It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees

>It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees

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>literally taught himself to fly a plane via simulator games
imagine the rush getting behind the controls, knowing youre going in with no real world experience. what a thrill...

I fucking hate depressed people. Get over your fucking selves

Well, I started out down a dirty road
Started out all alone
And the sun went down as I crossed the hill
And the town lit up, the world got still

I'm learning to fly but I ain't got wings
Coming down is the hardest thing

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He was a real human bean, with the real human spirit...
If I had a glass of wine I'd raise it in his name, alas I'm poor and I don't drink

> Le reddit sky king

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Is that Young Sheldon?

It's been a long road
Getting from there to here
It's been a long time
But my time is finally near

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If I didn't have family that would be sad I saw gone, I would have done it years ago.

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suicidals deserve nothing but scorn. they're massively egotistical people, uncaring for anything and anybody but themselves. they have no shred of respect for those who toil and sweat every day, working for a better tomorrow, because they believe them to be "mindless npcs". instead they whine about what they didn't get or what in their opinion was rightfully theirs. and so they decide to end their lives despite everything they already have, because they believe everything is immovable and fate has already been decided on their lives.
which i could still tolerate, if not for the fact that they have to create havoc whenever they hit the sack, either by murder suicide, stealing a plane or simply jump on a railroad and make hundreds of thousands of commuters late for work. but they do it out of spite, because, as i said before, they are massively egotistical people and believe everyone is an idiot.

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>I fucking hate depressed people. Get over your fucking selves

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You're only allowed to die if you have taken at least 10 semite lives.

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Nice homoerotic image, phonefag.

I was 14 once too

>suicide is le good
what a contrarian stupid son of a bitch

lmao i would pay to watch you say that to every kid that goes to the psychiatrist

had the same thought

Shit take.
You don't think they've run through the numbers or mentally are blocked from seeing the beauty of life.
I knew some cents know killed themselves and they had so much to live for, they just can not see it even if its pointed out to them. Its very sad that the never found peace while living. I don't disagree it's selfish and hurts those who love them but they can't see or feel the love when alive so they end it. Its a fucked situation bro. I just hope you or people you know are faced with it because its so funking retarded.

What about dying on their knees like russians?

>I don't disagree it's selfish and hurts those who love them
its more selfish to make them live for your amusement. If they want to die so much let them fucking die who cares? Everyone will move on in a month anyway

lol at the wannabe tough guy sad crybabies replying to this with balled fists

Is it shellfish to not let pedestrians duck kids cut they wanna. Were humans and we always push beyond are strange desires. Death is and should be avoided until our time has come. A young healthy 20 year old man should not be looking at a noose, I know its cruel but it shouldn't happen, there is too much good in people to allow them to destroy themselves . It's a battle

i don't give a fuck about what other people think, i'm not their fucking babysitter. either they suck it up or just find a corner where to die, but don't they dare to come bother me with their snifflings and lamentings, because the rest of us have problems too.

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Its his fucking choice if he want to kill himself. You don't get to talk about selfishness when you want to force them to live a life they don't want to because it makes you feel better. Their body their life their choice from start to finish. If you don't want them to kill themselves that much try improving their lives instead of just telling them "dont bro ur mom is gonna miss you".
Then again everyone will move on in a month so it doesn't matter. Let natural selection do it's thing

I don't disagree lmao, I dunno bro, just sad shit seeing young bloods jump in front of trains when they had so much to live for.
I just my own life ya know so its no sweat of my brow.

So you're just an attention whore then? Cause nobody's coming to you with their lamentation, you're the one who came in here with "I heckin hate le depressed people I am such a tough badass give me attention XDD". Lol I already know you're probably a meek submissive pussy IRL that's lashing out online as cope from what you've written so far.

It's pretty cool. My dad became a pilot about 10 years ago and I've always played games with aviation, and now I have the opportunity to go flying with him semi regularly and he'll hand me the stick to have a fly (except for landings and takeoffs so far).
It's great fun, there's no simulation that does it justice even though war thunder VR and shit like that is fairly immersive.
To grab the stick and back the plane hard to the left or to send it into a dive or a climb and to feel the relative gravity change. Incredible. I dream about flying something like a carrier based fighter from yester-year and this does a lot to satisfy that.


>If they want to die so much let them fucking die who cares?

If you destroy other people's property while doing it, you bet there would be people who care.

It wasn't his choice to be born so fucking suck it up cunt

Did he died????

Skykike is the biggest reddit trope

>its no longer about "empathetic family & friends" but selfish fags who care more about their property than the life of their close one
glad we agree
btw sidewalks are public (aka govt) property so janny has to clean it and rope can be done in your own property

No, he's now a quadriplegic living in a nursing home.

if he didnt want to be born he would have forced a miscarriage like in butterfly effect

can't I just die sitting on the toilet like a normal human?

If I were to kill myself I would try and take as many of you as I can with me. Why should you be allowed to live in peace while I was tormented to the point of having to rage quit my shitty life? I will not allow my despair to die out with me, instead I will infect as many of you with it as I can, when I kill you undoubtedly your parents and loved ones would be grief stricken, maybe you have a daughter who turns into a whore due to a lack of a strong father figure or a son who becomes a school shooter and kills a bunch of people. And so it spreads, my pain infecting the life of countless others, butterfly effect at play.

When I die I will make hundreds miserable, the world will not escape the consequences of torturing me.

Each niiight I would dream
I’d fly like a bird
I’d tumble and soar faaaar from the world
With the wind and my back and my Mondays bellow
I’d wake in the dive of that last barrel roll

Reported to FBI

You need help.

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Suicide is based. I'll go out at my own whim when I'm on top.

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>t. depressed retard

It's the fag from Glee

Who cares about Russians? You’re obsessed with what you see on the news
In your own life are you really getting closer to realizing your dreams or do you just watch the time drift by and remain a pleb and the slave to greater men’s goals?

between the sky king and the king air civilian pilot who landed that plane, I'm convinced that having experience in flight sim actually prepares you pretty well for the real thing and that in an emergency if I had to land a 737 my chances of survival would be decently high
also, now i want to rewatch the king air video, it's one of the most kino videos on youtube

So innocent people who had nothing to do with your circumstance deserve to die're a frustrated incel? Meds.

oh you poor thing, you're in emotional turmoil so you need validation, right? are you expecting me to say that binging on antidepressants is good? or maybe you just want a pat on the back every time you mention how moody you are, even though you're not trying to improve in the slightest? when was the last time you actually DID something for yourself, other and macerate in your self loathing? see, that's the same problem with fatsos and trannies, they are just attention whores that try to blame everyone else for their own failures. and killing themselves is for them the ultimate middle finger towards people who didnn't give them the recognition they wanted

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doesnt exist

>they are just attention whores that try to blame everyone else for their own failures
Stop giving them attention then you utterly miserable troon.

suicide is only based if you kill the people responsible for making you that way first

Strap me to an F-16 and fire it to Ukraine, I am ready mashallah

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but oasis is cure for depression not a band all about it. fuck depressive cunts like kurt as that one user said

salam aleikum my friend

but that's the fucking point! if you don't give them attention they'll threaten to kys. and if they do, they usually do it like this deranged imbecile

Mashallah brother.

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pisslam at it´s finest

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No they dont.

was it really suicide or he just didn't know how to land the plane? I've always thought landing is the hardest part of piloting a plane


this thread is so full of edginess, it's almost like it's 2007 again

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he explicitly said to control that he didn't plan on landing

Sounds like projection.