Any house renovation kino?

any house renovation kino?

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I'm six feet in shoes you goofy bitch. And I can still kill you with my bear hands.

>every wall is fucking white straight from when mexicans on 10ยข/hr finished working on it

I thought the camera was going to turn around and show a dog or black guy
This board has ruined me

>in shoes
manlets...when will they learn?

>six feet in shoes

6ft is average height in today's modern world.

Fucking kek, midgets get the rope and by midgets I mean guys under 6 foot.

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>Don't find her attractive at all
Why do ugly whores care so much about height?

Yiff in hell furfag

>bear hands.

She'd probably get turned off by that a long time before.

>Women can't have standards

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to be fair I understand a woman not wanting to date a guy under 5ft7, that's just manlet territory

That's actually based as fuck.

All subhuman manlets under 5'9 and all women who can't keep their weight under control should be slaughtered

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6' is the minimum, subhuman manlet

>Defending whorish behavior
You will never be a woman.

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Why is her face so shiny

she fucks boys

>mfw 5'8"
it's all tumbling down

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Dog cum

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God I hate them so much bros

>tfw solid 6' in the morning but gravity shrinks me to 5'12 by the end of the day
>tfw no face
Any other transmanlets here?

The manlet cutoff is 6'1, sorry.

I went to a non-family social gathering for the first time in years and there were about ten guys, only three of whom were over 6 foot. They were also the only three who were married with children. Makes you think.

>in shoes
this is a new one.

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I'm 6'3 and I hate women

Manlet bros... we just keep losing...


>shit offtopic threads stay up till archived
>fun offtopic threads get deleted immediately
gookmoot is such a nigger

6' is top 18th percentile in the US
3 out of 10 is a bigger representation than the norm


>fun deleted
>demoralization stays up

this site is bad for you

This. decent body but busted-ass face. And too much makeup

seethe, tranny

>getting D&C'd by women this easily
we MUST stand by our manlet brothers

shortbros... its over...

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all the doors in my house

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Its all the other dogs trying to mount the big one that destroys me.

kill yourself immediately

>when her age has more than 1 digit

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>make off topic/a little on topic thread baiting a liberal point of view
>immediately deleted and banned
>make normal off topic thread
>hits bump limit

I feel like the height thing comes strictly from the USA. I don't really notice it in Europe and have dated more than a few girls that were taller than me, with no issues whatsoever.

Anyway, if she does this shit to you, just put a scale right at your front door and if it goes past some limit, let it loudly sound off and display the numbers in big bright characters.

why do manlets get physically aggressive like this

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Can we make the minimum 5'6?

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Strangely it's about the irrational expectation the number transition 5 foot 11 to 6 foot even sets for us

Like there's nothing special bout 182.8 cm that sets a girl off just right. It's literally just the 6

brains are fucking weird

European here, and you're full of shit. Girls like guys taller than them everywhere. They even have their own weird rules (shit like "he needs to be at least 4 inches taller but no more than 7 otherwise it's difficult to kiss or we look weird together").

All women are like that. Everywhere.

shortcuck cope

I'm Serbian, national average here is roughly 184-187cm. Girls are tall as fuck as well, I've dated a basketball player who's well over 190cm, no fucking issues whatsoever.

Not really, 185cm here.

Different European here.
No there are no "rules."
Obviously tall men are more attractive. But you can get laid with taller women just the same.
The only phenomenon at work here is man let's trying to find reasons to give up

>In shoes

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That apartment is fucking huge.

The funny part is that you can't. The tiny fit girl would probably kill your fat ass.

riddle me this autists
i'm 6 2 yet everyone at my work is under 6 and are happy with wives/gfs children
yet i'm a kissless 29yo virgin fix that dr phil
also got a micro dick

She's based


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Wasn't there something similar in How I met your mother? Barney had a scale under the doormat or something to filter out fatties. That was actually pretty funny.
Everyone is entitled to their own standards of course :).
Also, who cares about some facebook or instagram or whatever that is whore? Come on bros

Jeez, how much chud can you fit in one pic?

99% of nonwhites are way below 6 ft.

I find this scenario highly implausible therefore I can only assume you're a lying manlet.

this gook looks like she herself is like 5'1, women who want men that much taller just have daddy issues and want a second father figure in their lives

turns out the obsession over height is just a meme, that women, just like men, can have a fixation on certain body parts, but that doesn't pervade the entire human species and people have different tastes.

The Complete Compendium of Female Jokes Vol1.
>lmao small dick
>lmao short
>lmao ugleh
>my vagena smells like omaigawd

Wow, it's almost as if life is comprised of a multitude of factors, each intertwined with the other, and just being tall doesn't really mean that much. Come on bro, this height obsession is just internet bs and we all know it. It is as you say... just go outside and you will see plenty of short guys with gfs/wives.
Believe in urself bro, just like I believe in you, and you will be fine

And chuds be like: "Women bad"

>tfw neet manlet dyel having a girl come over this weekend to watch wes anderson kinos

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yikes, incel moment

how many white women have rejected you, Chang?

I'm 6ft in boots, i'm keeping this line. Thanks fellow manlet

It's over

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You know that meme about big dick energy? well it's real
And the the inverse is real, too

But user, I'm not joking when I say it. I just really fucking hate women

enough haven't

>Caring about a hole's opinion.

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