He isn't Buu pilled

>he isn't Buu pilled
Why haven't you taken the Buu pill Yea Forums?

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I don't watch tranime

But that's kid buu

ok groomer, anime is the last bastion of media without niggers and trannies in it and you're seething, I get it

Wtf does that mean? "Kid Buu" is just the fan name /soft official name for that form, he's never referred to as "kid Buu" in the show. He's Majin Buu the whole time his name doesn't change. Although Buu does refer to himself as Super Buu when he absorbs everyone.

>dude this villain frieza transforms THREE TIMES
>that's epic
>only a NEW form of saiyan will defeat him
>ok that was epic... we got this NEW villain CELL - he transformes THREE TIMES!
>ONLY a NEW form of saiyan will defeat him
>ok that was freaking epic guys
>Are you ready for the next one?
>Guys, there's this new villain named BUU!!! He transforms THREE TIMES!!!!! Are you guys still with me? ONLY a new form of... Guys?

>last bastion of media without niggers

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I'm still waiting for the DBZ Recut guy to release his cut of Buu.

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> Buu was created because of Goku/Vegeta trying to become new kinds of Saiyans.
Thematically you've got it ass backwards.

>WAIT WAIT WAIT! Ok, guys this time Boo gets smaller and smaller but bear with me here... Ok. He's stronger. No, it's not like Frieza or Cell shut the fuck up shut the fuck up it's different.

>guys... this time he looks HARMLESS but he's actually REALLY POWERFUL guys... he transforms THREE TIMES, okay?? Guys... I'm serious...

Now that the dust has settled, was Super Buu or Kid Buu stronger?

But SS3 has nothing to do with beating Buu, Goku reveals that form before the Buu shit really kicks into gear while SS Goku beat Frieza and SS2 Gohan beat Cell.

>DBZ Recut guy

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Super by a huge margin, Kid Buu was capable of massive destruction but was incapable of killing Goku/Vegeta despite having numerous opportunities to do so. Super Buu (Gohan absorbed) would have eventually killed them both if they hadn't of fused. Tl;DR Super Buu was more bothered about martial strength and ability than raw power.

Wrong. They refer to him as kid buu in my head when I watch

>what is fusion
watch the show before commenting, thanks

1. Super Gohan Buu
2. Super Gotenks Buu
3. Kid Buu
4. Super Buu
5. Super Piccolo Buu
6. South Kai Buu
7. Gray Buu
8. Fat Buu

> enemy mutates every time he absorbs a Z fighter.
> somehow he only has 3 forms.

Fusion also has nothing to do with beating Buu. It's a team effort with a spirit bomb. KYS you fucking troon.

Wow. Well a literally tranny wrote that I'll give that to you m8.

Yeah Super Buu was gonna beat Goku and Vegeta but so was Kid Buu if they didn't bomb him. They were getting raped.

kek. you are an adult and can't cope with your simple children's show being criticized. I won't tell you to kys because I know you'll probably end up that way organically

Goku having time to recharge is an example of why not. Kid Buu got whomped on by attritional fighting because of it.

> criticizing.
> acting like a retard.
Choose one.

ok groomer

Buu was 100% screwing around with Vegeta and taking pleasure in beating the shit out of him.
Goku was kicking Buu's fucking ass as a SS2 but Buu didn't even start fighting back until he became a SS3 and then Buu kicked the shit out of him. They were fucked, they won obviously but they had to use the bomb there was no way they were gonna kill that thing with their bare hands.

Super Buu was way stronger but he was the most reasonable villain in the show, willing to wait to fight. Kid Buu was weaker but crazy and strong enough to cause a lot of damage.

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What if Kid Buu married Bulma?

Kid Buu is stronger than that Super Buu. After he absorbs Gotenks then yes he becomes way stronger.
But when they yanked fat Buu out, they expected Buu to become weaker, but he instead became stronger and turned into kid buu.

Super Buu wouldn't have stopped killing Vegeta without absorbing him though. That's my point. Hell, he even tries to absorb Vegitto (which didn't work because of bullshit).

Super Buu fights until enemy is absorbed, Kid Buu gets distracted by glowing sky ball.

All the villains were equally reasonable in this regard.
Frieza was probably the least, but he was literally becoming Goku's buddy before he went 50% power, not using his hands and making jokes and complimenting Goku and letting Goku choose the spot to fight.
Cell literally let everyone go train and had a tournament for sport.
Buu on the other hand was on the verge of destroying everything at any given second like what he did against Vegito albeit Vegito stopped him. Buu waited for 20 minutes and went absolutely apeshit waiting for Gotenks and waited exactly 0 seconds before going apeshit when piccolo sealed the time chamber.

Lol no way, but maybe I’m thinking of a dub retcon

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Cell is closest in being a gentleman but there’s no way they could drag he or especially frieza into the whole Gotenks scenario

That's exactly what happened. Goku and Vegeta looked into Buu's mind and saw that they fused and became stronger, so they yanked out fat buu assuming Buu would regress into gray buu, but instead he became stronger. Kid Buu is absolutely without a doubt stronger than Super Buu. If Kid Buu became weaker, they would have been like PHEW LUCKILY HES WEAKER instead of a 10 minute transformation scene with Goku and Vegeta sweating bullets watching in horror as Buu's power goes up instead of down.

Cell they easily could. Frieza absolutely not.

Frieza was unironically the most intelligent enemy, mostly because of his sadistic victimization of his enemies. If you were weak you would be killed pronto. If he thought there was a chance you could get strong enough to beat him he blows up the planet.

>NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOooooo this tranime doesn't have enough little girls, it's transphobic!

Frieza was definitely the smartest villain. Then again, he diddled around with Goku so much that he became a Super Saiyan.

Idk user, between him and Vegeta I don't think Cell or even Buu came close to killing Goku. In both the saiyan saga and the namek saga goku is shown in a near-death state.

Frieza was taking over planets for a long time.

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yo this nigga have a nanny lmao frieza finna wearing diapers no cap

Cell was FUCKED.
Cell was just arrogant, but Goku knew Cell was screwed. Even if Gohan sat out, all 3 ascended super saiyans would have raped Cell, and Goku knew even if they didn't, Cell was fucked against Gohan. Even when Cell returned Goku knew Gohan could do it, it was a matter of Gohan believing he could.
Buu and Frieza on the other hand were dire the entire time. Cell/androids is the weakest part of the series IMO. Or I guess I'll say any of the red ribbon stuff because Dragonball season 2 is kind of a slog watching Goku run around blowing up tanks and meeting gay ass townsfolk for 60 episodes.

For the android saga to have worked Gohan would have had to of gone Super Saiyan on Namek.

Why? I mean, I still like it and it worked.
It was just that Trunks coming back made Android 17 and 18 stronger, but less evil so they just wanted to screw around and drive, maybe kill a few folx, and Cell was willing to give them weeks to prep. It just wasn't nearly as tense as Frieza or Buu who was at your throat the entire time.


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>beat and kill villain 1000 times over
>haha opps looks like one neuron of my being survived intact so I just revive anyway.

this was lame writing in the cell saga but at least it made sense as part of his character and they asspull it a handful of times. buu is constantly getting killed and coming back 'just because lol'.


>buu just happens to be on earth sleeping for millions of years

>>he isn't Pilaf pilled

You didn't play DBZ BT3. Kid Buu has Planet Burst way stronger.

Why didn't Cell just leave some body parts all over the Earth so he could always regenerate?

The only good part about the Buu arc is Majin Vegita. The rest is shit.

Oh and maybe Videl, everything about her was hot.

>>ok that was epic... we got this NEW villain CELL - he transformes THREE TIMES!
Technically Cell only transformed twice. Unless you count Super Perfect Cell as a "transformation".

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They should have kept Cell's horror movie monster gimmick. Perfect Cell is a generic faggot.

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Based cell GODS

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Name a better moment

Agreed. This is why I'm kind of excited for DB: The Breakers. Dead By Daylight, but with Cell (and probably other villains) stalking you

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Blame Toriyama's editors. They wanted him to do Freeza again without saying they wanted him to do Freeza again.

It's Buuhan and Buutenks, pleb

Buu saga was my favorite what are you on about