No wonder why she cucks him so hard

Is there any worse trainwreck of a "marriage" in Jewlywood 2022?

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She really is a vindictive cunt. I mean divorce the man if you want but what exactly does she get out of publicly humiliating him at every opportunity.

he should kill her , his career is ogre anyway.

She's so ugly. Why did Will even marry this bitch?

Why the FUCK would she remain with a dude for 30 years if she was unhappy with the marriage from the very start? She could have divorced him after 1, 2, 5, 10 years, but she has kept it going for THIRTY years.


Hes also going to get divorced raped harder than Brendan Fraser so if he actually had the balls to just murder this bitch then he'll be absolutely vindicated

She was kinda cute back then.

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whats wrong with him? why didnt he get rid of this ungrateful cunt already?

I say this every thread, but she is a narcissist BPD. People like this are pathological liars. She's saying this for some kind of agenda. Who really knows what that is, but I can suggest maybe she's trying to separate herself from Will in the public perception since the backlash against him, or maybe she's just trying to fuck with Will's head some more. She has a history of doing this, like going on television shows and talking to the gals about how fucking August was part of her healing process and she wanted to feel good etc. She will do anything the emasculate and belittle Will.

I recognized her as narcissistic BDP when I saw her interview on the red table months ago. She's the kind of woman that will cheat on their spouse and spin things like they're the victim in all of those. They'll rationalize any shitty behavior as actually doing it for good reasons.

Anyone that has dealt with narcassistic BDP women can recognize the signs in this witch

Because she eventually enjoyed being with him

If Will kills her, completely justified.

She was playing herself !

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>kinos men will never understand

he'll get brendan fraser'd if he does


i dont think so, she obviously make him more miserable and embarrased him, will smith is a tyrone but has the mindet of a cuck beta.

>Anyone that has dealt with narcassistic BDP women can recognize the signs in this witch
Just watching this whole situation with Will and Jada actually made me experience some low form of PTSD and stress from just thinking about having to deal with a woman previously who was exactly like that. That shit fucking drains you and it makes perfect sense why Will is all over the place with the way he's acting and reacting to everything going on.

i'm really agreeing with the user that said the only way this ends for will is a murder suicide

$$$ longer she stays the more she gets when she leaves.

yes same with me. It's Jada. Actually both my ex and her mother had this pathological issue and they are clones of Jada. My ex was young and dumb and I could somewhat manage her, but her mother was in her 50's and could psychologically run circles around a dumb kid like I was. She lulled me in as a perfect motherly figure and put thoughts in my head to separate me from my own parents and friends (this is the mother doing this to me). Then after about a year in she started psychologically tearing me apart just like she had done to her husband and son until I got to the point where I was doing anything for her approval (and it was never enough). I was separated from them for a bit due to stuff with college which gave me the space to get my head together and came to the realization then I had to fuck them off.
Seeing Jada again I can see all the same abilities of rationalizing bullshit behaviors and all the little manipulation techiques she uses.

niggers are never cute

Goddamn fucking cunt piece of shit ass money! Money money money! Only thing everyone cares about apparently! 30 fucking years down the drain with supposedly someone you hate and for it to come to this pity squabbling in "this week's hot topic" magazines for all to see and for what? Money? Why, bros, why are people so obsessed with money when they obviously end up miserable chasing it? So goddamn sick of money, fuck actors that get paid 50mil for 5 months of work, fuck hollywood, fuck this fake ass money scam and fuck this soulless bitch Jada. I hope she gets 100% of his money and cars and houses and kids and he gets left with nothing then she kills herself because her pointless existence without someone to leech from will be complete. FUCK


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>cried on wedding day
>never wanted to marry him
So why'd you do it?

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>Will Smith goes into cuck rage
>defends his wife's honor by slapping Chris Rock
>Jada goes on to say she doesn't need defending and that the slap was wrong
>Will Smith gets banned from the Oscars and any related academy ventures for TEN years (which means Jada can still go with another date)
>Jada doesn't even shut up and goes on to say she never wanted to marry Will and cried at the wedding
Holy shit we are witnessing this woman trying to bury Will alive.

>oh no I only have $500 million left
he should cut his losses and spend the next 30 years with someone who makes him happy


>Holy shit we are witnessing this woman trying to bury Will alive.
I think the craziest part is that the general population isn't even catching onto just how devious and evil she is. It's all right there, but everyone is busy thinking that Will is the bad guy.

I don't know if he knows how. Will has the eyes of a trapped animal in the photos.

What an evil bald bitch.

If he doesn't car crash her or commit sudoku he is a retard.

My gf's mom is queen crazy and made a cuck boy out of a formerly well off man who is now shit poor. I met with her once seriously, then only 10 min top since then once a year. I will never be around her idgaf how they shame. Bitches that crazy are dangerous.

The worst part is a lot of people are automatically assuming that Will must have done something horrible to her to deserve all this, it's like a cartel execution on some innocent nobody, they just do it for kicks, but people are like
>well he must be just as bad to have ended up there.

>the all females are good people meme
I fucking hate boomers and simps, SO goddamn much. There are BAD people and GOOD people, having a pussy doesn't make you a good person. Fucking evil bald ugly wide-nosed bitch.

She's doing everything she possibly can to shame and disrespect him publicly because she wants HIM to initiate the divorce. It's a purely calculated manipulation to ensure she wins the most in the divorce settlement. His net worth is in the hundreds of millions of dollars, she wants to stack the deck for her lawyers as much as possible so that she can clean him out.

>t. divorcee

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That vile creature just wants to push him to suicide.

fuck this demonic cunt from hell

Nah, it ain't about the money for her. You can tell that she is just truly evil and genuinely enjoys every second of twisting and turning him around her finger. There's hundreds of ways that she could make sure he would divorce her, but she keeps playing her games of constantly reeling him closer to her and then pushing him away time and time again.

Can't these evil cunts find something better to do.

Sure she's a vile person which is why she's going for his neck publically, and it's all part of a longer calculated move to take everything she possibly can from him. It's not just that she enjoys putting the screws to him, it's also the fact that screwing him up benefits her in the long run.


She must feel that Will wronged her in some way and now she wants some type of revenge. A lot of women tend to be extremely petty and can hold grudges for years, even if what you did wrong was extremely minor. Hell, I wouldn't even be surprised if it goes back decades based on her recent statements in the OP pic.

I’d feel bad for Will if he wasn’t such a limp wrist cuck.
He’s completely whipped. I wonder if he gets off on the humiliation.

It's not as much women good men bad, it's more to do with the severity of Jada' abuse, people think if she's going so hard on him he must have done something to warrant it.

>she remain with a dude for 30 years if she was unhappy with the marriage from the very start
Money and the fact that Will agreed to "an open marriage" so she fucked everyone she wanted. Now its time for jada to start the last part of her plan which is for Will to divorce her. This is why she is mentally torture him now. She wants to accelerate it. Im sure she expected the divorce to come out sooner, but she lucked out because her husband is one persistent idiot that cant see beyond his nose

Wait, so who cucked whom?

I think it's more likely that Jada and Scientology are working together to destroy him. You can see in his eyes how soul crushing a lot of the experiences with her are if you go watch those weird ass interviews they did where they sit around a table.

Will definitely does NOT enjoy it at all.

And yet he agrees to these public beatdowns by his own fucking wife on a regular basis. I can't have sympathy for a man who agrees to his own method of torture. He is pathetic and deserves all the misery that comes his way.

Look up how Scientology works. They are extremely devious cunts who will completely ruin someone's life entirely if you mess with them. I think Will is being indirectly forced to agree to her schemes.

The funny thing is if like 5 years ago when her cunt behavior started he would have just said no fuck off I'm getting a divorce she would sudden.y have new found respect for him.

I'm sure they have plenty of power in the higher echelons of society but come the fuck on man, if you're being routinely subjected to misery by your handlers are you saying they're to blame instead of you for allowing them control over yourself? Will Smith has huge cultural and financial power that he can exercise at his will, all the demonic lawyer cunts that Scientologists have at their beck and call can't change that, at least not easily.
Well according to the very story in the OP she has been unhappy with him from the start so I doubt that she ever respected him frankly

>if you're being routinely subjected to misery by your handlers are you saying they're to blame instead of you for allowing them control over yourself?
It's a Stockholm syndrome scenario. You can't really blame the victim in those cases.

>Will Smith has huge cultural and financial power that he can exercise at his will, all the demonic lawyer cunts that Scientologists have at their beck and call can't change that, at least not easily.
They got his kids brainwashed too. If Will Smith dumps Jada, he's gonna lose 50% of his money, his son and daughter, his "religion" and probably a ton of his friends and acquaintances that he has surrounded himself with through Scientology.

It's not an easy "just dump her" scenario at all. His entire life would be in shambles and he would have to rebuild so many things.

that's all true but you've diagnosed the probelm here wrong. This is all happening because Jada is a narcissistic BPD. Jada is exactly like every woman with this pathological issue and will is like every man who is a victim of it. Scientology is off to the side on this one but it works much the same as a narcissistic BPD where they find out your secrets and they use it against you.

It's an ego farm basically.

It should be obvious to everyone at this point that the slap was clearly real, and Will is having a breakdown at this point from the failing relationship that he's trapped in, and he's the only one trying to make it work.
The really sad part is that no one at the Academy really gave a shit about the slap, and he only got banned after the fact because they realized how horribly letting him get away with it was making them look.
Will wants to have a loving family, and it's incredibly hard for a person to accept that the family he's spent decades raising and being together with don't respect him, let alone love him. At this point I doubt the money in a divorce would be his main concern. It's the fact of accepting that he cannot salvage his family, when it's all he wanted. He should just leave, but it's a understandably hard thing to bring yourself to do. Especially since he's getting older, and he really would only have one more shot at trying to start a new family, and even then, he might not get that shot. He also wants the image of a family man, and no matter how justified he is, the media will fucking slaughter him if he divorces her, calling him a heartless rich dude running out on his wife and kids

She truly is pure evil isn't she? I swear I used to think these headlines were made up but now nothing surprises me. She genuinely hates her husband.

Brown gums are so disgusting

Stockholm syndrome is the dumbest fucking meme ever memed into reality. Oh this person is holding me hostage and treating me like shit, but we spent so much time together we connected on a metaphysical level! More like the people who get infected by that mind parasite are mentally weak cowards who would gladly bend over backwards to avoid another slap if they dared to step one foot out of line in front of their captors.

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She's evil.

A good career swerve for him at this point would be to completely stop doing any and all interviews, take a bunch of indie roles outside his normal range, and just dive into the work. He's a decent enough actor and he's still relatively young looking, he could handle the workload. Every year people would talk about how it's a shame he couldn't be nominated for a role, and he becomes Punished Willie.