The fuck did I do?

The fuck did I do?

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The Shield was better

Thought he was a cool and a good actor
Insufferable also a cheating cunt and a smug leftie in real life

Unironically the police boat job seemed comfy as fuck. Should have just stuck at that and stayed with the qt dock police girl (BEatie?)

what did you think when Trump lost

He’s British they are all cunts.

The commish was better.

no pleb no

Was he the vole?


Gotham was better.

you're literally admitting how /pol/ deprives you of nice things in life lmao

>*wheeze* the fuck did i do?

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You think on Easter weekend they would be more chill.

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>You know what the trouble is, Brucie?
>I worked with smugglers and sex slave traffickers and used the money to lobby politicians to vote for projects I was interested in.
>And now that the truth about my crimes is public the politicians don't want to vote for those projects.

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Wait, this piece of shit show has timeskips?

You know he was a cheating cunt in season 1 too.

Who are your favorite characters here are mine
1. Marlo
2. Rawls
3. Chris
4. McNulty
5. Greek
6. Mouzone
7. Landsman
8. Levy
9. Joe
10. Spiros

The Shield ending certainly was better, but it's better than pretty much anything. In terms of getting to the ending the Wire was better.
>smug leftie in real life
Don't look up anything political about or by David Simon!

Why is Yea Forums the only place that rates the Shield this highly? The way it's talked about here you would think it had Mad Men tier acclaim but it's not even close to that.

Trump absolutely broke him.

marlo sucked
thought stringer's character was more interesting, wanting to break out of his social standing and be legitimate but being rejected in the end, vs marlo's rejecting his own "legitimacy" in the end

>marlo sucked

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So? He's playing a character user. You discount racists are the most pathetic people on this planet

1. Nick Sobotka's girlfriend's tits
2. Ziggy's duck
3. Slim Charles

>No Bodie or slim Charles

Nope. Both probably around 20th.

I meant the actor who is also English, cheated with that skank from baby driver
And he's balding
I don't use/Pol either

>complains about lefties
>watches obvious leftie show
what's wrong with you retards?

Top 15. In no particular order.

>democrat cities are shit
>democrat politicians are shit
>democrat welfare is shit
>democrat unions are shit
>democrat writers are shit
>democrat schools are shit
>democrat voters are shit
Literally the GOAT Republican visual media.

I dont care if you use pol you are a discount racist.

I think I’m the only one who liked ziggy.

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user... he didn't mention anything about skin color...


what distinguishes a discount racist from a regularly priced racist?

>piece of shit
The affair is kino, you pleb. And last season had one storyline that was like 20 years or something in the future and it had sci-fi elements

In recent years it began to gain praise because this board has been heavily infested by /pol/ so the average IQ has gone completely downhill. Modern Yea Forums can’t comprehend The Wire and obviously the racial aspect is a no no with prominent black characters, however they understand that if they say it’s bad it will put them as retards with shit taste so they say stuff like “The Wire is undoubtedly good, but a shit series like The Shield is underrated and has a better ending” to try and mask their lack of intellect.

I hate niggers but I don't let the very existence of niggers dictate my life. It's about resentment user. If your racism expresses itself in only resentful ways, you're a discount racist. I am a racist of the soul, aristocratic, racism 2.0. I hate niggers but I am not going go sperg because they exist in mediums I engage with

Discount racists get the rope

So a discount racist is open about his disdain for niggers but a regularly priced racist just keeps it hidden? Seems like a better analogy the other way around

No. A discount racist is controlled by niggers. If you don't watch something because a nigger is in it, you are living out resentment and not making your own choices. Reed neetche please and then respond. Believe it or not there is no benefit to screeching NIGGERS regardless of your belief

Here is a good example this poster is absolutely incapable of understanding The Wire in its totality but he will never openly say it because he knows it’s a great show he just can’t wrap his little pea-brain around it. He will use it instead as a vehicle for showcasing his “tastes” while praising a garbage tv show like The Shield or Sons of Anarchy and as shown in his post he will also use it to prop himself up as an “intellectual racist”.

My IQ is 143 there is not a thing on this planet you understand that I am incapable of figuring out. Your tolerance is not a substitute for intelligence.

OK, we got The Wire and The Shield, but when are they going to remaster Homicide: Kino on the Street with my man Al Giardello?

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Bleh. I remember watching it after the Wire.
What a generic, forgettable cop show that was.

t. democrat

Here we can see that they will also throw out IQ numbers on an anonymous image board, where anybody can say anything they want. Someone claiming an IQ above 100 on an anonymous forum almost certainly has an actual IQ score in the double digits, probably the low to mid 80s since anyone with a higher IQ would understand it’s meaningless to throw out numbers like that on an anonymous website. You can, however, tell that he leads a pathetic existence as his validation for living and reality in general are derived from complete and total strangers posting anonymously. He will probably leave and go to /pol/ at some point to rekindle himself emotionally by surrounding himself with repetitive, small minded opinions from people like himself, much in the same way reddit is used and upvotes provide self validation for stupid people.

How does it compare?

Smuggling and sex slavery only works in a society that’s too stupid to acknowledge human failings.
Legalise prostitution, legalise and heavily regulate drugs and POOF the problem is gone.

Shame, of course, the USA is too backwards to ever consider that shit.

No ones reading this

t. whoremongering dope fiend

Ziggys duck couldn’t hold liquor for shit though, automatic disqualification

>drug addiction is a problem
>legalize drugs
>drug addicts are still a problem
The "just legalize everything" crowd are some of the dumbest fucking people alive

>there is not a thing on this planet you understand that I am incapable of figuring out.
How to not be a faggot lol.

I am nigger

Is Sona of Anarchy any good if I liked the Shield?

Still floored by Carver's arc
Where is the motherfucking love Bodie?

So if I complain about niggers on the internet for fun but still watch nigger content then I'm a regularly priced racist

I watched it after the Wire to try to get a fix but I couldn't get into it and dropped it after 1 1/2 seasons. Like says, it seems a bit generic and forgettable. It seems a lot choppier and less coherent than the Wire, maybe I got filtered, it did take me 3 times of watching the Wire's first 2 seasons before I ended up getting truly into it.

You’ll not I said “heavily regulate” there, nigger.
Prostitution also needs regulation, heavy even, but that isn’t where I placed the chip.
That is on drugs; if addicted you can get product at wholesale rates (so don’t have to rob kwikemarts), if only recreational can get it at a taxed rate where your public nuisance is covered in the gov budget. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Free market solution is what we already have, and it’s garbage. Legalise and Heavily Regulate.

One thing about The Wire, it doesn't just feature niggers, it actively celebrates them.

Yeah as long as resentment doesn't dictate your racist expression.

It's not just drug addiction as the Wire shows, it's the organized crime that comes with it. Legalization would get rid of the crime but greatly increase the addiction. Decriminalization is probably the way to go.

The Wire makes Black people look like absolute fucking animals, what are you talking about? I'm surprised it even got away with them. The kids are fucking monsters, and the adolescents and adults... well they're fucking monsters too. Some of the smart ones grow up to be corrupt politicians like Clay and Royce. VERY occasionally there's a good one in the show like Lester or Bunk.

I don't know what the fuck you're talking about celebrating.

It's not The Wire, and especially later seasons devolve into more of a generic procedural, but the first couple of seasons are great and the cast is fantastic.

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The Wire celebrates no one

nah just a general sense of superiority and a taste for taboo humor

>Insufferable also a cheating cunt and a smug leftie in real life
>I don't use/Pol either

This. I view the Wire as a human nature blackpill. I didn't think of it as "it's just the SYSTEM fucking everyone up, if only they could get the SYSTEM right everyone in the show would be happy." No, the shows argues that humans just aren't wired to have functional organizations and cities.

I remember one of my first thoughts in season 1 was "if he's so damn rich and cares about the wellbeing of his drug dealers so much, why doesn't Avon pour money into the community so they don't have to live in a fucking ghetto"

Most Black people don't mind the ghetto. Many don't even consider what you and I would call the ghetto to be the ghetto.

t. never met an actual black person in his entire life

Wasted digits, every poorfag I know living in that situation knows exactly where they’re at.
Don’t speak to shit you know nothing about, suburban LARPer.

Everyone I know considers southwest Atlanta where the Braves used to be to be ghetto as fuck - you know, trash everywhere, low property values, payday loan stores everywhere. I brought this up to an Atlanta Black person and he got really confused and said "that ain't ghetto." It was then it hit me that he was telling the truth - that area wasn't ghetto to him, it was home. Ghetto is a term he would apply to an even worse place.

You also need to keep in mind that ghettos weren't always ghettos. They were once working class white neighborhoods. Wherever Black people go BECOMES the "ghettos," so leaving is impossible. Where you go, there you are.