She hooks up the Arch Linux laptop to the TV with the HDMI cable...

She hooks up the Arch Linux laptop to the TV with the HDMI cable, after impressing her with your mpv configuration what film do you play to seal the deal?

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Brink! (TV Movie 1998)

Problem Child 2

the film is one of the films you downloaded onto your external harddrive btw.

tropic thunder

you gotta look before you leap

>dubston checks in

Gay Niggers from Outer Space

Nothing, if my mpv configuration hasn't gotten her sufficiently wet she isn't worth my time.

Imagine her bouncing on a BBC.
bitches love artsy bdsm sex movies.

And here she is without photoshop. End of thread.

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I don't even care if this is a man. I'm so fucking lonely bros I just want the company. Anyways I'll play the first Resident Evil film


She’s married though why does she post these?

This is photoshopped to make her look skinny. Stop fucking posting this.

Naked Lunch

... she looks the same?

im so disappointed...

This photo was taken outside the shopping center on Research Blvd. in Austin, Texas. This bitch is within driving distance and should thus fear for her life.

Look closely at her face

The Neon Demon

>he makes a post fantasizing about some weird girl he will never meet to satisfy his virgin cravings for sex

Bony bitch.

>how I really look
>ten pound of war paint in her face

This is Texas right?

No, tard, Invincible. She wants cartoon violence became she's into selfharm.

Shut the fuck up. Final warning.

>the Arch Linux laptop
Why not her Switch that's already running Arch by default


Her dead eyes tell me all I need to know. Thousand cock stare. She's busted. Run through. Another bland arthoe with eyes that might as well be painted on.

I tell her she should leave and start Point Break (1991), which I was already planning to watch.

Léon The Professional

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Unless her personality is amazing, she is beneath my standards

her pussy is really ugly

this is the type you fuck once and get addicted to
but remember bros, crazy doesnt go away, and crazy women are the best fucks youll ever have
no more than 3 times and never give them your real name, or let them know where you live

we take turns sucking each other's uncircumized dicks while we watch satantango in one sitting

Fuck you. Stop fucking posting. Now.

>arch linux

Shut up, faggot.

What the fuck. Looks like Hunter Schaffer's body

Pic related is a 8, she is a 5 at best

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Do you have dog shit where you should have a brain?

Blade Runner, the first one.


I chop her up into pieces and dissolve the pieces in hydrofluoric acid. Once done I proceed to relax and watch two and a half men.

is "she" post or pre op?

She looks like bpd incarnate, I kick that bitch out call an escort and put on blade runner.

Yes. The buck breaking cock. Any ounce of black masculinity (lmao) was erased by Tariq Sneed.

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Need to get a crazy that around so I can feel young. Probably play some early james bond to piss her off then make some microwave hungry man meals and feed it to the bitch.

She looks exactly the same
Regardless, shes goth and crazy, thats a massive dick magnet

Can confirm. Girls Love shit like fitfty shades of grey.

The man that fell to earth

And if that dosent work;

The crow

That should get her cunt nice and slimy

I use Arch ask me how many cocks I've sucked today

a VHS rip of WrestleMania 17

>my body dysmorphia is diminishing
How would you know, bitch?

I hate women

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Yo Borat, that you?

how you have body dysmorphia when you have no body?

Beyond based

No, I mean a big black cock. Literally the only kind of penis that’s capable of satisfying a white woman.

Take the thong out yo bussy playa

It's pretty weird for asian boys to be so obsessed with black men's genitalia.

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She looks like she would snort cocaine from my dick.

It's wierd for any men to be obsessed over genitalia.