The king of stand up

>the king of stand up
>so good he makes racist chuds SIT DOWN
Imagine your only argument against Bill Burr is "black wife".
He is infinitely more funny than Yea Forums

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he's been Disney Plussed AND does StarShit.
he is dead to me

>he is dead to me
cucked as fuck with someone else's baby too

Does every guy from Boston talk like this guy? I drive people from the airport and every single male I drive that came in from Boston sounds exactly like him.

>black wife
black wife

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I wouldn't want to be seen with someone who looks like his wife at a Vegas roach motel let alone cuffing her at red carpet and black tie events. I respect her game though locking down a millionaire looking like the poster child for Who Let the Dogs Out.

Yes yes…however, you forgot having a black wife it’s a death sentence.
Just ask will smile

>used to be funny
>Not funny any more
Simple as

He went from hating and not understanding the popularity of Star Wars to being on the show, because his wife told him to be on the show.

He's gotta support his wife's boyfriend's child somehow.

Nah. It’s mostly a localized thing. Go 30 miles into suburbia and the accents taper off.


I genuinely do not find him funny at all and he seems to have really gay takes

His wife tells him what to say and how to think

He was a better Finn in The Mandalorian than Finn in the ST.

Oh hey Bill, Can you actually write a joke for a change?

I think he's a funny comedian


why couldn't he have died instead

>Yes yes…however, you forgot having a black wife it’s a death sentence.
>Just ask will smith
Why are black women so scary?

He's got funny body language which is already a leap ahead of most comedians who just do the deadpan awkward sarcasm

His podcast is solid as long as he's not talking to anyone else. Listening to his alternatively hilarious and retarded takes on everything is entertaining. Considering he puts out about 1.5-2 hours of shit every single week for more than a decade, it's pretty remarkable the quality he maintains.

>cucked as fuck with someone else's baby too
He had to pay to produce that 'movie', too. Is he a secret cuck fetishist? Every time that title card plays, with his and her names as producers, on someone's screen, he gets a tingle in his dingle?

>>black wife
>black wife
How did Gary Owens escape?
>put wife on podcast because ???
>viewer mail comes out, asks simple "guy question" with possible funny responses
>nigress seethes about it for 25 minutes
Marrying her is one thing but don't put her on your fucking podcast like anyone actually wants to hear her snarky big brain takes

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>he barely finishes the sentence
>she immediately flips out

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People tune into the burr podcast to escape this retarded shit, and he brings it right back into their face by bringing her on with her enlightened room temperature takes like anyone tunes into his show to listen to a seething hole. Fucking hell.

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I tried watching him once but was to unfunny. Name something funny he said.

never marry a woman below you

>black wife
It’s not like he married Stacy Dash either, Billy shacked up with a coal-black straight out of the jungle gorilla nigger. “She” probably has more testosterone than he does.

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The episode of his podcast where he was on vacation in Paris and drunk was hilarious

>Why are you going to Indianapolis, Bill?

One of funniest bits I've ever heard


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White comedians just aren’t funny. Whatever happened to Louis CK or Jim Gaffigan? Exactly.

Why is she so disgusting bros? I like black girls but she's fucking gross.

He's a loser because he's a rich famous guy that even *I* wouldn't trade places with. I wouldn't want to spend a day in his shoes, and that's pretty bad imo.

>i've made a huge mistake

He's an uppity Boston cunt with small dog syndrome, how did anyone take this cuck seriously

Nah he used to be very funny but his whole stick was being the angry loner who does not get the normies with their family lifestyle and social meetings.

Now he had a kid way to late, he is going to be 66 or something when the kid turns 18.
So he went from a cool loner to changing diapers at 50.


>He's an uppity Boston cunt with small dog syndrome

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son of a rich dentist, real blue collar guy

>waiting 20 minutes for the punchline
>there is no punchline

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He snapped somewhere down the line and needed to heckin pass on his genes. Settled for the first woman who pity fucked him that much is apparent.

Its not that he married a black woman
Its that he married an ugly woman who harbors some of the worst political opinions available right now.
My wife is more right wing than I and and, lads, I cant tell you how comfy that shit is.
I cant imagine being married to some unattractive nigger and also adopting her shitty opinions.

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He's 50 and acts like he's 90. Also he has a black wife

I love that all of his new standup is literally pro black woman propaganda where he just shits on white women for being irrational and 'honestly not even that pretty, what you need to do is get yourself a Nubian queen, now them broads know how to do it' as if it wasn't half written by his wife and half cope.

>So can I promote my special anytime soon or are you just gonna keep ranting about the Greater Israel project

It’s insane how much power men give to women. I’m starting to think they were never really oppressed. They’re too good at this manipulation, like they’ve been doing it since the creation of time.

his wife be black?? why would you do that to yourself? not even black men marry black women

You're going to see their movie, right?

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I still think black people are intellectually disabled.

he thinks he's funny and so do lefties, in reality, he's married to a fat ugly nigger.

You have to be kidding me.
That fucking thing? His wife?
That man is broken.

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the bill bur effect

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Literally any random scathing post on Yea Forums is a thousand times funnier than this sellout mick hack unironically.

the bill burr effect

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>he has to go home and fuck the man looking thing
why the fuck would you pick such an ugly woman, there are plenty of hot black women out there?

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the bill burr effect: when a clearly succesful (and sometimes famous) man dates a woman below his standards because he doesn´t know how to flirt and get attractive and high quality woman in his life

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