They don't make em like this any more

they don't make em like this any more

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Would these movies have been better received if they actually parodied the genre of movie in the title instead of just whatever was in theatres at the time?

They would've been better recieved if they were funny like Scary Movie 1-3

This dates them horribly. Even in Scary Movie 2 where they parodied a Nike commercial that nobody even remembers now. Parodying a whole genre, as in Airplane or Blazing Saddles, is a much better option since the movie has to work well as a stand-alone product too.

It's why Not Another Teen Movie has still held up: it parodies the tropes of the genre, not just specific films.

Friedberg & Seltzer made dumb films for niggers, and went all the way to the bank with them.
I admire their commitment to make films for the lowest-common denominators in society. They’re no different than The Asylum “mock busters” and Sharknado-tier shit.

Did Crispin Glover have a debilitating crack addiction he had to pay for? Why else would he be in this?

You’re objectively correct. But the beginning of Scary Movie 1 is still so perfect in spite of it. There are tons of incredibly dated references that are still s funny in that movie.

I still find Loaded Weapon pretty funny, despite being dated as fuck.

The gag would be funnier if he kept eating it

Contrast that to this

Reading the comments on this is an interesting window into what it's like to be a genuine brainlet

That's nowhwere near as funny. It's like dancing on TikTok by today's terms.

He makes his own movies with the money from these.

How do they keep getting funding

Who is this analogy for?

Weird right

No, he makes his own movies with the money from these.

that’s one of the funniest parts and i’ve never even seen the commercial

now thats funny!

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Yeah, willy wonka is probably fine since it's still remembered today but the youth don't know about narnia anymore

kek this is kino
thats cringe

Wtf that was Crispin Glover that whole time? I must be face blind.

Why did I bother checking to see if Jews made this. They fixate on peepeepoopoo gross out lol mouth full of caca eww XD

They don’t, they haven’t made a film in 7 years

If anyone ever brings up 2000s nostalgia, you can just show them this movie. I think we're better off now than we were then even if the world is shit.


i dont get it

I'd rather watch some pajeet eating literal shit than watch yet another movie lecturing me about some sjw nonsense

not funny

how is it funny? they are just dancing like TikTokkers for no reason that i noticed


blacks great at dancing
whites lame
cripple goofy

this is the funniest fucking movie i have ever seen. literally spat chocolate milk FUCKING EVERYWHERE laughing at that clip.

uh... that's actually poo milk....

>not just specific films.
the kid walking around from american beauty filming a plastic bag with a sign that reads "most beautiful thing I've ever seen" is the one joke thats too specific and kinda lame. Rest of it gets it right tho


guys.......i am so glad this thread was made. all hail Epic Movie! can this thread get some traction?

I think Scary Movie works because the main movies it's parodying, Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, are in themselves so very specific to one era. They were dated even within a couple of years, but that just makes them more charming and that holds true for the parody. If you make a parody of a movie that isn't dated so explicitly to one short timespan then it becomes horrible when you inject the dated parts. That's why the SM2 basketball commercial feels way worse, because The Haunting isn't dated like Scream, it's a remake that doesn't really feel like it's explicitly from the time it was made.

Damn parody films went off a cliff hard around this time, I used to love them as a kid, the naked gun, spy hard, Dracula dead and loving it, Lloyd bridges Mafia, shriek if you know what I did last Friday the 13th which I always preferred over scary movie, there used to be so many good ones and these epic movie/date movie/disaster movie ones just fucking killed the whole genre

>Lloyd bridges Mafia
You mean Jane Austen's Mafia!?


Yeah that one, I just remember it had Lloyd bridges and was called mafia

It doesn't matter what you parody if you're doing it by "haha he ate shit" and "haha the girl pooped isn't that funny and not my fetish" jokes.

>character eats something gross yet enjoys it
>upon hearing that it is something gross they hate it

Fuck I feel like rewatching some of these now

they sure dont

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He's indian, we can't tell between chocolate and shit.

4 had its moments

this is honeslty one of the worst shit i've ever witnessed

I'm watching Dracula Dead and Loving It now. Didn't know about it. There should be a big list of all movies like this.

My contribution: Robinhood Men in Tights

i bet you're real fun at parties

Love at First Bite is another Dracula parody but it sucks ass. 4channers that feel desperate to fit in would probably love the jokes that just come down to "lol niggers in 70s NYC", though. It's just filled with low-effort jokes like that, which don't even connect to Dracula or the horror genre.

the follow-up is pure kino

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I'm sure there's a list out there somewhere, if you haven't seen it yet it suggest watching "police squad" too, tv show that was a precursor to the naked gun movies, also one I used to love as a kid was "2001 a space travesty"

Those late 2000s vibes


Why didn't they just fuck up the midges?

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