I don't get it

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neither did 50% of the audience.

Why is a pajeet in dark ages britain?


It's literally fiction

That's what the filmmakers said after reading the book, so they just made a generic spooky horror movie.

>Activist casting

t. hasn't seen a single scene of the movie

It's historical fiction

the original story just goes "oh this is about christianity btw" and spells out that he survives at the end. it's clearly a christianized version of an older pagan story.

Redeem the sword bloody bastard

This show you should never trust audience scores

yeah. what's weird is that the internet was supposed to solve the whole issue of movies being targeted to the wrong people, but the actual result has been McDonald's arthouse bringing in plebs who then can't deal with a proper art film like TDK.


He's Welsh

There's nothing to get. They took an interesting story and turned it into "2 deep 4 u" bullshit.

This was the ultimate midwit filter.

>it's clearly a christianized version of an older pagan story
Source: my ass


Doesn't look much different to Russel Brand, an 100% ethnic Englishman of pure Anglo-Saxon heritage.
I'm beginning to think that anglogermcuck poster may be onto something...

>it's clearly a christianized version of an older pagan story.
England has been Christian from the VI century


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A weirdo knight with green clothes, green skin and green beard challenges the Round Table with a weird contest of chopping each others heads off. Gawain volunteers to accept the challenge before his king.

After a lengthy adventure Green Knight reveals he was sent by Morgan Le Fay to test the courage of the Round Table and him disguising as a human lord was a test within a test to see if Gawain would pay his generosity by cheating him with his wife. Had Gawain fucked Green Knights wife, Green Knight would've chopped his head off.

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Nope, I was excited for this because I love the book. I had a sinking feeling 5 minutes in that it was completely wrong, and I was sadly correct. The creators of the movie either didn't understand or didn't like the original. Very disappointing. I don't care that they made Gawain Indian, but I do care that they made him completely pathetic, and ruined the ending.

>Low IQ
What is this fucking durka durka doing in king Arthur shit???
Yeah I'm going to ignore the race of Gawain because you see it's not relevant and he was the best actor for the part now let's discuss the liverstiousness of the legend in contrast with modern British semiotics....
>High IQ
What is this fucking durka durka doing in King Arthur shit?

Gawain wasn't a real person, he didn't have a race being a fictional character and the entire setting of the tale is fictional too.
There is no requirement for historical accuracy of any kind.
Keep coping, chud.

ok, and???

>neopagans still coping over their "ancestors" contributing nothing before being roflstomped
Lol, lmao


this a trailer for Poo of the Rings, the fellowship of poo.
why isn't Bhrishma a black guy? why isn't Karna white? and where are the women? Arjuna could easily be swamped for a strong female?

we've done such a great job being inclusive in our mythology, history and legends but it doesn't seem fair that we're the only ones doing it. Bollywood needs diversity as well as other non Western film centers.

He should have played him off repaying the gift in kind. Perhaps he did lose his head.

In the original Gawain does get scared when he starts getting near the green chapel. Also when Green Knight nicks the skin of his neck with the axe to make a mark and Green Knight mocks him for not being able to lay still. Even the original story shows Gawain is only human and can get scared but does what he promised anyway because he's honorable.

he's no more Welsh than the shit I just took. a rabbit born in a barn doesn't make it a horse.

By that logic like half the population of Wales isn't even Welsh then:
>A third study, published in 2020 and based on Viking era data from across Europe, suggested that the Welsh trace, on average, 58% of their ancestry to the Brittonic people, up to 22% from a Danish-like source interpreted as largely representing the Anglo-Saxons, 3% from Norwegian Vikings, and 13% from further south in Europe, possibly related to French immigration during the Norman period

Even worse today desu given mass migration over the past few decades into Wales.

Black Panther wasn't a real person either, but we all know anyone using the word chud would shit themselves if he was recast as white.

No I mean the character is a swarthy Welshman

What makes you think that?

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Dev Patel is Gujarati, just because he was born in the UK doesn't make him Welsh or an Englishman. No more than his parents are African, both Gujarati born in Kenya.

funny it's fine when whites are race swapped but oh no even fan art race swapping is just too much. kind of funny how that sort of thing is never evenly applied and only seems to go in one direction

He's not just born and raised in the UK, he speaks English, shares a mindset with most other English people and a wide range of cultural attributes. Dresses similarly etc. etc.
He still has a Hindu name, which makes him stand out. Other than that his only real difference is his slightly darker skin and hair and eyes than is average for the region.
We get it, you don't like darker complexioned people. But until you take a DNA test and show me your complete autosomal breakdown and Y-DNA data I'm not going to accept you're English either desu because you could be (totally or partially) descended from any of the dozens of other historical ethnic groups that migrated into the British Isles or formed there over time.
To just assume someone in Wales or England is 'Welsh' or 'English' simply because they're white is as ludicrous as to assume Patel is.
Cope and dilate, incel.

in an Arthurian legend having a Gujarati play Gawain makes no more sense than a Welshman playing Karna in the Mahabharata.

Dev Patel is culturally assimilated but assimilation is a process and doesn't end because he's culturally British. If somebody saw only his name and face nobody on earth would instantly assume he's even British, because he isn't and they'd correctly assume he's Indian.
it's a very simple concept that many can't seem to grasp.

it has nothing to do with him being white because a Russian in the UK would still be Russian. Even if Vadim Superslavovic was born and raised in the UK he'd still be Russian and look Russian. His descendants would assimilate faster because Russians are closer ethnically to Brits than Indians are.

I don't care about non whites in roles when they make sense but swapping with races and ethnicities so vastly different in appearance is a distraction from the movie.
>why is there an Indian in Arthurian England? it's like the 500s, there were no Indians there at the time.
as a movie goer it's bad when the audience is taken out of the movie for any reason, you want to suspend belief as long as possible.

sorry but he does fit the era no more than Kevin Costner has an English accent

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I wanted to like this so bad but I ended up bored as shit. I fell asleep twice trying to watch it.

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Fuck this bitchass movie. I paid $12 god damn dollars to watch a beloved poem get raped for two hours. I don't even care that Dev was cast as Gawain. I'd have wanted a firey redhead but he wasn't the problem. The dumb faggots at AJew4 were so incompetent in their construction of this movie. It was like they read the Wikipedia article, generated some random le horror scenes, and just hit the ground running. Fuck this fucking movie.

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Unironically kino. A visual and audio feast atop a cozy little series of tales

>look Russian.
Ethnic Russians looks all different to one another just like English people do, bud. But nice try.
Nobody would question a Russian's ethnic origin if he spoke English flawlessly in a local accent, not a single person would even dream of asking his ancestral background unless he had retained his Russian name.
So like I was saying it all boils down to him having slightly darker skin and hair etc. than the average northern European.
But there are tons of swarthy Englishmen anyway, it's a running theme on other boards that English people are hilariously swarthy compared to their self-perception and there are countless examples of ethnic Englishmen with dark hair and dark eyes and swarthy skin (albeit not quite as dark as Patel here).

>try to watch this
>every shot is too zoomed in
>turn it off

Modern hacks

You're going to end up with a racially balkanized England, bud. I strongly suggest you start assimilating these people, and fast, because they're not going anywhere and they now make up huge percentages of your population, which will end up politically fragmenting as well over time.
Make like the Romans and absorb those peoples, and quickly, or you're going to severely regret it.
Everyone does it, Germans have been doing it for centuries, Russians have been doing it, Spaniards have been doing it.
Purity is a lie, no ethnic group in Europe is remotely such.

You're forgetting the part where literally all the relevant characters are white but one

LOL this

Your green text is just explaining what the Welsh people are. A streetshitter isn't Welsh

Ah yes, of course everyone knows the symbol of christinity, the green knight! The Green Knight is my favorite part of the bible!

So Welsh people are a mongrel mystery meat northwestern European mix who speak English? So Welsh people aren't actually different to the English at all then? Welsh people are actually basically just English people calling themselves Welsh?
If they can absorb and assimilate almost 50% of their entire genome (from Germanic and Romance peoples),why can they not absorb and assimilate Hindus and niggers and so forth today?
Because of some arbitrary genetic distance you think marks a cut off point and impedes integration and assimilation?

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>A streetshitter isn't Welsh
I've witnessed a great many streetshittings living and working (and suffering) in Cardiff over the span of 3 years in my youth.
I guarantee you they were all white.

>Your green text is just explaining what the Welsh people are.
But you said here a Russian born and raised in the UK would still be Russian, no? How are all those people in Wales of Germanic, Romance or other types of ancestry Welsh then? They're merely dogs born in a barn, no?
They can never be Welsh. Even if they learned Welsh and took Welsh names and became the most culturally stereotypically Welsh people in existence, they'd still never be Welsh.
That's almost 50% of the 'ethnic Welsh' genome that is emphatically not Welsh and never will be.

Make up your mind, mate. Can Welsh people be made through assimilation and absorption or can't they.
And if they can, why can't niggers and pajeets be made Welsh.
The answer is they can, YOU just don't want them to be.

No you blathering midwit. The Welsh people, like all peoples, were formed of an ethnogenesis. This whole "SEE LOOK EVERYONE CAME FROM SOMEONE ELSE SO NOW ANYBODY CAN BE ANYBODY" has got to be the lowest quality, most unconvincing propaganda shit argument I've ever seen. They didn't absorb and assimilate 50% of their ancestry from some foreign people, they are those people. Could you import 3 million people from India or the Congo and have the Welsh become an entirely different people? Sure, but why would you want that? These people are terrible, completely incapable of creating functioning societies, of innovating, of upholding the basic tenants that any of those other peoples you named come to find as natural. They're ugly, dumb, dysgenic savages and that's saying something considering we're talking about the Welsh. What's more, from an aesthetic standpoint this film is just retarded. It's on the same level as the new LOTR show, the actor looks as out of places as if you cast a white man as the Black Panther or a black guy as the Emperor of Japan.

That's not my post

Shagging farm animals is more Wales's speed.

>The Welsh people, like all peoples, were formed of an ethnogenesis.
Yeah and that ethnogenesis was the Celtic Britons, BEFORE they absorbed almost 50% of their genome from invading Germanic, Romance and other groups in the Middle Ages, utterly faily to spread the Welsh language and culture to them and ultimately adopting the English language.
So why can't they absorb other, more exotic peoples today?
No reason, YOU just don't want them to.

I literally addressed this question if you read more than a sentence of my post, dumb-dumb.

Gypsies existed in Europe back then

>niggers must see niggers in their media to feel included
>white people are not allowed to

>They didn't absorb and assimilate 50% of their ancestry from some foreign people
That's literally exactly what they did. The Welsh claim descent from the Celtic Britons, almost 50% of their genome comes from invading and migrating groups long after that (mainly the Middle Ages).
They also overwhelmingly don't speak the language of the Celtic Britons or even a language descended from it, they all speak English.
So really what you're saying is the people of Wales aren't really even Welsh.
Btw, 3/4 of Tom Jones' grandparents were English, from Lancashire and Yorkshire to be exact. But I bet you think Tom Jones is a fullblooded swarthy Welsh niggerman, don't you.
Fucking spastic.

Why couldn’t they get a light skinned punjabi paki/Sikh instead of a dark Calcutta type of Indian as the lead

No you didn't address it, you literally just said THAT'S DIFFERENT BECAUSE THOSE PEOPLE THEY ABSORBED ARE WELSH.
Basically, to your strange little mind, them absorbing those people is fine because... I really don't fucking know. Because it happened several hundred years ago? Because they happened to look vaguely similar to them physically?
Your logic makes zero sense, has already created a glaring double standard, and you're already resorting to cope.

>Russians are closer ethnically to Brits than Indians are.
False. Russians and Indians are both r1a and genetically come from the same stock, just Indians mixed with Dravidians

>Nobody would question a Russian's ethnic origin if he spoke English flawlessly in a local accent
Yes they would. Slavic people especially Russians look vastly different than anglos.