My name? Let me tell you my name

>My name? Let me tell you my name

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Cast this man

Idris Elba


Dan Hedaya

me, as the interviewer

*honks your tiddies*

there is a lot of pressure to be famous in Toronto.

My name? Oh, let me tell you my name. I'm confused, because, you know, Like we're supposed to believe in the ministry, right? So is the Church and State supposed to be separate? I'm confused because I never went to school, right? Does a confused person get a resolution? I don't understand. You see, when you go like that, right? You have a cross, two sticks, right? And that's how I felt When I was in Waterloo. 'Cause when I walked in Waterloo, And smiled at people, They treated me like a vampire. They used the cross, and went like this, By not smiling at me, In Toronto (Hey, hi, guys), You know, Steve Spiros, easygoing? Those who know me, I'm a nobody, you understand? And you can't kill a person with no body. So why am I afraid? I'm not afraid. I'm afraid of the Boogeyman. Who's the Boogeyman? You figure it out. I'm getting out of here, I'm going back to Waterloo where the vampires hang out, And I'm going to wear my sunglasses at night, You know why? Because women show their tits, Have short skirts, And then they feel violated when I look at them. Why? Because I have sunglasses on and I'm weird. I'm from Humberside, I'm sorry if I made a fool of Humberside but, All those people who called me a sleepwalker? I woke up. Now I'm going back to sleep, Because I'm going to be committed in an isolation room, Because I'm going to go back to the ministry, And allow them to perceive me as I am: A fuck up! (Goodbye!) Hey Toronto the Good, Look at- Look at this square, It was a shithole when I worked here. Now it looks like New York Manhattan. Where are the bums? There's no bums here. Toronto doesn't have bums, But Waterloo, they're creating bums, They created me! Why? I don't know, Maybe it's the Church. Talk to the Pope, he knows everything, I had it, I'm gonna die, How can you die when you're dead? Oh, wait a second, I'm gonna be crucified, right? I'm not gonna raise my voice.

I hope he has found peace in Waterloo

Blackpill me on what he was trying to say.
>vampires are real


>I'm confused because I never went to school
he's just like me.

Why are schizos like this? Does this nonsense make sense to them or are they trying to build some kind coherent pattern out of random neurons firing off like the way a dream is constructed?

How do you not understand what he's getting at?

>t. filtered

>no link
1 job

My theory is that he's a schitzo who went on some sort of missionary trip with a church group to Waterloo. However, it didn't go well because he schitzed out and people thought he was weird. He now sees this as a pivotal moment in his life

>He doesn't understand

A link? Oh, let me give you a link.

he is the average Yea Forums poster in terms of content and skin color

it was a pretty good dating service, they come out to you and make you feel like you are worth interviewing and they send the tape from good camera to the girls.

more like yesnsense

aged up Paul Dano

Nic Cage could I feel find a truly unique energy in this character

because I'm committed to the Lord.
I love you.

Interviewer is so cute

>It’s Ricardo. Richard Ricardo.

Reddit found this guy. Apparently he was off his meds but isn't normally like that

has this guy ever appeared anywhere else?

>Being a disinformation glowie

They must be paying you well.

I'm going back to Waterloo where the vampires are

felt bad for the interviewer who had no idea what she was getting herself into and where the situation could potentially go

She looked pretty entertained

she's clearly nervous af and just going along with it cause she doesn't know what else to do

There's an interview with her and her boss.

john turturro

I wanna fug her

christ he seems like a proper creep. she almost seemed more nervous around him

kek I thought the same
>dat arm caress right at the start

I need to move to Toronto and get a qt brown gf

I don't like this bald man

Take meds

I love this video

Why is IRL so kino?

I didn't want to put that with the link, but that's exactly what I thought. I'd want Steve Spiros to be in the room to make sure I'm safe.

To be fair I thought I had the balls to creep on any junior employee I work with

>I thought
I wish* kek

What ethnicity is she

le chosen people can't write for shit


Terry Davis

Canada doesn't have that many hispanics. Shes probably north indian or from the middle east

I wanna become a homeless bum but I’m too scared to ever go through with it.

just try it out for a couple days.
make sure to vlog it on Yea Forums

Doubt this guy is a bum, he looks like he works at a lower paying office job

Her ethnicity looks like Jessica Alba and she's just a good old Mexican

Toronto doesn't have bums you fucking retard

They disabled the comments because of how many people saying they wanted to impregnate her and calling the guy a creep kek

>t. fucking retard

you see people like this rambling about nothing everywhere in big cities. toronto is no exception.

Thats true but this guy looks more presentable than most of the hobos that yell at squirrels. I wouldn't have suspected he was a schizo until he started talking

Should I be worried that I sometimes have similar stream of consciousness thoughts? I’m always aware that they’re crazy and I amuse myself with them.

We need more schizo content. People who will go around interviewing schizos. Would make for some great kino.

no. its when you start walking the streets in crowds and yelling it like this guy is when you should be worried.

Sometimes when I've had a lot of long meetings at work, when I try to go to sleep I'll have these stream of consciousness thoughts in their voices, like a debate
Like the Tetris effect but for talking to people

whos gonna tell him?

Thats how it starts user.

At 1:58 he says "goodbye" and motions to leave, there's a cut and he's still talking. You think the interviewers stopped him?

>whos gonna tell him?
That you're a newfag?
>Where are the bums? There's no bums here. Toronto doesn't have bums

How is this not fake? His delivery sounds like he's just reciting a script to me.

Am I stupid? I've always felt this guy was just having a laff. Maybe a little nutty, but I've never thought he was as deeply schizophrenic as he pretended to be here

hook line and sinker

could have been an amateur comedian but there are absolutely people like this in big cities.

and me as idris elba

everyone has wacky abstract thoughts we know not to put out because they're fucking crazy/nonsensical
some people just don't have that differentiating grip and you'd know by now if you didn't