I'm watching Twin Peaks S3E1 for the first time. The mood is different from the original show. It's too serious...

I'm watching Twin Peaks S3E1 for the first time. The mood is different from the original show. It's too serious, the digital photography is too clean, it's too slow paced and boring. I hate it.

Season 3 had rave reviews apparently. What were your thoughts?

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I loved it. You got Lynch'd already buddy

Dougie kino.

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I just wanted to say this is...a DAMN FINE Twin Peaks thread

The tone is completely different from the original show. There's no humor. There's no atmosphere. The characters are all unlikable. It's not even set in Twin Peaks. It's like a different show.

The original twin peaks sucks, so they got it in their head to try something totally different, and make actually something good out of this premise, and to a large part they succeeded.

It says a lot about you if this is the version of twin peaks you dislike.

>It says a lot about you if this is the version of twin peaks you dislike.
But you didn't provide an explanation.

you didn't ask for an explanation. What would you like an explanation to, homo?

Lynch'd. The whole point is to show the degradation and absurdity of the bleakness of the modern times in contrast to the early 90s

Jesus. Why are you so hostile? This is a messaging board. Why is S3 superior to the original show then. Obviously making a conclusion without presenting your reasoning that led to it, has no value to anyone but yourself.

Uh okay. But it's so boring. Was it intentional to make it boring?

>to show the degradation and absurdity of the bleakness of the modern times
Yeah then why make everything so slick and clean.
90s TP looked grittier.

>it's supposed to suck
Do Lynch trannies really?

>Why is S3 superior to the original show then
The original show focuses on a bunch of boring characters in this 90s teen soap opera format that a lot of people even hated back then.

The new show says, largely, fuck all those characters, lets focus on this weird metaphysical stuff we've been hinting at in the original show, lets focus on actually trying to explain this shit. And lets take our time and have fun with it too, lets tackle the problem from several different genres, including humor, horror, mystery, etc.

I don't know why you're complaining about the length, I guarantee you that you have nothing better to do than watch this shit. Is your minecraft schedule conflicting or something?

>no humor
This show is fucking hilarious, I can't believe people can miss Lynch's humor like that.

So...wait, you haven't even watched the whole season....and you're literally in the process of watching the first episode, i'm guessing while you type on this dumb chinese board at the same time, and you're already bitching about the show?

How about you watch the whole season, for starters? And actually watch it to, don't have it on in the background and post racist memes at the same time.

hated it when it was airing weekly so gave up half way. when i binged it after it had all released and loved it

Every time I pass a casino, I wish I could Dougie the slots

>The original show focuses on a bunch of boring characters
I'm going to stop you there chief. I'm three episodes in and haven't been entertained yet. The driest blandest characters.
>I don't know why you're complaining about the length
I could be watching anything else. Instead I'm banking on this show paying off with a slowburn, since there appears to be universal consensus it was fantastic. But so far nothing can justify how utter shit the first few episodes at least are.

Bait? Provide examples of the humor.

As I'm typing this, nothing is happening on screen. I have given it hours of attention so far. Which is more than it deserved evidently.

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You’re literally just another capeshit-obsessed pleb who thought it was gonna be Cooper getting an exorcism then back to the good old days of Twin Peaks.

Aka one armed bandits

Catchall sadrr

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>I'm watching Twin Peaks S3E1 for the first time
Olay? Kill yourself and then finish watching the series then come here, in that order fucking retard

No I'm not stop projecting. I'm just being truthful and reasonable.

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>Lynch takes a steaming hot pile of shit on a dining room table, time stretched to a feature length movie

Part 18 is so kino, bros. Disliked it on first watch but i love it more and more with every subsequent rewatch

I loved the original Twin Peaks but I was lynched by the new series

it gets better and peaks with a dread LYNCHED episode. downhill after that.

So stop watching it then, go back to your bbc porn and space marine research. Nobody gives a fuck if you don't like the show. Goddamn, you don't have to keep the board updated in real time with your viewing blog.


got a light?

for me season 3 was the most miraculously good tv show i've ever seen. i can't believe they let him make something like that

in general i think if you like lynch's movies you will like it, but if you only like twin peaks seasons 1-2 it might be too much

This is the television & film board. For discussing television & film. Judging by the buttmad responses, a portion of the Lynch fanbase are very sensitive to any criticism of their God creator. Maybe relax a bit? If you disagree with my points just refute them.

>hurr I'm three episodes in and already spending more time saying it's shit on Yea Forums than watching it, refute my superb arguments like "It's bad"
You wanted to hate it and now you do, congrats I guess, you wasted your time and now you're wasting everyone else's

>You wanted to hate it
Wrong. I was hyped to enjoy it. Sadly it's a disaster. Again I have to point out your projection as a coping mechanism to reading any criticism against S3.

the points in the op are broadly correct. it's a different tone, slower paced, and more cleanly filmed. the different is that some people (including myself) don't consider that worse.
the fact that he made this weird new thing out of the old thing is wonderful. there's a lot of love for the old seasons throughout but it isn't just more of the same, which would have been boring for me

Best season in the show unironically

>There's no humor.
Jade give two rides

>word salad
You're three episodes in and you're crying about the characters being absolutely shit without being able to explain why
Either keep watching or don't, nobody really gives a fuck, but your braindead contrarian crusade is as vapid as your dumb posts. You're free to say you don't like it, and I'm free to say your arguments don't exist. The rest is just you being retarded

It's good by virtue of shitting on nostalgia alone in a dog gone world of uninspired remakes and poo sequels.

>hasn't even watched the entire season.
>Is barely paying attention to what little he watched.
>It's the shows fault it sucks though.

Unadulterated and pure, unfiltered, indulged kino

I accept all that, but what's the quality that makes S3 incredible to some? So far it's agonizingly slow and boring. Can't say that about any episode from the original seasons.


If you say so irrelevant and talentless fag, the consensus is against you however.

I have given it sufficient undivided attention, which was taken for granted. So now I'm giving it partial attention. You want for me to donate 20 or so hours before coming here to discuss? That's ridiculous. Are you telling me there were no threads about E1 when it originally aired?

It's well written, fun and it has meaning
You have ADD and watch shit while blogposting so there's no way you'll get it, but it is.

>Can't say that about any episode from the original seasons.
Way to out yourself as a shitposting bug. You deserve no further replies.

You can take how much time you want but if you're talking about things you don't understand, people will always shit on you, simple as
In fact everyone shits on you for being an obnoxious retard, acting arrogant when his only point is "i don't get it but it's trash", not because you don't like the return

I don't even know what to say to that. So toxic. Makes me more assured in my opinion. Would Lynch mock a critic for being irrelevant?

Not shitposting. Just being honest. You didn't refute my point.

>I'm a worthless cunt pls validate me
lol no

the time this retard has spent arguing about how much the show sucks he could have watched some more episodes by now

I don't care what you do, just refuting your dumb arguments. I also don't see how you can like the original show, yet call this one boring. When the original format was:

>Ok, here's 15 minutes of agent cooper, you've had your fill now audience.
>Now it's 45 minutes of meaningless bullshit from the boring townfolk

Just don’t watch it and go back to your MCU shit. Why push through it? You were filtered immediately and it won’t be getting any more enjoyable for you.

what are the stakes here? what is op trying to gain from this thread, and what do i gain from convincing him his opinion is wrong?

Just because you don't find it funny doesn't mean there's no humor. The show is absolutely full of it.

I want to fuck a black prostitute.

Welcome to Yea Forums, stick to waifu threads the rest is trash

Anyone got a good torrent for Season 1 and 2? I deleted them years ago and now I can't find them anymore.

>okay, so there IS humour but I don't like the humour so it doesn't count

Well if it cannot be explained and the ridicule comes first, it's a sign I'm actually correct in my assessment.

Are you implying I'm not watching it?

You ever wonder how the series got popular to begin with? People enjoy those small moments, it had atmosphere and charm, pleasant quiet music, likable characters, fun dialogue, etc. It had heart and soul. S3 is dead.

This is some board culture stuff I don't understand or care about sorry.

Stakes? Just discussion about a TV show season.

TPB has good encodes in 1080p.

I absolutely love when character reach enlightenment from their reduced state (being trapped in a tv series/movie) and pass to our own reality like the Holy Mountain and Truman show (?)

>You ever wonder how the series got popular to begin with? People enjoy those small moments, it had atmosphere and charm, pleasant quiet music, likable characters, fun dialogue, etc. It had heart and soul. S3 is dead.

Because tv was shit and this was about the most different thing on it.

Ok bye

>my first impression is always the objective truth
Goyim cattle

I didn't say that. Everyone has a first impression. Does it always give way to a completely changed 2nd+ impression?

>Ok bye
>(I'm so freaking mad he's allowed to criticize a show I enjoyed)

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>I didn't say that but I strongly imply it
What's the difference

He's fucking off because you're unable to criticize anything
>but I said it's bad
And nobody gives a fuck about your bland opinion or your toddler reasoning

Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups, user.

>unable to criticize
But that's my point!