>1000 years old. Only magic trick is light up his staff end

>Gandalf lived in Middle-earth for 219 years. He was un-aged and appeared as a grey-bearded, approximately 60-year-old human. As a Maia, however, he lived at most 9000 years before Middle Earth existed. His real age is, therefore, close to 11,000 years.

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he also lights some pinecones on fire in the Hobbit movies, I mean a flint and steel would've gotten the same effect but here we are

why would anyone choose to look like a 60-year old smelly hobo?

>His real age is, therefore, close to 11,000 years.
You faggots actually read this garbage?


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>can defeat the balrog
>completely useless after that

>9000 +219 = 11000

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dungeons and dragons was a mistake

His "power" is his wisdom you fool of a Took. He's been traveling the world for years so he knows many people.
Wizards turning into "guy that throws fireballs and shoots lightning" completely ruined the archetype.

he was in Middle Earth for more than 2000 years, also, he also fought off the Nazgul all alone and Frodo could see the flashes of his fire and smoke from miles away

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Ducks can't do math

Why was be such a faggot in the movies then?

Gandalf isn't the same as his Maia self. He's limited in power and knowledge

>Yea Forums mathematics
Also Americans saying "math" and ignoring the rules of mathematics and English

He can also tell you when you reach places
>user, we have just traversed into the realm of Yea Forums

Remember his telekenetic wizard duel with saruman?
I don't think that was canon to the books but the balrog fight still was. He also summoned a lightning bolt to chase off all 9 wraiths at once. But no go ahead keep taking shit i think you could take him.

Sauron is strong (more accurattely, the same stirp) as Sauron. However, Sauron has no master because Morgoth is imprisioned in the void.Gandalf, however, has a master and a duty.

His duty is to help the peoples of middle to earth to fight against the evil magic shit Morgoth left in the middle earth, that being so, he holds back his true power and only really intervenes when the shit gets unfair (like the Balrog).
It is better explained in the book because of the scouring of the shire, Gandalf knew what was happening but he said to the hobbits
>go and fix this shit yourself, you can't always depend on me

At the end of the movie/book, his duty is finished, the peoples of middle earth have the land free of things they can't fight without his help, so he sails away with the elves

The book tells a bit of what happens after he goes away, for example, without the Balrogs the Dwarfs are finally able to take back Moriah, however they go extinct late in the third age

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>Sauron is strong
I mean Gandalf godammit

I've seen this dudes name before. Who is he?

>guffaws at your puny gandalf theories

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I mean one the one hand his portrayal is pretty good actor and tone wise but for some reason Peter Jackson likes emasculating Gandalf. Standing his ground against the Witch king was one of the most epic scenes in the book and Jackson for some reason turned it into Gandalf cowering on the ground before the Witchking in the movies.

this nigga is incredibly merry

When did that happen (especially for Frodo to have seen it)?

Morgoth is Sauron's master, he created all kind of evil servants like balrogs, orcs and werewolves.
Sauron was not created by Morgoth by eventually joined his forces, but long ago when Morgoth was about to take all middle earth to himself a dude sailed on a ship to the land of the Gods and begged them to help against Morgoth, they did but Sauron menaged to scape.
They Sauron ((((subverted))) Numenor (which is basically atlantis), and the Gods became angry because the people of middle earth can't help but being dumb fucks and lose to the evil forces of Morgoth everytime they appear, so they flooded Numenor, ripped their God island from the earth, made the planet round, and send the wizards to give advice to the people, since apparently they are stupid as fuck, and that is how Gandalf aappeared in the world

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Is all this dumb shit in the books
Who made.morgoth?

God. His name is Eru.

i think his wife, goldenberry takes care of him, if you know what i mean

>do not take me for a summoner of cheap tricks
>summons a cheap trick

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Yes, it is all in the silmarillion
Morgoth was God made by a highest God Eru Ilúvatar
The class of Gods Morgoth belongs to is named Valar, at the beginning of time they sang a song about the things the things they would create to make the world, a hippie girl sang about trees and plants, another one sang about oceans and rivers but Morgoth was a little bitch and sang about evil things like cold and high heat in the hopes of wrecking the things the others were singing about
But he was frustrated because cold and heat made beautiful things like snowflakes and sunny days, so he got pissed and then there are like 200 pages about how he tries to subverted everything the other Gods made until he is finally impprisioned in the void

Do not take me for some very dear friend. I am trying to rob you.

i imagine this is what held up Gandalf when he had planned to meet the hobbits at the prancing pony. from my vague recollection

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Why was the Ring able to corrupt Gandalf of he and Sauron were the same powerlevel?

It's mythos Tolkien wrote that was "edited and published" by his son. Morgorth was originally called Melkor and is Tolkien's Luciferian figure. He was the most powerful Valar ("god") who got butthurt because true creation belongs to Eru (actual God) alone. Melkor made it his goal to corrupt Eru's creation, and the world's evil stems from him
In the same way Sauron poured his power and malice into the Ring, Melkor poured his power into Arda (the world) itself. However he could never create, only corrupt. Eventually the Elves dubbed him "Morgoth," which means something like "black enemy" in Elvish

He also had his staff slam and a lightning sword which was pretty kino

Because Jackson made good movies but bad source material adaptations

Sauron is basically the "strongest" of all the Maiar. His will and skill in craft are so great that the Ring is able to corrupt basically anyone that isn't a Vala or Tom Bombadill

>When did that happen (especially for Frodo to have seen it)?
When the hobbits left Bree with Strider (it was a few days before they reached the Weathertop).
Gandalf also fought a fuckhuge demon.

Yes, because Sauron's strongest power is being able to trick people, you can see it with Theoden in the movies and the whole fall of numenor chapter is about how Sauron tricked a whole island in worshipping satan

The Ring has Sauron in it, so you can't be corrupted by your own spirit. The ring was basically the later lichdom phylactery in fantasy settings; Sauron is called a necromancer in some texts I believe

what makes old tom able to resist that shit?

Hackson shoulda stayed with bad taste and meet the feebles.

>Hackson left out what could have been a kino scene like this
Truly he was more damaging to Tolkiens work than the Amazaon series ever could be


He literally screamed a phrase and raised a stick. Calm the fuck down.

No one knows

He exists outside the established order of the world

You should not have asked that question

Never explained who or what Tom is. I like the idea he's some lower tier Valar who spent so much time in Middle-earth he just kind of forgot what he was.

Seems like an opt out, Gandalf should just like the other wozards should have been unaffected by the Ring.

>Why was the Ring able to corrupt Gandalf of he and Sauron were the same powerlevel?

they're the same "species", they're not the same powerlevel. sauron is stronger.

He fought and chased the Balrog for some 3 days

There is no explanation, but, there are things that were not (at least not explicitally) created by Eru (highest God) like Ungoliant
So my headcannon is that during the singing that created the world someone (Probably Yavanna) thought about something funny and Tom Bombadill was created by mistake

How did learning Ian McKellen was a fedorafag change your opinion of him?

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Why in the movies did Jackson make it Gandalf who was wary to go into Moria? In the book it was Aragorn who was reluctant and Gandalf was willing

I tried but had to quit during the middle parts of Two Towers. Such a snoozefest.

Old gents can wear them and not look a twat

Gandalf isn't even at his true power in Middle-earth. The wizards were not sent to fight Sauron. If Gandalf or any wizard could resist the Rinf then the story doesn't happen

Their fight is literally in the beginning of the 2nd film.

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And his r/atheism euphoria?

he's alright in my book

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because he's a dumb fuck like D&D of got.


Not really. Sauron is greater than all other Maiar, and that includes the five wizards. Besides, being able to dominate others through his will is one of his greatest traits

>John writes a wizard fighting demon spirit thingies with magic
>Christopher gets butthurt at Chadson becasue there are combat scenes instead of singing and impressionist shots of the New Zealand landscape
>calls the movies an action flick for teenagers
>now Amazon is making a corrupted version of his fathers work
Tolkiens own son did the most damage.

What I like about LotR is exactly that it's not overloaded with stupid magic.
There are different races and a some magic but aside from that the world is pretty realistic.

>being able to dominate others through his will is one of his greatest traits
until he met frodo and billbow?

Because Gandalf was wise and experienced so it was out of character for him to want to go through a creepy abandoned mine where some unknown darkness lurks.

Based Jackson improving those mediocre books.


The point was no one knew what was down there but Aragorn was such a seasoned wanderer that he knew something evil was down there

you cant really blame his children when their job was to 'manage' their fathers estate.

they shouldve locked everythign up tight or let everyone have a chance at making up some bullshit. Now we are plagued with tolkien 'schoalrs' who write their 'phd' on gender in lotr lmao

how did he died?

Dumb anime-only

Even Frodo succumbs. The reason Sauron never counted on anyone destroying the ring is because he (correctly) guess nobody would ever do so willingly. Gollum trips into the Crack of Doom (or God shoves him, same difference)

Because in the books Gandalf was a retard. He travelled through Moria from east to west once but he lucked out and didn't run into much trouble. He also only zexited* from the lake door - he never tried entering it this way. He just relied on passwords he knew from other passages (which he recites in the movie), but naturally it doesn't work there.
Making Gandalf wary of Moria was a reasonable change from the books.

That was the worst part of the Hackson trilogy, Middle Earth looked lile a movie set not a place where people live their lives.
It ruined the immersion for me, adding cottages, roads and maybe even the outlines of towns in appropriate backgrounds would have added a lot to the movies.
Edors and Minas Tirith being in the middle of uncultivated wastelands was unacceptable.

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The ring fell into Mount Doom. But Sauron's design worked. Frodo couldn't let it go, and neither could anyone else had they been there. It's divine intervention from Eru that makes Gollum fall into the lava


Are we even sure he actually defeated the Balrog? He couldn't even beat the Witch King and that was at super saiyen 2 power level.

Why was Eru only willing to intervene once 99% of the work had been done?

This. Making Pelennor some barren steppe was retarded when in the books it is clearly a massive agricultural center. Same with them removing all the western dukes like Imrahil; it makes it seem less united against Sauron

>It's divine intervention from Eru that makes Gollum fall into the lava

Literal deus ex machina

Well as far as you can defeat a Maiar

But what happens to Radaghast and the Blue Wizards???

>Are we even sure he actually defeated the Balrog?
When Gandalf reunites with the trio in Fangorn he tells them that he felt Sauron's attention drawn to Amon Hen (when Frodo put on the ring to hide himself). He battled with Sauron, and the latter withdrew, which let Frodo to put off the ring.

So yes, Gandalf most definitely defeated the Balrog (although at the cost of his life, mind you). In any case Gandalf sure as hell would spook a glorified wight. He battled them all at once on several occasions.

Gandalf wandered mlre than Aragon who lived among the elves and the worked as a Ranger dicking around in some shitty forest.

lmao when did this Tolien scholar shit actually start? Thats explicitly something Tolien would not have wanted.

So Morgoth created Heat Miser and Cold Miser? It all makes sense now….

Frodo had done his quest. He had carried the ring, so Eru basically just called it a game and said Sauron lost

The point was in the books to show that, while the wizards are wise, they don't know everything