The Ninth Gate thread

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This should be an autoban for life

The Ninth Gate or The Ghost Writer, which is comfier?

Been meaning to watch this since it looks comfy but literally everyone says it’s a shit movie


I bought those glasses because they had riding temples (cable temples). Good shit didn't fall off my face.

Holy shit I was thinking about this movie 20 min ago while having breakfast.
This is the 4th time something similar happens this year.
Is this some kind of digital gang stalking? What the fuck do you want from me?

were the previous 8 not enough?

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Ghost Writer never establishes its vibe, it's too much like a play and the intercutting makes it seem loose. It should've been like Five Dolls For An August Moon, or Eye In The Labyrinth. McGregor's performance is also somewhat grating, like Jim Carrey in The Majestic or something.

It’s a decent movie. Ending is weird as shit.

Fine ass movie.
JD should've stayed away from turd. His movie, almost all are very entertaining... and some are art,.. and this js one.

Mumbo jumbo

>elites conducting Satanic rituals in a Rothschild manor
can't believe he got away with this

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Literally who says that? Never seen anything but praise for it.

don't mind me just posting my wife

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It's really good!

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Good movie overall though I didn't quite understand who were the twins and who the girl really was.

When I saw this scene I closed the window and took of my headphones.

It loses steam in the second half but it’s peak 90s Europe comfy.

In the DVD commentary of the film, director explains that the Girl is the Devil, or rather a representation of the Devil.
The twins were ghosts. They were dead the whole time.

Book ASMR kino

Reminder the bitch in the pic was 71-73 years old when the pic was taken

This it is one of may favorite movies but I've never seen the ending. Comfy af

ghost by polanski is better, but there is no old books in ghost

>peak 90s Europe
Definitely. You know those European point and click games that aren't Lucasarts? It's just like them.

Character arrives at scene, walks around, finds object! Travels to Paris.

P.s. Amber Herd is a domestic abuser. She instigated those fights and would not stop hitting him until she got her reaction. She's a phony.

It's sort of almost a happy ending.

they may get away with it in this world but they will get theirs

i dont understand what the twin brothers in that bookstore were supposed to represent

Its called autobahn you idiot.

who cares? they are both scumbags but at least heard is hot

why aren't there more comfy book/antique dealer kinos?

Why should she come out of it like she's some great big martyr when she wasn't a very nice person at all?

this and didn't shit drop a giant shit on their bed for the maid to clean up?

and yet i disagree holehardedly, i would choose Ghsotwriter but tis a close call, Ninth Gate loses some of it comfyness somehow, maybe from that weird woman showing up

It is a happy ending
Its actualy a religious movie
Its about a mans journey to true faith and salvation

I mean the point is completely unironic, the movie is all comfy and it all flyes over the audiences head, but its literaly got a clear satanic message given as straight forward as could possibly be

>mans journey to true faith and salvation
I'm not sure about this interpretation.

The most kino Depp movie, not that I'm an expert on Depp movies or anything.
His performance as Jack Sparrow is iconic, but Black Pearl is clearly inferior than NG

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'If he was going to leave her to de-escalate from the fight she would strike him to keep him there. She would rather be in a fight than have him leave'

They were demons.

they were literally just a pair of elderly old twins for fucks sake

yeah but i'm not so sure. wasnt the good looking girl the whore of babbelon? so who were they supposed to represent?

I went to that castle since I lived in France. It's called le Château de Puivert , not far from Rennes-le-Chateau. I secretly hoped that the ninth gate would open before me, but nothing happenend...
Guess Satan didn't find me worthy enough to sit besides him

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We're already there it's just you're acclimatised to it.

and all that steel construction shit that almost crushed depps character was just a coincidence?

lol youre connecting that stuff falling down with the 2 old twins? i never did, and i still dont, it was some black magic shit yes but not because of those twins

To anyone who asks:

Yes, Corso is Satan. No, Emanuelle Seigner's character isn't. She is merely a demon guiding him to hell.

Why? I guess he lost his memory or something.

That castle looks so kino, the ruined look was great for the movie

Nothing wrong with the direction or performances, but the special effects like the fake view from the writing room seemed to add very little atmospherically. Also the relationship drama seemed tacked on, with the PM's wife being a femme fatale because her husband is sleeping with someone else feels contrived. When the movie ends and you're like, okay... The girl in the Ninth Gate is a better character than Ruth Lang imo. Retracing a series of books with separate illustrations is also a more compelling plot than finding out what happened to previous ghost writers, who don't appear to have any personality.

it was right outside their bookshop.

Bitter Moon is the most erotic film ever made.

I won't choose, but I wish there was 50 more

Ghostwriter is a good movie but Ninth Gate is a masterpiece. Ghost Writer felt more like a highly competent thriller - which it is - but the crux of the matter was designed around him just Googling the most secret of conspiracies, which probably makes sense since we can see most of them hiding in plain sight. But I guess the final impression was left somewhat lacking.

Ninth Gate could have been top kino had the middle of the film not just repeated itself all the time with the owners of the other copies being killed. It gets boring fast.

My guess would be that Satan was bored and set up a game for him to play on Earth.

i guess it was but i see no reason to see those twins as anything more than kindly old bookworms, thats absolutely nothing to indicate they were malevolent

What is Lena Olin doing these days? She was(is) hawt!

It's a very taut 2-hour film which tends to satisfy most viewers but it would've been nice if it was even longer. Ghost Writer has some terrific cameo roles but Olivia Williams/Brosnan/McGregor could've used more screentime. The lulls in the pacing are sort of sporadic and less defined than in Ninth Gate.

Look, he starts off as a cinick right, he dosent believe in anything, but as the story progresses he goes trough shit and becomes convinced theres more to it, the girl even annoints him at some point, the turning point is the fight on the riverbank, he goes from flight mode to fight mode, he ends up killing the blond afro dude later, by then hes a true believer, trough the movie from begining to end he breaks all the commandmends, and he literaly goes trough most of the stuff depicted in the woodcuts, which basicaly tell you what to do and how to live as a satanist
So effectively he goes the full journey to completion and enlightenment and so on

It's hilarous how Balkan failed because he fucked up a ritual sequence.

you think they had that last engraving on top of a bookcase, covered in dust and knew nothing about it at all and then all of the sudden, the bookshop is empty, being dismantled and they are know-where to be seen. isn't...sus? all this after the whore led him back there so he didn't die like that other boomer?

i would have to watch it again, i dont remember some of those details, i thought he just goes there once to get information

He didnt
He misunderstood the thing
He was supposed to go the journey himself

the first time yeah
then the whore of the devil leads him back there to get the correct engraving after they do a sex

You’re spending too much time here. Yea Forums seeded the thought and just repeats itself constantly

In the film on one of the film version woodcuts the righteous divine judgement from above angel with a bow cocked at the traveler about to cross a bridge, representing heaven's opposition to whomsoever attempts to solve the puzzle, changes faces from a regular angel to one of the old ash brothers.
When Corso nearly gets killed by the scaffolding outside their shop it's meant to represent that arrow from above.
They removed the key pages from the one of the books to prevent anyone from opening the gate.
They failed, and Corso survived to complete the riddle.
They're angels attempting to stop what's happening, thing is Corso had his own guardian fallenangel helping him out every step of the way and defending him from harm on multiple occasions.