Capeshit has nearly ruined cinema

A generation of funko pop collecting soi milennials with patchy soi beards and braindead zoomers with attention span disorders have been content to watch one capeshit after another without questioning it.

Superhero films made for children became loved by manchildren. Dorky capeshit films with no cleverness to them make ungodly amounts of money. Worst of all is that since capeshit is where the money is now, creativity and originality in Hollywood is nearly dead.

Fuck capeshit, fuck the directors making capeshit, fuck the actors stooping low enough to do capeshit. And if you like capeshit, fuck you and your wife's boyfriend too.

Right now, Michael Bay's Ambulance is flopping hard. Meanwhile, a fucking Sonic the Hedgehog film and some Dr Strange (whoever the fuck that is) film will outperform it fifty times over. Literal furry cartoons and superhero stories for children. Fuck.

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cool story bro

>Right now, Michael Bay's Ambulance is flopping hard
Box office numbers haven't been indicative of a movies' quality in a long time so why even be bothered about that? Morbius performed well at the box office and it's a steaming pile of shit

Will we ever get cinema back?

It's up to the general audience and they're retards so probably not

You're alternative to capeshit is Michael Bay!?

You're just as bad

I'm just giving an example. Not actually a fan of Michael Bay. The point is that any originality and creativity gets muffled out by capeshit.

I watched Moon night because i read that it was supposed to be different to all the other Marvel stuff and also because of Oscar Isac, But it turned out to be shit as usual, too goofy and stupid

Bay films are worse than capeshit. they're braindead popcorn flicks.

That's the point. Garbage sells amongst these braindead consoomers, resulting in more and more trash being made.

>Michael Bay's Ambulance
Lol you're trying to tout Michael fucking Bay as above capeshit? Super hero movies really have damaged your sensibilities huh?

Just an example

you can just make your own movies on an iphone now anyway

Yeah right..

name a movie thats actually good done on an iphone

>Morbius performed well at the box office
It won't even make 200mil worldwide. It will barely break even even with it's low budget

>pulls out plate
>shits on plate
>serves it to audiences
>they eat it
The fact that anyone at all is willing to go watch it is depressing

cinema was going to turn to shit with or without capeshit. superhero movies are just the vehicle not the cause

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modern iphones have better cameras than the shit they used professionally as recently as the early 2000s. you literally have no excuse other than your own laziness or incompetence.

Ambulance is a remake of a 2005 Danish film. It is also a Michael Bay movie. Holy shit kys


no, cinema was back in the day made by people who atually cared about the art and not just profit, today movies are just made to make a profit and the art suffers as a result

It's flopping because they showed the whole movie in the trailer, barely advertised it, and Michael Bay is a massive punchline after The Last Knight. No one wants to go "let's go see the new Michael Bay movie". I understand your point, but it's also illegitimate- his Transformers things were the highest grossing movies between 2007-2013, and they were legitimately awful. Capeshit is endemic of a lack of talent in Hollywood, and Michael Bay is part of the issue, and was in many ways, a MASSIVE progenitor of it. Part of the reason capeshit is so revered is because the MCU, as stale as it is, was legitimately refreshing compared to his tripe.

there's a lot more to making a movie than simply cameras.

that's literally what i said

No you said that cinema would turn to shit as if it was predetermined which its not

I wonder sometimes if we all have just become jaded/short sighted. I recently helped my in law with cleaning out his dead grandpas house and the man owned hundreds of westerns. From the well known to the what in the fuck is this straight-to-Menards flick. Normies and their smooth brains have always CONSOOMED what was popular and hollywood has always had long stretches of phases of shit for this exact reason. We’re just in the “capeshit” era

it was predetermined to because retarded no talent faggots seeped into it, as they did with every industry. that has nothing to do with capeshit, capeshit is just one of the end results

The Golden Age of Hollywood was also known as the "Factory Age" because movies felt like they were legitimately produced by factory line to be as quick, mass-produced, plentiful, and easily consumed as possible. Hollywood has ALWAYS been profit-based and soulless, any artform devolves into this when big money gets a foot in.

You're describing the 70s, which was a result of the studio system collapsing in on itself and basically letting a bunch of young kids in the door. Then Star Wars became massive and the studio system reformed itself because big money entered the picture.

a golden age is literally the opposite of what you described lol, your talking about what came after the golden age

>Cinema was absolutely perfect before 2008 and had no problems whatsoever

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>Michael Bay
>originality and creativity
I agree with your general point about capeshit but apparently you're just a different breed of retard. I hate this new contrarianism that 'Bay was actually BASED and made great movies all along!'

you also need lighting and camera lenses that cost tens of thousands of dollars, also the ability to direct people who know how to act, if you can find anyone

I know it was a shitty example

I am descibing what the fucking History Books officially call the Golden Age of Hollywood, which was the 50s, this is not my subjective taste. You seem like you're 14 and have no clue what you're talking about.

Hollywood's Golden Age was an insane mixture in the sense that it was profit-driven to an insane extent while also being a lavish era that produced many great movies. It was corporate soullessness that created soul in the process.

no its wasn't but it was much better, more good movies were released back then compared to after the 2000s

they also then get into the industry and seek to replicate all the retarded shit they loved - just nonstop inbreeding of absolute garbage.


Uhm hello, Buck Breaking came out 2021

Don't lose hope

>Michael Bay
is this an elaborate troll?

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I wonder if people were saying more or less the same things about westerns in the 30s.

you sound like one of those pretentious onion munchers and drinks cum from reddit

there were select movies that were good and a massive slew of dogshit blockbusters for idiots, which is....the same as it is now. I agree that capeshit being completely homogenized is insane, but if you actually think "hurr durr 2004 was when movies had real talent in the blockbusters" you are probably 14.

It's a mexican teenager

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I didnt say any of that

If I was from reddit I wouldn't use soul and I wouldn't agree that capeshit is boring as shit now

then what did you say? cause that's pretty much EXACTLY what you said

anyways, you have a legitimate point with capeshit being soulless, but you're tackling it in the most "I have no frame of reference for talking about movies" possible. Hollywood has been soulless and trite long before capeshit.

So how about that Northman, huh?

not true. Back in the day there was plenty of shit in cinemas but it was diverse at least
In capeshit era it’s nothing but generified copy pasted superhero shit and horrors. Each season there’s nothing to watch, that’s why films like DUNC are so anticipated like a breath of fresh air

I literally don't give a fuck about anyone's taste.

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The fact that you wrote all those paragraphs about movies you don't like instead of posting about movies you like is the reason why I don't take you faggots seriously.
And you are all a bunch of fake bitches cause when someone open threads about action or anything that is not manchildren shit, it flops miserably.

That looks pretty good

yeah but that's not an answer enough for me. I want more than "Well you can choose between Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean!" or, if we go further "You can choose between this Bruce Willis flick or this Steven Seagal flick!"

Look away from media that's made to appeal to idiots, it's the only answer you'll fine.

yes it has been soulless for a long time but still better then today where we only get capeshit, starwars and shitty horror.

literally everyone on this board will agree with you, hell i heard my 60 year old normie dad say this. What else do you have to add to the conversation?

everone in this thread is saying pretty much the same thing,

the issue is that the lynchpin to it was "YOU'RE LETTING AMBULANCE FLOP" as if that isn't just as bad as Sonic 2 or MCUshit. it's annoying and you kinda killed the vibe of the thread right off the bat.

The Micheal Bay rant was still off topic, and you arent adding anything new to the conversation either

what answer would be enough for you?

OP learns to not put his hopes in fucking hollywood lmao

>my argument is correct as long as you don't mention what you just mentioned

My argument still stands that we had good cinema with more good movies being released consistently back then before we got neo liberalism and Reaganomics, thats when it started going down hill, but there were still plenty of good movies released in the 90s.

lmao the late 90s were considered one of the worst periods in American movie history

The 90s were quite innovative in movies with many new ides on cineatography. shots, special effects and post modern story telling