Meteorite is going to kill us all

>meteorite is going to kill us all

this film goes HARD on americans,jesus...

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What’s going to kill us all?

Loved this flick, it unironically filtered all the amerisharts on here so hard


it also filtered jokes pretty hard, almost none managed to make it into the movie.

was this supposed to be a comedy? i didnt laugh once

it's a documentary


Reminder: nobody is immune to propaganda. Being able to spot propaganda being used on others doesn’t change that fact that you’ve been conditioned your entire adult life to think and act a certain way.
Trannies are not women
Climate Change is real

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>no one mention 'the warm period'

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lets ignore the weather changes around the world

You might as well say the same thing with leftists and immigration. No civilization has surivived mass migration. They ignore its impeding threat.

Interesting how everyone who believes in that meme lives in a coastal area, isn't it?

Is it going to kill us all?

Dishonest post
Ask me how I know you get your news on climate change from the telly

Weather always changes as does climate. Its not static. The world the dinosaurs lived in was much hotter. They were gigachads. Stop standing in evolutions path. We must turn into dinosaurs

I pray to the sun every night. BURN US ALL ALIVE, FOR WE ARE WEAK

Woah when did Jennifer Lawrence get british citizenship?


Based. If we don't start listening to the science, Manhattan will be submerged under the sea by 2012. Al Gore told me this.

>scientific community says that maybe indians and the Chinese shouldn’t be dumping all their garbage in the ocean
>Republicans throw fits over this because Fox News told them CNN says it’s their fault (which they did say, but CNN isn’t the scientific community)
Burgershart black and white logic is always a treat to observe

based and REAL

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Global warming is real but I simply don’t care. The earth’s climate goes through natural chances of warming and cooling. It did before humans were around and it’ll do it after we’re gone too. Are we contributing to it? Ya we are are, but are we causing it? No. We could go as green as possible and it’d still be happening and we’d still be contributing to it. Any decrease in the severity or consequences would be meaningless and insignificant and the time, money, and effort spent to achieve those results would lead to greater improvements in peoples lives if it was spent elsewhere.

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They've been peddling this nonsense since the fucking 50s maybe even before that and every prediction (scare tactic) they've made on the "point of no return" has been wrong

Yes, it IS interesting how they all bought beachfront property that they said would be underwater by now.

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Kill all celebrities

>conflating all of america with neocon jew controlled op
>ignoring the fact that the left blames everything on white men, including global warming even though its mostly chinas and indias problem

>Climate change is definitely happening guys, and thankfully the solutions are all strangely based around marxist theory, so please give up your cars and properties, and make sure that you are paying at least 95% of your salary to the government's red...I mean green initiatives.

It may not look like much but in 8 years the Statue of Liberty will be underwater for real this time.

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So far, recorded global sea level rise is 8-10 inches over the last 140 years.
So it could be present in that picture, just not enough to make it distinguishable from the tide.

is this in the movie? the fuck is going on there?

>make allegory for climate change hysteria
>choose disaster where we have no ability to affect the outcome
Lazy propaganda. It was a situation where we were outright fucked. At least the people who didn't look up could go about their lives without the anxiety


oh look,the midclass defending the rich
society is collapsing while wealthy eat caviar

>also ignore China and India - it's YOUR responsibility and you should accept the climate-related taxes pushed on you year after year

Reminder in the seventies the brightest minds of the world got together to figure out how to melt the polar ice caps. Because if we didn't... WE'D END UP IN A NEW MEGA-ICE AGE AHHHHHHHH

I'm glad to see maisie is still getting work

Communism doesn’t work

post proof

What are you talking about retard? He is criticizing the rich.

I heard Americans are still seething about this kino to this day

>midclass defending the rich
Please open a fucking history book, m8. The rich are merely the target to get everyone rallied to the cause.

Bros... We didn't listen.

Not him but its collapsing because mass immigration and debt. Communism is retarded but it would actually be better than neoliberal capitalism because commies destroyed the pricing mechanism which led to poverty which made nobody want to migrate to the communists nations. Capitalism creates migration. Migrants don't care about the enviorment and litter constantly.

Sounds like their plan worked, considering we're not in a new mega-ice age.
Based experts

I don't even care anymore. Scrub the planet clean of the infestation.

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Right, because the people who fight to the death to support infinite immigration definitely aren't supporting a position that benefits the rich at the expense of the entire middle class.

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>Bro, you got a source for that commonly known event!?
Kill yourself redditor.

Its sad that I hesitated for the rootbeer

>they rich are LE BAD
>omg elon buying twitter?BASED BASED PRAISE KEK

you all are clowns


all I care about is my present
how rude of you to so the sun's job

Can they actually decide first that
We will get have Ice Age or Global Warming
Because for the past 50 years they couldn't decide it

I don’t think the rich are bad

who are you quoting

Aw shit, I'm only 800 miles from the coast bros... What am I going to do? Why didn't I listen?

It's literally an American movie you fucking retarded foreign shits.

The first one is a libfag talking point. "The (((rich))) are LE BAD" is our chud version.

>Predicts disasters
How are they wrong?

>Entire nations haven't been wiped off the map yet!
Cities have been.

Why do you think it's called a clown world?
Did you assume certain people were immune?
We're just... ahead of the curve.

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Whatever it is the solution is the same.

Jews are Americans.

It is the fault of western civilization. China and India is a joke compared to the west.

Japan has its own problems. Its been much more segrgated but capitalism will lead to migration. They are already trying to subvert it, add lowering populations and hikko domiri shit and you've got modern america. Capitalism requires infinite growth which needs more workers and free trade will bring more non white workers to america.

In my country you have the Socialist Workers Party advocating unlimited immigration. It's retarded as all hell.

This never happened.

No, they are both the target and the cause.

Only able to function due to being occupied USA territory.

Cities are shitholes anyway? Good?

for me it's banq's

Which city?

>Capitalism requires infinite growth

Wrong, stupid ponzi welfare schemes require infinite growth. Pensions, job seekers, child benefits, housing benefits, etc. Capitalism doesn't 'require' anything.


shut up and seethe more foreigner

The rich are bad when they do bad things.
They're based when they do based things.

That's not even "hypocrisy". In fact it's actually the OPPOSITE of it. You're just legitimately a retard. laugh&client=firefox-b-1-d&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjox_DX25j3AhXrDkQIHcY1BQQQ_AUoAXoECAIQAw&biw=1280&bih=635&dpr=1.5

>If I pretend two different rival groups are one group, I'm always correct.
Typical right wing logic.

No they aren't. They are foreighn peoples living in america but can flee to israel at any time and use america as proxy for propaganda and military purposes. China and India pollute WAY more. And most pollution in the west either comes from globalist corps, or nonwhites migrating here. The only peole on earth who care about the enviorment are whites and east asians. Mostly japs and koreans.

And you’re “literally” still seething about it lol. Don’t go shooting up your high school bro

The only good thing about climate deniers is the fun we are going to have murdering them in mass riots in a few decades.

They will die screaming.

I've been ahead on I'd say around 3-8yrs ahead at times beyond my birth peers on interest and topics
Now I silently oversee the blossoming and groans of topics and trains of thoughts they once giggled and deemed unneeded at the time

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Kill yourself you dumbass faggot peasant, you foreign leeches are part of the reason shit sucks, don't reply to me ever again.

Capitalism does not need more workers due to technological development. Japan is proof that you can be capitalist, successful and have a low immigration rate. Hell, so are Hong Kong, Israel and South Korea.

Seething? I've never even watched the fucking movie you shoebox hobbit.

Capitalism explicitly does require infinite growth. Without it the entire system collapses in on itself. If you think otherwise you are retarded or insanely naïve.

>propaganda piece where the message is LITERALLY "stop asking questions, shut up, stop thinking, do as you're told, hand over your money and your rights, or you are le bad person".
Fucking surreal.

>these are the sane scientific side

>entire system
Wrong again idiot, it's the centralisation of money that leads to a total collapse. Truly capitalist systems are tolerant of faults.

>Too stupid to use Yea Forums

Isreal is a USA puppet state, it's ran by Americans for Americans. And the entire Wasp ruling elite could leg it at a moment notice as well.

>China and India pollute WAY more.
No, they do not.