Why did people stop caring about Stranger Things?

Why did people stop caring about Stranger Things?

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Season 2 was average and season 3 was bad tf8gr

It's always been like this between seasons, you'll see nothing but Stranger Things threads once the new season drops.

It feels like it has been 3 years or something since the last season

season 3 is far superior to season 2

I have no idea user what could it possibly be

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Every series should have been a self-contained plot that paid homage to sci-fi and horror trends from different eras.

Instead they just carried on the same plot which had basically run its course by the end of series 1 and kept the series stuck in a boring, tranny friendly version of 1980s nostalgia

Because season 2 was terrible and they shouldve made it an anthology type show. Like every season is its own story.

its like that for ALL shows AND movies except for a handful. most people talk about whats happening not what happened, crazy concept amirite?! fucking kys op

Stranger Things season 1 had decent writing and felt new. It was still very much classic Netflix.
Season 2 and 3 are modern Netflix i.e. woke garbage with nobody even checking the spelling of what's being written.

like other retards are saying, retconning S1 into a longer narrative sucked ass

because the actors grew up

It was meant to be an anthology series. new season, new story, new cast. all set in the 70s-80s.
but the popularity of that first season gave the show runners no real choice but to rewrite the following seasons with the old cast and mashing together the first and second (and third) seasons story, which didnt work out too well.
this is obvious when "the cop" character, hopper, takes on the role of "the father" in season 2, where that family didnt have a participating father figure.

80s nostalgia meme wore off

Most people just wanted to fap to Finn


Have you guys figured out yet that nearly all entertainment is an abstracted version of normies inevitably taking the red pill?

This also is an issue

The kids plot from S1 is basically a 1980s children's sci fi thing like ET where a group of losers come together and bond over a desire to protect something weird from harm.

When those children are basically adults doing the same thing it's weird.

Stranger Things as a show really only works as a 1 season mystery miniseries desu, I don't understand why they tried to keep it going

Wasn't it the same thing with Heroes? It was supposed to be an anthology series but the studio stepped in


It plays it far too blandly and safe. I vaguely recall fans having a shit ton of insane theories about the Upside Down but they never really leaned into anything interesting except the Mind Flayer being a very naughty boy who won't leave the main characters alone.

They also should have given the Mind Flayer/monsters a rest in s3 and veered into a human threat but instead of fucking Russians it's Dr. Brenner and co. Maybe have his main enforcer be something like Subject I who's some WW2-era experiment - they had plenty of opportunities to deepen the 'lore' of this series like the Upside Down being theorised about, bleeding into reality, and being studied across history, especially starting in 20th century USA with secret military research departments set up for its study.

Heroes, 24...

11 is also too much of the fucking be all and end all hero. Granted I have never rewatched s2-s3 but I recall her basically rendering all the other teenager characters as useless irrelevancies when they have to keep saving her, etc. Any time the other teens are of us, it's part of some collective effort that also involves the adults, the older teens like Nancy/Jonathan, etc. None of them individually have skills/attributes tailored to getting them out of specific situations, coming up with solutions, etc. They're all fucking useless as individuals and stand in the background with mouths agap as 11 screeches like a banshee and uses her powers to save the day for the Nth time.

Kek, true this.
>season 1 ends with eleven screaming like a retard and killing the gorgan
>season 2 ends with eleven screaming like a retard and closing the portal
>season 3 ends with eleven screaming like a retard and destroying the flayer's flesh puppet
Duffers are hacks

Because the fuckers stole the idea for show. It's completely apparent now

1st season was actually good, 2 and 3 suck ass

s2 was good and s3 just decent *

Because Im the guy that introduced it to my circle of friends, I was ahead of the game then when I broke up with my girlfriend she hosted a season 2 marathonning party and everyone went but me and so I never got round to watching it by myself and now i refuse to watch it

Fuck you abby

Jumped the shark after season 1

>Jumped the shark after season 1

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I'm not white

>Why did people stop caring about Stranger Things?
weird looking kids who grew up to be hideous adults


yes that's you

It's taken them a long time to put the next season out. It's natural that any hype most viewers would have has diminished. is right.

They hated him because he told the truth

maybe if your dick worked i wouldnt have dumped your ass

The main actors stopped being hot

You need to take your pill, schizo.

It's been too long. The whole 80s nostalgia was cool at first but now when everyone's doing it, it just got stale and boring.

What is the big black monster in Stranger Things? Why the emphasis of remembering mom/the female in Stranger Things S3 or the new Spiderman? Why is there a storm coming in John Wick 3? Why is the world coming to an end in Pirates 5? Why the anxiety of male violence in Deadpool 2? Why the collapse of society in Dark Knight Rises? Why the “us or them” trolly dilemma in Dark Knight? Why the coming flood in Shape of Water? You have to be a knuckle dragging brainlet (You) to think that the most conceited people in the world are making capeshit for fun and not paranoid parables and propaganda for specific reasons.

>What is the big black monster in Stranger Things? Why the emphasis of remembering mom/the female in Stranger Things S3 or the new Spiderman? Why is there a storm coming in John Wick 3? Why is the world coming to an end in Pirates 5? Why the anxiety of male violence in Deadpool 2? Why the collapse of society in Dark Knight Rises? Why the “us or them” trolly dilemma in Dark Knight? Why the coming flood in Shape of Water?
Actually they're all metaphors for neonazis, which is the farthest thing from "redpilled", schizo.

I read an interview with the showrunners or some shit where they said they killed off sean astin’s character to make people feel like they were watching GoT where no character is safe (lmao).
In every season after the first the kids have plot armor, they get captured multiple times by the badguys in season ~2ish but they just let them go because I dunno lol.
New peripheral characters are introduced to be killed off (samwise gamgee, chad thundercock.
Also last season had a cartoonishly massive russian base under their town on american soil that somehow the government doesn’t know about. I mean how did russia even build that place?

Because they watch a full season in one sitting, then wait 1-3 for the next one. What's there to talk about?

The Duffer Bros did want to go the anthology route in the beginning. Then when season 1 became an unexpected sensation the higher ups at Netflix intervened and made them bring the same characters back again even though they had no ideas for them and just ended up rehashing the same plot while cranking up the nostalgia dial.

Very true. It got especially egregious in s3 when half the cast is just along for the ride with nothing to do the whole time.

people realized it was hackey trash, wasn't Judd Apatow involved in it in some way? There's your problem.

is that the girl from that one meme

>Howdy stranger

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Way too much 80s nostalgia, it gets fucking boring after a while


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fake hype trends always work like that

>what brings you on over these here parts?
>no need to be shy, sit next to me :)

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Man, I wish I grew up in the 80s. It seems unbelievably comfy

I have a recurring autistic fantasy where I'm reborn in the 70s and live in the 80s. I even created names and birthdays for my parents and siblings and designed their physical features

>7000 pointless side characters, most of who die after taking up too much screentime
>Most of the cast from season 1 people liked haven't developed or have gone backwards,
Mike is not a leader he's Elevens boyfriend
Eleven is still a mute deus ex machina who solves every problem by screaming and getting a nosebleed (she likes making out though now)
Will still has barely any development
Lucas hasn't done anything in 2 seasons
Dustin exists to hang onto Steve
Steve is now the biggest loser ever
Hopper is a complete retarded country cop
>Upside down still barely explored as a concept
>Millie scares me now
It should be studied by future directors as a guide on how to fuck up your show.

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unshodding bros...you were right

shes cool. You're just a nigger.

no, she is.

I thought only zoomers and prepubescent boys liked this show?

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Did you not watch the later seasons? Like most shows nowadays it went to shit after the 1st season.