ITT: post worst casting in all of cinema

ITT: post worst casting in all of cinema

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thanks for reminding this shit exists

the casting was unironically good, it's just everything else was shit. No one wanted feminist ghostbusters.

not just as Joker, Jared in every role is the worst casting choice.

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Pic unrelated.

>6 years on
>still filtered

explain american psycho

Snyder cultists ruined Yea Forums more than SW prequelfags and MCU manbabies. Change my mind.

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Jim Carrey as The Joker
Tommy Lee Jones as The Joker

His biggest problem was being in a tonally confused movie

at least cast the correct sex for Lara. also not having tits is not an option

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t. homosexual

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Gal Gadot is another bad DC choice

She didn't fit as MJ, or Lola Bunny

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you seem confused.
increase meds

>thread full of bad DC casting

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He was fine in fight club getting the shit kicked out of him.


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>melissa mccarthy is cancer incarnate, the female Adam Sandler except without the decade or so where Sandler made good work to skate on for the rest of his life
>blonde dyke whose name I can't even remember is box office poison
>Wiig can succeed in bit roles written by competent people but absolutely cannot carry a lead role

another bad DC casting to add to the pile

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Steve Jobs

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Excuse me m8 they're referred to as DC Pajeets try to keep up.

Adam Sandler never made good work.

Increase dilation tranny

If nobody wanted feminist Ghostbusters then casting feminist retards was bad casting. Are you fucking retarded?

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I saw a YT comment once joking Snyder tried to get Heisenberg as Lex Luthor but someone misheard him and got Jesse Eisenberg. Literally the only explanation that would make sense.

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>Are you fucking retarded?

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Why are some of these just completely made up?

It has nothing to do with politics. If it was funny, 99% of people would have enjoyed it thoroughly. It just wasn't funny. Go back to your containment board.

Fuck that. She's miles better than the Triss casting. That girl might not be white, but she's no where near as disgusting as the Triss actress.

>ignoring that it's an entire personality and not just a political statement
lmao shut up you dumb queer

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Fuck you his movies were comfy comedy kino for several years

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Zuckerberg Luthor is still filtering plebs I see.

>It has nothing to do with politics
Funny you say that, because the director Paul Fag made it all about politics while promoting the movie.

women found it funny, but women dont care for ghostbusters.

Wiig is fine in lead roles written for her which is why she was ok in Bridesmaids but if its dogshit like ghostbusters then she can't save it

hello there

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which ones do you claim are false

Two I see are Rihanna is not Poison Ivy and the mutt kid was not cast as Ed in Cowboy Bebop

Those were 2 rumored castings at the time
Rihanna is still talked about as Poison Ivy in upcoming films

>the red capes are comiiiing..
>*sucks in air*
>the red cape are coomiiiing.....

What did he mean by this?

Good morning sirs.

She's too old now

Henry Cavill as the witcher. I know everyone loves Henry but he's too famous to play that role. They should have given a new actor a chance. Everyone in that show is miscast.

>robotic actress plays robotic character
she was the perfect fit


both of 'em

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The movie was full of disappointments but the butler took the cake

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Currently watching the uhd bluray

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how can someone have such a wrong opinion?
he is sooo perfectly cast for the role its scary.

Bette Midler as...... The Ringmaster

He's great in the roll, but I was hoping for an older looking Geralt, perhaps Mads Milkensen.

where the fuck do you start with this rabble. even the missing actors were terrible

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>Henry but he's too famous to play that role
>Mads is fine

honestly, first time i saw the witcher on the box art i was like, "how much did they pay daniel craig for his likeness?"

i so badly wanted to like this film and it does have it's good moments but anyone wanting "fifth element 2.0" is going to be sorely disappointed.

>miles better
>equals this is good

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The intro was really cool, then the rest of the movie happened.


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"But, ask yourself, do you not believe that John Wayne as Genghis Khan was a fairly bad choice?"

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the intro is cool and there were some other things in the movie that were cool as well but... it's not the fifth element. most definitely not.

I honestly have no idea why Rosie O'Donnell as Betty Rubble made people seethe so much. Who were people expecting?

It's a revolutionary war meme.

someone hot

Pretty sure Raimi intentionally geeked him out because the producers forced Venom on him.

Boomers always joked about wanting to fuck Betty, so casting a gross dyke pig made them seethe.

Photoshop her holding a gun to the top of his skull.

Betty is smoking hot, at least cast a suitable actress.

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I refuse to watch the movie for this exact reason. And I love Colin Farrell, but what a shit choice for Alexander.

>implying we are joking
>implying you wouldn't

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>a fairly bad choice
Whoa there you little shit, no need to be rude

did they ever end up making that Uncharted movie with Baby Drake or did it get shitcanned?

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Yes it got made and it bombed

Judi Dench was worse.
That movie genuinely made me angry. If only anyone other than Disney picked it up and they just adapted the fucking books faithfully instead of turning it into the worst schlock you've ever seen for gormless children to consoom. They robbed us of Fowl kino.