Post animated kino

Post animated kino

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Magnetic Rose, from the memories ova

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Kys redditor

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I miss the sexy rapes in my anime so much bros

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Have you seen Kite?

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I rewatched the Samurai X OVA, and I'd forgotten how good the animation was. This gif doesn't do it justice, but I don't feel like learning how to make a webm.

Even though the English dub doesn't sound as good, it might be better to watch since the dialogue is so fast. I had to rewind so much when watching the sub.

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fucking lmao that shot at the end is like a parody

>I rewatched the Samurai X OVA, and I'd forgotten how good the animation was.

Same. It's a must watch for anyone that enjoyed the anime.

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>that super loud sex scene out of nowhere with the government official banging his whore

would always forget about that scene as a kid and it would always send me scrambling for the remote to turn down the volume

Wil the new show a sequel?

I think it's just a shitty cgi remake cash grab.

Legend of the blue wolves.

Couldn't get into Ergo Proxy at the time. Maybe I should revisit it.

One of my favorite "kino" anime is Dennou Coil

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stop motion kino

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thats a manowar cover ripoff

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Spriggan has some incredible animation, I've always wanted to read the manga but keep forgetting

Anime is gay

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First anime I ever saw, was around 5 and got freaked out by the student blowing himself up

Great anime. I saw that, Akira and DBZ/Saber Rider & the Star Sheriffs and it convinced me anime was the best thing ever. Shame it all went downhill from there

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Kill Bill

>Samurai X
Its Rurouni Kenshin you dub watching faggot.

These are actually the most surprisingly good anime I watched recently

and This

Timeless kino

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It's full on youtube

Underrated youtube animation kino

>Nolan stealing something else from anime

what a hack

why would she shoot a man...


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>find an anime reviewer
>they're fucked in the head/unbearable to listen to/a leftoid
every time

Never knew there was a Highlander anime, going to give it a watch. Thanks user

i forgot about this kino

they made an anime out of a guitar solo?

Highly based, Memories is an incredible work

It's top secret ! It's heavy stuff

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The manga was better

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literally me

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this is why russia should disappear


god it's so fucking bad and so good at the same time, i love that show.

True kino. Shits on Japanese crap too.

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>posts reddit the actor

Not made by russians mate, it's made by american jews

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I saw this recently with the commentary - it's pretty good. Every faggot on youtube traashes it for whatever reason. I loved it watching it on MTV

It's made by a flip


>filtered by entry level symbolism
dumb burger

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I miss this MTV

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>is the single greatest film ever made in your path

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very based

I would’ve loved if they just did the full movies with this animation style


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me in the back

I hate anime so much its unreal

Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust
Sword of the Stranger
Ninja Scroll
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Berserk (1997)
Vision of Escaflowne
Death Frenzy