What went not right here ?

What went not right here ?

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delta p

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this is kind of like the opening scene in ghost ship
or maybe the collector

imagine all the people under it who just went splat


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Reminder that the owner of this hotel was Hallmark, so every time you watch a cute Christmas romcom you're directly pissing on the graves of those who died here.

For me it's the Summerland fire

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>opening scene in ghost ship

I can't believe such a shit movie had that opening scene. Literally just walk away after that

>My left leg was up behind my head and up here behind my right ear, My right leg was torn out of the socket and was also laying back up here, behind me, so both of the legs are bent behind me and are up behind my head

they didn't fly so good

Damn, I might have to start watching Christmas romcoms now


>OH N-

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I never seen a Hallmark movie, except I once accidentally saw some kind of fantasy movie I don't remember name of that I think was produced by Hallmark.
It had a guy with two daughters whose wife died and he had to go to fantasy world and sail around on a ship. And bad guys walked on coal to show how tough they are. That's all I remember.

design changed while already constructing, instead of every walkway being properly suspended they just hung them from the top walkway

And that's why our parent's told us not to rough house each other in crowds.

this is the perfect amount of hurt to still be funny instead of making me wince

>What went not right here ?
Chinese engineering?

>What went not right here ?
Good morning basterd bitch motherchod sir! Do the needful dear and kys

Not to be that guy but... Looks like some subhuman shit hole.

>A surgeon spent 20 minutes amputating one victim's pinned and unsalvageable leg with a chainsaw; that victim later died.[9

>person in blue got pulled down by someone holding on to their backpack


the point was they were supposed to be hung from the same rod which would have resulted in the upper nut just having to carry the weight of ONE Walkway instead of two.

Simple logic but someone thought better and changed it to the two-rod design (my guess is they had problems handling the longer rods so they cut them in two at some point)

>amputating one victim's pinned and unsalvageable leg with a chainsaw
Sòys were a mistake, you have never used a chainsaw and you will never be a woman.

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from chinese and covid i have learned i loathe big gatherings, so much chance for everything to go wrong when there is too much retards and niggers around, yes also whiteniggers

>>OH N-

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These are actually beaners.

flap your wings, you dumbo, he didnt even try

>asbestos catches fire
>no ventilation
>thousands trapped
>nobody calls the fire brigade for 20 minutes
Did boomers really?

well it is some rinky dink little nowhere island, probably didn't even have a proper fire brigade

>the engineering company was convicted of gross negligence and misconduct but was acquitted of all criminal charges
Fucking hell, heads should have rolled for this. Instead the company owner got a cushy job as an engineering disaster lecturer out of it.

Who was in the wrong here?


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the crowd

Cursed trips and webm

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>>asbestos catches fire


I can never remember if I've seen Ghost Ship or not because there's a million movies about ghosts on a ship. Is the scene in question the one where a wire cuts a dance floor of people in half?

What is that image is even about?
You're all discussing something that supposedly happened but haven't mentioned a single name so far
Is this just a schizo thread?

>OH N-

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Nobody on Yea Forums is old enough to remember this

for me it's stampedes

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yeah and only the absurdly cute redhead little girl survives


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That lucky nigger that landed on the floor below instead of dying

best emily

the walkways collapsed, people died, see

That girl in the blue shirt got insanely lucky


God damn you are retarded. Learn to google

that pesky railing

>Guests heard popping noises and a loud crack moments before the fourth-floor walkway dropped several inches, paused, then fell completely onto the second-floor walkway.

'Coward, Lucas, and Bergersen were exposed to the effects of explosive decompression and died in the positions indicated by the diagram. Investigation by forensic pathologists determined that Hellevik, being exposed to the highest pressure gradient and in the process of moving to secure the inner door, was forced through the crescent-shaped opening measuring 60 centimetres (24 in) long created by the jammed interior trunk door. With the escaping air and pressure, it included bisection of his thoracoabdominal cavity, which resulted in fragmentation of his body, followed by expulsion of all of the internal organs of his chest and abdomen, except the trachea and a section of small intestine, and of the thoracic spine. These were projected some distance, one section being found 10 metres (30 ft) vertically above the exterior pressure door'

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>that fat fuck asshole blocking the way up the stairs

Yeah and they survive by landing on the walkway below.


Delta p is so 2008. We’re on structural catastrophes now !

>put fireworks inside

>Dozens were killed instantly and more than six hundred workers, many of them women and children, were trapped in the twisted ruins.

>Around 9:30 p.m., with many people still trapped in the twisted wreck of the factory, someone accidentally knocked over an oil lantern. Flames raced across the cotton waste and splintered wood — some of it soaked with oil.

>One trapped man cut his own throat rather than be consumed by the approaching flames; he was rescued, but died from his other injuries.


>electronic dance music festival
nothing of value was lost
I guess if you actually lived in that town it's fine but if you are coming in from elsewhere for such a thing you're probably a degenerate

see a factory like that I could see haunted/cursed by all those dead people and I wouldn't blame them

are they ok?

Watch this if you want to see a movie about people trapped under a mountain of rubble.

>still not a single name or location
Yep it's a schizo thread discussing a fictitious event.

Most of them were fine.

Yes it totally is. You got us.

7 died. Could've been worse

Asbestos doesn’t catch fire tho

It was clearly jews user

At least /x/ threads are more coherent. You guys are just lunatics

It just keeps happening

Yup totally.

he pulled that nigger in the blue to his death

>what's everyone talking about, I'm completely unable to solve this basic problem!

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>black jacket clinging to blue jacket's backpack
>black jacket ends up surviving by killing blue jacket
what a little shit

makes you think how many of these kind of accidents happened in china

There's no escaping it user! When it's got ya. It's GOT ya!

There are 2 people that were saved from falling by quick thinking reactive people. Don't be passive in life, unless you're a cute trap in my bed

>a number of survivors later stated that a bouncer, Scott Vieira, stopped people trying to escape via the stage exit, stating that the door was "for the band only."

Delpa T vs a black hole who wins?

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Didn't this rule-obeying cunt end up escaping through that very same door?