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Rich has never said this literally try to find a single video out of RLMs thousands of hours of content and try to find me saying any of these lines. You can't. Rich stands unbroken.

>this post sus for real Jay

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Serious question but are there zoomie movie review channels and not just reaction shit?

these are all direct quotes from the TNG Season 1 review.
pic related

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>these are all direct quotes from the TNG Season 1 review.
Timestamps. Now.

segment begins at 11:28 of Re:View - Star Trek The Next Generation Season One

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>says "tranny"
>gets away with it

the incel stare...

He did not say anything that you greentexted in your original post. Rich stands undefeated. Total soijack death

>the main character shouldn't be a boring wet straight white rice male motherfucker.

rich and rlm as a whole has always been woke.

LOL, this is the guy who cries 'pervert director!' whenever they watch something with gratuitous tit or ass shots.

Imagine if this fag ever watched something like Animal House, Revenge of the Nerds etc, he'd have a heart attack.

I can't stand this fat retard anymore, he's such a fucking sissy.

>LOL, this is the guy who cries 'pervert director!'

You won't gaslight me, glownigger

Rich, it’s time for your insulin

I assume this is from a pre-'20 episode? these fucks couldn't get away with this kind of language in current year.

Sure, if you like surface level discussion the likes of, "I enjoyed this movie, it had good acting and cinematography." Explain in what way it was good!

How can anyone watch this show when their faces are so punchable?

Unattractive people do this as a defence mechanism. They're worried they'll be accused of being creepy. But I think Rich is very low key with it. He seems pretty laid back.

>He seems pretty laid back.

I assume you haven't watch any previously recorded livestreams

>man that dates his brother is incredibly woke

Based RLM STILL making the autistic incels of Yea Forums seethe.

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Realistically, is he a virgin?

No but his wife is the only woman he's ever had sex with. Which would be a good thing if she wasn't so fucking ugly.

hes got a wife

And she has a boyfriend, and it's not Rich

the duality of chuds

If he'd waited a bit longer he could've cashed in that e-fame for an e-thot.

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>It's another "user pretends to be a grizzled alpha male from his mother's basement with recently cum-stained boxers on" episode
I hate reruns

this is always the fate of unattractive men they either become male feminist simps or woman hating incels at least the latter ones still have some dignity

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holy shit, rich married mozart?

kek this pic is spot on

But he hated Joker?

Rich has never said these things. If anything, these sound more like Jay or AIDSmoby quotes

nah these are more Josh (The Wizard) style lines. Jack manages to contain his power level a bit better.

RLM cannot be defeated.

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Jay will watch disgusting Italian horror movies all day long but the second a nipple appears on screen he covers his eyes. What's up with that?

shit she was way thinner there

There is this thing called homosexuality.

Weird Jay obsessed faggot has been pushing this bizarre and unreal fake lore that Jay is afraid of nudity for literally years. What's up with that?

Jay literally said he's disgusted by the human body on Pre-Rec.

He’s talked about that before and he’s referring to stuff like sickness and disease, not nipples dumbass lol

Mike fuckin wishes he had that much hair

If Mike can afford a Mercedes-Benz GLS 450, he can buy as many plugs as he wants if he actually wanted to.

He said them during the TNG season one review.

They're right when it comes to 70's action movies. Why they fuck are there so many rape scenes?

No, he didn't.

they should force rich to get drunk

based burger muttmerican soi
what a pathetic cunt

>They're right when it comes to 70's action movies. Why they fuck are there so many rape scenes?

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90 percent of YMS videos are shitty quickies but the kimba one and his top movies of the year lists are kino

classic gem but why are you talking so fast and shaking around while telling me when the clip starts

that hair is lit. Do they sell wigs like that? fr fr no cap

Every frame a painting spawned a million retard video essayists who say literally nothing

must be nice marrying yourself

>It's a show made in the 80s, with scripts written in the 60s for the original show, by writers who grew up in the 30s
whats "woke" about this particular viewpoint?

>these are all direct quotes from the TNG Season 1 review.
why are you lying

>Mike complains non-stop about how studios are obsessed with the "Not-Gays" and shoehorn in women so the audience doesn't think they're fags
>Laughs and makes gay jokes about every single BOTW video they watch with multiple men and no women
What did he mean by this? The clown instructional video, the stuntman video, he keeps doing it. Is he insecure or something?

Didn't you know user, anyone that doesn't constantly yell "nigger" or talk about women as inferior to men is woke

who draws these?
what do the guys think of them?

They barely mention any fan projects. Early on when someone made DVD holders they gave a shout out. Another time someone sent them a Rem Lazar action figure and Mike didn't even realize it was fake nor pay any attention to the joke label specifically referencing a video he did. Sometimes when they're filming around their video library you can see some little custom funkopop things that are modeled after them, but they never mention any of them. They just don't give a fuck lmao

Too bad Ralph is a DC hater lil bitch

>custom funkopop things that are modeled after them
oh, that's what those are