Nostalgia Thread

Nostalgia Thread

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Blessed Kenner figures

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How do you use it?

Americans have dreams about pizza

They really should have gone with the "corrupted form of what they infest" instead of "they all look the same expect for the queen and they act like ants/termites" because no creativity.

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And who can forget the Predator stuff, sucks the line was cancelled before getting a female Predator and the swimming one.

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For me it was this. When I was a kid, maybe around 7-8, rumor had it that T2 was the scariest movie ever made, so naturally in a combination of horror and fascination, I was transfixed by the arcade cabinet and the iconic image of Arnie with the red eye. I don't know how many times I watched the attract demo loop, and I still have the sounds burned into my mind.

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btw, here's your Bionicle celebration set in 2022.

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Brace yourself

Fucking hell man

The last great McDonald's toy set

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What the fuck is this shit? Is it legit?

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It's a bit of a cheat. It's the Bionicle example from the anniversary brick set where they have builds for a bunch of mini versions of classic Lego products from over the years.

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A friend of mine has one or two of these.

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I hate the antichrist

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I still have this cup topper, no cup though

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I had the baby.

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Based af

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I have images from my old Yea Forums folders from a decade ago.
We have to go back.

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Ah damn, still what a half-assed work, but it's not like Lego gives a shit about bonkle and it's not like desperate biofags won't eat up whatever minimal crap Lego gives them.

/toy/ made 2022 versions of all of them:

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based on the preds that appear in predator 2
fun fact: all the costumes used in predator 2 got stolen/disappeared and have never been found.

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To be fair, it's just a standard box of bricks that they tacked on this anniversary gimmick to.

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I never liked bow the marines looked nothing like they did in the movie. Not green, not armored, guns aren't the same. I had the aliens fight my Godzillas though

>"Go-go" get to the polls
What did they mean by this?

that's kind of creative actually

God I hate Locke.

because the kenner toys where based on a cartoon serie that never got made. but the toys where already made so they just released them.

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I liked the Slizers better. They were the precursors to Bioncle

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>CONSOOOM culture

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I thought this was actual gold when I was a kid

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The mantis Xenomorph would've been impossible but they could just say it was an experiment. But yeah I kinda wanted to see more variants of the alien besides color schemes or digitigrade legs. Seeing this makes me want to buy all of the alien sets honestly.

I just have the Stalker predator that glows in the dark but I'm currently looking for the Kenner Queen Facehugger.

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Ohhhhhhh I had the mom. You pressed the trigger and she moved her hips.

I had some of those! Forgot all about those

....its not?

Damn man thanks for remembering the name of these I had the fire one my aunt bought me when i went out to the store with my cousin it was a great toy.

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I would fuck him right in the mouth. But how is this television and film?

i was missing the hat and squirt gun arm. idk why but this toy sat on top of our microwave for years, like a shrine to my regret

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still have the original comics

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Did you fuck it?

>all the costumes used in predator 2 got stolen/disappeared and have never been found
Jesus fuck
How's the quality of Neca? I kinda dig them for how much stuff they have but no idea if they are actually toys or just slightly posable statues.

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early neca toys sucked ass and broke/got damaged easy
their later stuff is better quality but are more posable statues then toys for kids to play with

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