Better Call Saul

Nearly there Howardbros

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its gonna be kimo

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rewatched the entire 5th season yesterday, i'm all caught up

I just want to see all the Gene stuff more than the actual show

Kim and mexijese will die like punks. Howard will become sauls puppeteer

Kim dying doesn't make sense unless it's somehow post BrBa

lol no. they don't have the balls to kill kim. Jim and kim will move to alaska and live with Jesse. Howard gets killed and that's what makes kim leave.


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what else could possibly happen to Kim? the vaccuum guy doesn't exist to them, I really doubt they use the vaccuum guy to let nacho and his dad escape and kim

>nacho and his dad escape

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lol tru

Well Nacho is referenced in BrBa by Saul so he's not dying and neither is Lalo unless it's in Gene's era (Nacho's Dad might die though). I think Kim will probably leave Jimmy or something and it's treated like a big deal. It's not in Jimmy's character to keep being a criminal lawyer like nothing happened even if it caused the death of his wife, even Walter White at his worse wouldn't have done that. Again unless it's after BrBa then it might make sense.

>*saves you show*

the pain of virtue

Lalo is so fucking handsome dude

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The pic always reminded me of that still from TD with Charlie Lange thrashing in handcuffs with Marty standing calmly next to him, I can't find it now but you've probably seen it around.

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yeah i watched td s1 for the first time like 2 weeks ago great show

lalos body double

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>so he's not dying
That only means that Saul doesn't know he's dead.
Hell in the current BCS canon Gus thinks Lalo is dead too

I want to get excited but they split up the season into two so we'll just be waiting even more after getting blueballed

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It's only a 1 month break between half-seasons, my dude

Part 1 is on the 18th, part 2 is July 11th.

Tell me again.

It's a weekly airing show. It's not a Netflix all at once thing. Part 1 ends at the end of May. Part begins July 11th. So the only time you cannot watch episodes is June.

Oh fuck me, I forgot they still did that.

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Venom Lalo

I think Lalo is a bit gay and he's going to romance this dude, keep him close. Then he'll kill him to stage his own death

Lalo's death has already been staged in the S5 finale with that phone call. All Lalo needs is a corpse.

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where have I seen this guy before? is he not the fake cop from el camino?

Reggie ledubs

>tfw no crackwhorefu

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You see, the thing about them is, there is nothing stopping you. They are not going to say no. Just get one.

how is user gonna source his crack

Yeah but I want an amber, with things as they are I can only afford enough crack to get a Wendy.

Howard kills Lalo. My uncle works at AMC.

Bros imagine vaginally penetrating Kimmy with you’re penis.

should i watch better call saul if ive never watched breaking bad and no intention of ever watching it

Yes. I think it can stand on its own without BB. There will be quite a lot of references that you obviously won't get though.

thanks user i trust your judgement 100% and will now watch it

This is the moment Howard became Slippin' Howie

you are very welcome, person who I am not familiar with.

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He's literally the most well-meaning character in the Bravo Vince/Pimping Peter universe.

>Kim corrupted by Jimmy
>Jimmy corrupted by Chuck
>Chuck corrupted by Jimmy
>Gus is a negro and also corrupted by Hector and driven by revenge
>Walt corrupted by Gray Matter and cancer
>Jesse is a junkie and corrupted by Walt
>Hank is obsessed with minerals and hunting monsters in woods
>Hector is obsessed with ass and has anger management issues
>Lalo is a chad but he's also insane
>Tuco is obsessed with drugs and they drive him crazy
>Nacho is literally just a bouncer with no skills to be anything more than that
>Mike is haunted by his son's death and corrupted by Gus
>Skyler fucked Ted
>Walt Jr. is obsessed with breakfast and also a cripple

Howard is literally too pure and based.
He's angelic.
All he wants is to do right by Jimmy.
But Jimmy, in turn, tries to corrupt Howard.
It doesn't work.
Howard keeps his cool even when he knows Jimmy threw prostitutes at his car and invited bowling balls to his business lunch.

Howard will outlive them all and come out on top, with his beautiful (as of yet unseen) wife and children and win the game of-- He will win. He will be the ultimate winner.

Jimmy thought he was the winner in S4. Just like Walt thought he was the winner in his respective 4th season. But Howard will be the last man standing.

Howard is the true winner to take it all.

I am penis?

Jimmy either pushes Kim out of his life because he is scared of what she is turning in to, or she ends up in prison as a result of what they do to Howard this season

This season, they will finally show us how Jimmy called Saul.

Get ready for a spin-off set between BCS and BrBa called Run Lalo Run

Looking forward to the young Mike prequel show in 2025, still staring Jonathan Banks.

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GI Mike. Can't wait to see it.

Kim probably leaves Jimmy. Jimmy's sexist as fuck in BB, and it makes a lot of sense if he's that way because he's salty about Kim leaving him.

>Nacho is referenced in BrBa by Saul so he's not dying
He could have just been trying to pin whatever is is going to happen in BCS to a dead man

I think to be to is not. That is a legend.


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Wow man. It was a GI Mike joke.

>give me a dollar
>I am now your lawyer

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funny, Wendy has the same price

I like that we see Kim teach Jimmy that.

Thought this was Chuck with a Mexican identity change, would have been Kino as he hunts down Saul.

Punished Lalo

God I hated this, should have just gotten younger actors
It's a miracle they didn't have Bob do the 12 year old Jimmy scenes as well

lots of shilling lately for the next season of this reddit show no one watched




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>the German poster died halfway through his post