I met a girl who thought indians (native americans) are fictional. like only in movies. for fantasy

i met a girl who thought indians (native americans) are fictional. like only in movies. for fantasy.

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what would arnie in his prime become if he took the serum?

It’s not a bad theory.

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My wife thought fireflies were fictional like pixies or elves.

...she gives good head though.

If only they were. Natives are some of the most annoying people.

My ex gf was amazed when she found out Peacocks actually exist

I guess in a way they are. No one wants to watch a Western where the good guy is against a bunch of 600 pound slobs collecting their Indian welfare cheques

They're basically extinct so she's not wrong

OP, do you live on the american cuntinent by any chance? Or even in the great UJSA?

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>she gives good head though
Retards always do, also anyone that uses ellipses is a fucking idiot so maybe you’re made for each other

They are, White people are the real natives of America.

that pic my sides

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I can forgive this one because until you see it in person you don't really understand how it works. Like how the desert is cold at night. If you've never been in a desert you don't get it until you experience it.

>start removing reference to indians from sports teams to avoid racism
>native americans disappear from the popular imagination
>mutts eventually forget about their existence
any other slow burning kino?

The incel uprising

I knew a girl who thought that clouds were solid objects that you could walk on. She was also under the impression that we had sent astronauts to every planet in the solar system

they're pictures of frogs laughing, not sides.

she's probably mormon

The desert is cold because tge moon freezes it, right?

I could understand if she believed it's a conspiracy, but it's probably not the case.
This isn't dumber than the OP one.

Yes. Sand is essentially a form of water that is moving very, very slowly

I took a girl to the most southerly point of the British isles and told her you couldn't get any further south in Britain, she looked at the sea then looked at me and asked what was beyond the waves, nothingness? She had a cracking arse and nice tits though.

Tell her you can't get pregnant if you fuck standing up. It's the retard test.

The Hollywood noble savage depiction of them is fictional.

I thought reindeer were fictional just because the only time anyone talks about them is "duh, they pull Santa's sleigh!"

Marry her

See also: gypsies, Irish

Have YOU ever seen them in person
Maybe they are just another government lie

>ellipses are a determining factor for IQ
Fascinating abstract, I look forward to reading the rest of the research journal.

I'm still not convinced Estonia is real. Like where their bitches be lol

Its not hard to understand, everyone probably has been to a beach in the evening. Rocks don’t hold heat very well.

I worked with two "adult" girls that didn't know ducks could fly. This was in Michigan where there's plenty of fucking ducks.

Thats actually adorable

I was shocked to find out reindeer were real at like 10 years old

Stop posting, moron.

>hungolian steppe trash calling people mutts

Spic here. I once worked with three Venezuelan immigrant girls (unrelated to each other) and when I asked them none of them knew in which hemisphere their country was.

For the longest time I thought gypsies were all extinct like knights and cowboys and stuff. I was very surprised when someone told me they still existed.

>The Hollywood noble savage depiction of them is fictional.
That much is surely true.

I've come to realize dumb women are infinitely superior to """"intelligent"""" women

Rate them outta 10

What do you call a flock of geese in Michigan?

To be fair I had to check. But I'm not Venezuelan.

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I cant find Venezuela on this map

>Rocks don’t hold heat very well.
Actually they do and that is the way to stay warm at night in a desert. It is the endless sand and heat dispersion of sand that makes it cold

I dont believe you

I´m just asking because scientifically the chances are around 95% that OPs GF is so genuinely retarded, she must live in the west and the 5% are the possibility that they´re just aussies.
If my questions hurt, it´s because science is a ungratefull job but somebody has to do it.

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I didn't know either, that's why I asked. But I find it bizarre to not know that about your own country.
Hottest one was like a 7, strangely blonde and green eyed. She was a single mom, though.

it's here, mate

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Can confirm.

Have you ever had a storage heater? What do you think "stores" the heat?
Never seen rock heat bed or bear grills try to show a survival in desert?
Rocks hold heat for a fucking long time

Venezuelans put socialists into power, why would you ever think they were smart?

Grizzly Adams did have a beard


>..she gives good head though
fat, gargoyle wife confirmed

>mom overhears the news
>”we have a beautiful full moon tonight”
>she looks out the window
>”wow we have a full moon too!”

I knew a girl who thought Brazil was in Europe and Rome was in Romania

check this out then, she sucked me off in the street by a main road, in the afternoon, after I told her sex had got boring with her.

Not only are they still around, but Romania is a full on gypsyland

Why are women allowed to vote bros?

can confirm

Thats even cuter

>reindeer are just caribou

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well they are now