refuses to cast Kelly Marie Tran in Knives Out sequels and instead cast Jessica Henwick
>Refuses to cast black actors in lead roles in his own movies
>Buck Broke John Boyega in TLJ
>Doesn't support Ukraine
>Doesn't support Black Lives Matter
>Doesn't support the transgender movement
>Supported Will Smith slapping Chris Rock
I don't understand why people unironically think Rian Johnson is an ultra-SJW.
How he gets away with all of this as a white man in Hollywood?

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Rian Johnson is in the right hollywood circles to get nepotism deals.

Most of the rest of Star Wars cast is nobodies given one big role like how George cast episode 4. Except these movies were dead on arrival.

Only one that made something of it was Adam Driver since he's unique looking, a decent actor and the only somewhat interesting character design from the sequels.

Just a reminder that Rian Johnson refuses to cast Kelly Marie Tran (rose tico) in the Knives Out sequels even though he has the power to, and instead chose to cast Jessica Henwick.
Sorry star wars faggots, you don't deserve attractive women! Do something about it star wars faggots!

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good for him, he should cash that cheque before netflix goes bankrupt
are they still paying up to seven years?

Rian Johnson is too good for Star Wars, TLJ was an enjoyable flick especially compared to the other Star Wars/Disney shit, but his real movies are better

Leave the soulless franchise reboots to JJ, leave the kino to Rian

Jessica Henwick isn't attractive either though.

Even his shitty star wars movie was better than the prequels. This is how bad star wars is.

>Jessica Henwick isn't attractive either though.

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rian johnsons wife has huge connections in the industry

Henwick was in TFA as a pilot, she was originally going to play Rey but lost to Daisy, JJ felt bad during the first weeks of shooting tfa with Ridley because they needed and acting coach

Based Rian poster
Keep purging the reddit fags

Pretty much this, like look at the fucking taste muhluke sw redditors have
They love these braindamaged sw disney plus flicks

Go back

Knives Out was okay. It just shows how you only have to make content that is eaten up by retard general audiences to make boatloads of cash.

The seethe he caused in SW autists alone makes him based.

He cast KMT to fuck with Star Wars fans. His film is a mega fuck you to the audience. It's fucking obvious that he hates SW and nerds culture because he thinks of himself as some kind of elitist when he's a no talent fraud.

Fucking rat is being rewarded for destroying the most beloved film franchise in history!!!FACT!!!

The Last Jedi is the best of the sequel movies and it's pretty concerning that people think otherwise.


TLJ was shit but at least he didn't copy a previous movie and did his own thing unlike some kike we know.

Based, I would have ruined Star Wars too.

Only incels, trannies, chuds and leftoids care about star wars, real men and women watch media made by people with talent. Honestly I respect Rian for destroying the star wars franchise.

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>100m for a shitty off brand Agatha Christie pastiche that flopped with a star who looks like a botoxed Russian grandma
Netflix kikes not even bothering to be subtle about the money laundering anymore

Are you fucking retarded?

>Its funny how Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and most of the sequel trilogy actors careers are dead, while Rian Johnson unironically buck broke the entire star wars fandom and got away with it.

That actually is, like, really fucking funny, yes.

Who the fuck watches these pieces of shit

TLJ was ironically the best Star Wars spoof since Spaceballs

Meh, he saw the opportunity to cash in on what is clearly a dead franchise run by narcissistic sociopathic lunatics. He knew no matter what he did, this film was not going to be good, the franchise was going nowhere with this leadership. So he cashed in. About the best thing he could have done in the situation.

Falling upwards, good on him

>best of the sequel movies
I agree with that but it's not a high bar. His movie would have actually been great if he just had a script doctor work with him to have it make more sense

>he just had a script doctor work with him to have it make more sense

The funny thing is it must have made perfect sense to the disney brass.

KO was really good, though. He always had talent. He direct some good BB episodes.

Cause Rian Johnson is a good director, TLJ was trash but superior to Force Awakens and Rise of Skywalker and it looked like a movie and not a very expensive tv movie

That scene with the ironer was pretty much straight outta Spaceballs.

It's simple, Hollywood nepotism. He is friends with the right people.

TLJ is a great deconstruction of the Original Trilogy. For example, the Original Trilogy was quite good; by being braindead dogshit, TLJ subverts your expectations of seeing a good Star Wars movie.

Film-making is a game and he's played his hand well, irrespective of the actual quality of the films he's made. That said, I'm genuinely baffled how Knives Out fared as well as it did critically. It's essentially a low-rent contemporary Poirot with good actors playing a slew of unlikable 2D caricatures. The central mystery is pretty thin and minimally explored, while the conceit that Ana de Armas can't lie without being physically sick robs her character of agency and the story of any stakes or tension. Chris Evans' character is so paper thin you can see clear through him to the 3rd act twist he's meant to conceal. Craig's southern accent is pretty laughable also, although he's clearly having fun with it so the effect isn't as negative overall as it might have been. With a compelling central mystery it'd be one thing; the script's interest is in showing a rich/detached elite family getting an overdue dose of humble pie, along the lines of Arrested Development, but lacks the wit or technical aptitude to make their character flaws part of the narrative so it's all window dressing. I think people are starved for these kinds of films and it was visually compelling/well cast enough to skate by on that good will but it's hardly surprising to see the burgeoning franchise getting dumped in the mulch heap of Netflix original programming.

>Rian Johnson unironically buck broke the entire star wars fandom

Rian Johnson has talent, his only mistake was treating starwars fans as adults and shitting all over their midieval age ethics in outer space

We have gone so far in a decade of ugly stars that a fucking 6/10 like Henwick is now considered beautiful.

I literally have 4 girls in my office who look better than that, not to mention all random thots I see on the street.

>>Doesn't support Ukraine
>>Doesn't support Black Lives Matter
>>Doesn't support the transgender movement
>>Supported Will Smith slapping Chris Rock
I want sources on all of these

speak for yourself, homosexual.

Knives out was shit though. "Shes paid to look after this old man. This means she deserves all the money not the family" its a terrible murder mystery compared to something like gosford park

>permanently destroys Star Wars
>refuses to elaborate on anything that TLJ set up
>leaves the franchise and makes over $100 million on his own IP

Genuinely based

Guy tanked star wars for us true fans of cinema. All his hipster art people probably revere him for it. Now he is rewarded

Post more Jessica.

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People who want to go to the movies but don't even know what they want to see until they get to the cinema.

(((Disney))) bought the rights for that very purpose.
Demoralised yet, goy?

>>Supported Will Smith slapping Chris Rock
this is pure cuckold simp behavior. and only faggots and cucks unironically enjoy knives out

K ives out is such a try hard movie. All style and no substance. I figured out that Captain America of course was the villain and the winner would be the Mexican like half way through and was just bored with how trite it all was.

Actually the reason he created the character and cast her was because she reminded him of a crush he had a girl when he was young. It wasn't specifically to mess with the fans.

No it isn't. Rian Johnson casts attractive women in his own movies. He cast Ana De Armas and Katherine "Big Tits" Langford in Knives Out. His other movies have Emily Blunt, Rachel Weisz, Meagan Good etc.

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So what? At some point, fiat money is pointless. Elites dont sell kids, security or premium drugs for fiat money, this much is clear

Love this little roundhead like you wouldn't believe


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Another star wars thread. Just here to promote Ben Solo and Voe as a romantic couple for the next post-tros star wars movies campaign
this could save the Skywalker saga

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Fuck "Round Head" Ryan Johnson

>puking whenever she told a lie
>her getting the house from a boss that underpaid her enough to force her whole family to live in a single apartment
poorly written script

you cant even type with proper syntax to disguise the facts that you are a third world shitskin mongrel

>Dont worry star wars cucks, Doomcock said that TLJ will decanonized anytime this century! GO WOKE, GO BROKE! Right?
Fuck off, why would you say that? Why would you even say that you fucking asshole, that was so uncalled for.

I hate this lil nigga like you would not believe
knives out sucked ass, tlj sucked ass, brick sucked ass
good for him for making insane amounts of money peddling pure dogshit though, respectable

Then why doesn't he cast Kelly Marie Tran in the knives out sequels? Its not like he doesn't have the power to do it. He chooses not to, and instead cast Jessica Henwick who is an attractive asian woman.

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Rian loves Adam and in an interview he said he would like to work with Adam again.

Phantom Menace got that Round Head mother fucker on the run now.

i used to think this guy was a total asshole but now i realize hes a genius that played everyone

Rian Johnson here
fuck cuckraine

yep, he knew what he was doing

does anyone have a pic or webm of the Fin Rose kiss?