This woman Crazy Psycho

This woman Crazy Psycho

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fuck off simp

I'd let her bully me and inflict physical pain on me just to be able to sniff her toes and pits every now and then.

yep. i want to be brutally stabbed to death by her so badly bros.

She could cut logs in my bed any day

Why is she wearing a suit. Also lmao she got old and her looks are totally gone

When is Elon Musk testifying?

She looks like a fucking cop

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Don't stick your dick in crazy user and if you do make sure she doesn't know where you live, work, what you drive, and don't fall asleep.

she can larp as a nazi soldier in court and still walk away with jonnys private island
and she's still hot as shit
cry harder

She's slowly turning into my crazy cat lady neighbor.

Is she going for the East German Stasi officer look?

wtf, background?

extremely hot, please kick me and make me lick your boots

The hot SS psycho mistress, right?

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It's from her Fappening leaks
Back when all was well and she would send him sexy pics
Her leaks were some of the best really, especially that bed video

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Her bedroom leaks for Johnny.

>She's slowly turning into my crazy cat lady neighbor
can you give your neighbor’s number?

Do you think she'd let me suck her tits for an hour

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She has ways of making you talk!

Why is she dressed like a nazi

I can fix her.

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Famous last words.

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>The perfect woman doesn't exi...

Jesus this what they came home to? No wonder they wanted to spend so much time going out to war.

The fact that her and Johnny are wearing those fucking costumes in court tells you what complete clowns they are

it seems like they're filming the sequel to Wall-E called WALLED

She looks like a Nazi officer.
Wtf... do we like turd now?

What did she mean by this?

Im still laughing at how that tranny at Vice wrote multiple articles on "deviantart radicalizing her"

No, no woman would ever think of doing something like that...

That's my fetish.

johnny looks like an old lady himself and didn't he spend time and money freeing child killers?

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how do I get a gf like this?

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I used to be team Amber but now that she's hit the wall her witch powers ceased working on me and I now finally see her for the grotesque disgusting creature she truly is and I'm team Johnny now

Go to Ukraine. They are accepting volunteers.

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Everything about her looks is completely average and unremarkable
never understood the appeal at all
no wonder she has to be a cunt

>dressing like a BSDM mistress in an abuse case
lmao. the sad part is that she'll STILL win.

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Wasn't she in India Jones and the last crusade?

That was Alison Doody
hehe doody lol

im sure some schizo made a youtube vid. post it

I would beat her with no regrets if i was her bf. Just savage drunk attacks while i wear my vomit stained wife beater.

>Tonto Man
QRD on the tonto man?

She was married to some guy who played Tonto in a movie

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> t. Joeys World Tour

>Hi Amber, it’s Steve Goldberg from Hollywood. Tell me, would you be open for an offer…

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Mummy > Amber

I wonder if she's wearing thigh high boots, too bad she's incredibly used good

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She was the actual character that Elsa from Frozen was modeled after.

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and still the most gorgeous creature
christ, i still love her

post face

>didn't he spend time and money freeing child killers?
he wasn't alone on that. a shit-load of others were too. dudes from pearl jam, the country singer lady that everyone hates etc etc

Indeed, she is
that's my point

Depp is literally 18 years older than her you idiot.

Johnny is a scumbag too. I'm not sure where this wall is you speak of

Oh please, you're not gonna want her when she cuts off your finger and literally shits on your bed.


>wearing suit like a man
She’s done it! The one irrevocable turnoff of mine. The spell is broken! I’m free!