Mr. Chud, is it true that not only you are a racist sociopath but also a virgin?

Mr. Chud, is it true that not only you are a racist sociopath but also a virgin?

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Of course!
Women aren't people after all.

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>How dare you have an opinion?

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Doreen isn't a racist sociopath

'reen on the 'loggy

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I have "nigger" tattooed on my leg and still fucked for the race cycle last year

>looks like infamous right wing incel shooter but with an actual well defined jaw
>/pol/tards think they're "owning the libs" by posting this tranny
Take a shower, grow a chin, gain height and get a clue ya fucking chuds.

Uh n-no comment.

no women love racist sociopaths

huh? what did you say?

Does doreen the anti work Reddit mod even post here?

Akshually I identify as a redpilled natsoc volcel.

>infamous right wing incel shooter
he was liberal jew

Well defined jaw?
Go home tranny
Take your meds

>defined jaw
There's a difference between having a big chin and a jawline, as 'Reen illustrates

raping w*men should be legal
the tranny has a massive chin but not a jaw lol

name ONE THING thats bad about being a sociopath

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sociopaths don't exist, they're made up by bipolar women

Off topic is against the rules faggot
This has nothing to do with Yea Forums
You will never pass
Dial 8

>tranny mush brain trying to communicate again

it's good when trannies get banned and bad when i get banned, even if we're doing the same thing

yes yes true, all me
i also hate women and trannies

>grow a chin
How? Asking for a friend

The Yea Forums logo shouldn't be on the arm. Being a "chud" is what Yea Forums builded, enabled. "Chudism" is a part of Yea Forums identity like gangstalking and producing the nazis memes and rhetoric that end up in mass shooters manifestos

Doreen quite literally mogs this beta chinless faggot and you still think you're being clever replying with his picture every time someone posts a chudjak. KWAB

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Look at how awful that meme is
So much text, poorly formated
It's truly amazing how bad you are at this

>Oh n-

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You didn't answer the question
What jaw does doreen have
You also ignored


>(Never in a million years chuddy)

No, im not racist.

>you still think you're being clever replying with his picture every time someone posts a chudjak.
Well it's pissing you off so it must be working

look what they doing to baby sneed

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>well defined jaw
Like The Wicked Witch of The West

Is your IQ really 80 or do you not see the layers of irony and post-irony in that meme?
Is everyone on Yea Forums a fucking retard now?
Does everyone here actually believe we are being raided by politically sensitive leftists and trannies?
Are you all this mentally ill and retarded?
Do you also think BBC spammers aren't just domestic trolls, feeding off of those that get butthurt to the point that they will bump a BBC thread to +200 replies?
God what the FUCK happened to Yea Forums.




nice try faggot

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>th-they’re only pretending to be retarded

if I stop being racist, do you think I can one day have the success with women of ""people"" who start threads about chuds on Yea Forums?

what possesses bioleninists to try to meme on the field in which they are obviously at highest disadvantage, looks and genetic fitness?

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I guess the retards really are in the majority now. RIP. See you guys on leddit.

I get hard to black women

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>Never say I think it was a genuine post
>Rattled faggot goes off
You need to take your meds tranny

Nice dishonesty you tremendous faggot lol, god I wish I could downvote you to hell

>*gets proven wrong
Yeah go back retard

other than being a genetic failure not much

>Can't explain why
Holy fuck you're genuinely pathetic
Get it together you psycho faggot


I'm sure it's a university's research program into internet radicalization is behind the BBC spammers you incredibly retarded faggot.
Gas all 80 IQ posters and high-school drop-outs.

What's wrong with being a virgin when most girls are sluts and whores these days?

I've had sex but I absolutely am a racist and probably a sociopath

Quintessential 4channel thread, this

Kevin Nash was raped in the summer of 1992. #KWAB

So you decided to criticize a meme for its poor formatting, length of text and general poor quality, adding that "it's amazing" how bad they are at making memes - to a meme that you believed to be ironic to begin with? What do you gain from lying on an anonymous imageboard faggot? Do you have no impulse for shame?

nothing, angry oversocialized "people" seem more upset by sociopaths than the opposite, probably because they are so used to perform self fellatio

>he thinks p#blm is a joke
Come visit /qant/ sometimes.

You're trying to gaslight me right now and I'm too smart to let it work. I'm well aware of your demoralization campaign, let's just leave it at that. You're not as genuine as you want us to think you are.

the left cant meme

you sound gay

You're already moving the goalpost
but sure see

The right cant win an election :)


>God what the FUCK happened to Yea Forums
Thirdworlders were given cheap internet during the 2010s.


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what's that?

Lmao, my jewish mental manipulation tricks have failed me again. (I'm begging you to take your meds, not for my or even your own sake, but for the sake of your family and putative friends)


>Calling out someone for being a bad troll is dishonest
You need to calm down and take your meds