Balcony kino

Balcony kino

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Oh n

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>now you remember that french guy falling arse first onto a bollard

american schools are literally designed like prisons. no wonder you guys hate it so much.

Blue guy got pulled and died for nothing

Nigga free falling like he in the Matrix

Reminder this really happened

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This happened in South America

eh, you cant really tell. canada looks exactly like america, for example.

I can't watch this without hearing Jim Ross going "Bah Gawd!"

You foreigners are the stupidest people on this website. That was in Peru.


We're all someone else's foreigner you dumb retard

Were they fucking?

as an angloid, you're all subhuman pieces of shit.

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Vive l'France

why did he do it?

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>Amazing suplex from the top of the cage cell! The crowd goes wild

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>held it in for 3 seconds
what a champ

It's Russia

America is literally the only country that matters. The rest of you subhumans are foreigners.

he's black though

Toll status: paid.

Yeah...I've had a few of those nights.

you are obsessed its so fucking sad shut the fuck up

Life comes at you fast.
The ground comes faster

me at school every morning

There's never been anything else like it

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You are on a website hosted in America, created by an American. You are a foreigner, we are not. Thanks for proving my point you mouthbreathing retarded foreign idiot.

Triggered lmao.

>refuses to elaborate
>doesn't leave

I remember playing the BR game and literally standing on that balcony for few minutes to hear the cool music and experience the atmosphere. I didn't know others were doing that too.

>*make a comment about america*
you shut the fuck up

Don't you have a London street corner to be shitting on, Pajeet?



It was Ecuador.

He did it his way.

The video you quoted happened in latin america. Not the US.
Public schools are literal prison for children anywhere.

Most kino post

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anyone on this site who isn't american is a foreigner

>doesn't accidently fall or get pushed over the balcony
I've been had. Truly despise women lads

this post made me want a madras with Keema Naan.

Who the FUCK builds a school like this? Reminds me a fucking maximum security prison.


one of them nights you feel like getting down?

dumb american lol

>not balkino

You fucked up.

Someone post the one with the dwarf prostitute.
You know the one.


Thread theme

Nerve gas. Many such cases.

RIP Trevor Moore. Looked like he didnt fly too good.

I approve of where this is going

what a stupid bitch

What were they even doing up there?

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>American architecture
why am I not surprised

based retard who has apparently never seen a single image of american architecture despite posting on this american shart mart forum for hours everyday

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