Was Deckard a Replicant?

If you answer this question without providing evidence you will be cursed with 7 years of bad luck.

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2049 seems to imply he isn't since he looks aged and doesn't have replicant strength.

For what it's worth Ridley Scott said he was

replicant is so poorly defined that it literally doesnt matter and ridley scott is a hack

The Final Cut proves he's a replicant and it was retconned in 2049.


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Total garbage movie. Stripped out all themes and plot fom the story.
And the casting/costuming for Rachel is hot garbage. Rick's initial distaste for her is "she's too thin, no development, especially in the bust. A figure like a child's, flat and tame. He could do better". And Priss should be the same actress, its a major plot point.

What the fug is this. This isn't even the image I posted. My waifu got switched with an Indian deity or some shit.

Blade Runner is a shit movie that is only known for visuals that were ahead of its time. Was Deckard a replicant? No one cares, fuck off.

The real twist isn't that Deckard is a replicant, which he is, its that Rachel actually is a human.

The unicorn origami in the director's cut is literally Ridley Scott showing you, as blatantly as possible, that he is a replicant with planted memories. Deckard is a replicant, it's not even up for debate.

>For what it's worth Ridley Scott said he was
Yeah and Ridley Scott is a hack that has no clue what he's talking about
Based and Dickpilled

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2049 doesn't retcon anything, it actually explicitly sets up a story where him being a replicant or not doesn't materially change the situation - fact is a replicant could breed regardless of whether the dad was

That's what I originally thought too but the mere aging of Deckard implies he's not a replicant cause back in 2019, all replicants had a limited life span. Sure he could be an experiment but that's a bit of a reach.

yeah, they have to gloss over this in order to make it fit

Sapper Morton is in the movie and clearly doesn't have the short lifespan

Explain for a retard please.

No because if he was the movie becomes meaningless

Not that user but i think it's how would random cop partner know about the unicorn dream if Deckard wasn't a replicant with memories implanted
No idea why the fuck the cop would know though

OP here, I just watched both films and it is implied that replicants past nexus 6 do not have a limited lifespan. is it possible that Deckard was a 7 or something? Huntiong down older models?

maybe he was, maybe not.
We weren't left with any concrete evidence and it left all of us thinking.
There isn't any recognizable difference left.
For both, the object and observer.

i guess that would make him a prototype, which fits with the edward james olmos theory

>all replicants had a limited life span
This can easily be explained by Deckard not being a Nexus 6 model. Nexus 6 had the 4 year lifespan. Deckard must have been a Nexus 7, like Rachel(we only get confirmation in 2049 that she's a model 7).

Yes it is possibly for him to be a Nexus 7 like Rachel. There would have been no other 7s though, they went straight to Nexus 8s in terms of real products

>Was Deckard a Replicant?

Phillip K. Dick said no.
Harrison Ford said no.
Ridley Scott said yes.
Bladerunner 2049 said no.

also the screenwriter for both movies hated the idea and wanted to keep it ambiguous

What a hack

It's more than "easily" explained - by definition if Deckard *is* a replicant with implanted memories and whatnot, he would have to be a Nexus 7.
BR2049 deliberately didn't confirm or deny whether Deckard was - they even flirt with it in the scene where Wallace brings up whether Deckard and Rachael were designed for each other to fall in love
Don't quote me on this but I seem to recall some comment from Denis about leaving it a mystery to on purpose and to not make the story dependent on the individual's view of the original

Gaff(Deckard's new partner) was sent by Harry Bryant(LAPD captain) to become Deckard's new partner. Deckard is a Nexus 7 that is meant to hunt down deviant Nexus 6 versions to "retire" them. Gaff is basically overseeing the new technology of a Nexus 7 model, on behalf of the LAPD captain.

Gaff creates the unicorn origami to show Deckard that he is fully aware of what dreams Deckard has. Either Gaff knows from the creator, or he knows because he also has the same dreams implanted into him. That part isn't entirely clear.

were replicants actually mechanical? i always thought they're more like clones or artificial human species.

i like the theory that deckhard was modeled after gaff

To explain what I meant by "no idea why cop would know" I mean, why on earth would tyrell tell the cops about their plan to render humanity obsolete

Wasn't the point of Rachel was to show that she was the first of her kind? Why the fuck would Tyrell make Deckard as a Nexus 7 just to act like Rachel was the only one? Also why the fuck would Tyrell even make Nexus 7 for the LAPD if he's so secretive of his own products? It's so stupid and convoluted. It makes no sense.

>you've done a MANS job sir
real subtle, he was a replicant

finally someone who points out this line

to see if they can breed, duh

There's not really much concrete evidence/proof about Gaff himself. He could have been some sort of spy/handler from Tyrell to make sure that Deckard wouldn't get destroyed or something along those lines.

There's also the possibility that Tyrell was working with the LAPD. It is a very weird coincidence that Gaff just happens to join the LAPD and then gets directly assigned to become the person that has to track down Deckard and give him his assignment.

OP here, that line struck me as odd too.

>Why the fuck would Tyrell make Deckard as a Nexus 7 just to act like Rachel was the only one?
To test if Deckard truly believed that he was human, and to lead them together to see if they can actually make babbies.

No that's fucking retarded. There is no way that Ridley Scott knew the plot of BR2049 decades before it came out. The whole thing just screams hack writing

>Also why the fuck would Tyrell even make Nexus 7 for the LAPD if he's so secretive of his own products?
he has to exterminate the nexus 6s because they go apeshit when they become self aware, so the cops are on board. they don't, however, understand he's trying to replace humanity.

that's the natural evolution of creation/godhood, though.

Ridley Scott didn't even decide if Deckard was a replicant until he made his directors cut apparently

At what point does the viewer become the one who decides?

I don’t know. From what I remember the movie doesn’t bother to try to explain.

If they have a non biological brain, then it doesn’t really matter how they are treated, since there is no reason to believe they are conscious and not just mimicking the actions of a conscious being. If they have a biological brain, then it is slave labor. Definitely seems like they are at least part machine from their behaviour and durability.

It's not really that retarded when you think about the whole thing being based on the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" where the whole thing about natural vs unnatural takes place. There's even a point in the book where Deckard is super envious of a neighbor that has a real horse. He then makes it his mission to earn enough money so that he can get a real one himself, because his electric one makes him and his wife depressed.

Another point is that in the book it's alluded to that it's basically impossible to create children on earth due to everyone having suffered from radiation. It would make perfect sense that someone like Tyrell(both the book version and the movie version) would have his end goal be to overcome that.


They are androids. They are made from fleshy material to the point where they look, feel, smell, etc. like a human, but basically have a robot "core" inside. This is also shown in the movie where the eyes of the replicants have a weird empty glow.

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the cant have mechanical parts, otherwise all that needs to happen to verify their existence is a scan/xray

In the original cut no, in the directors cut yes, so ultimately yes

The parts don't necessarily have to be mechanical though. It's not a scenario where it's something like the robots from iRobot but just with a layer of skin on top. It's something much more evolved. That's what I meant by writing "core" in quotation marks.

Hey OP, read the novel. You'll never a more kino scene than the one at the police station. Trust me.


my evidence? ridley scott is a hack

there is no robot core in the movies

In the book, the androids are so biologically similar that they have to do bone marrow tests to distinguish their bodies to an actual human

I am so fucking drunk I dont even know if Im a replicant or a human because reality is bending at my will.

See I don't know how to explain it, but they are more than just identical to a human. There's something underneath it all that gives them superior strength, speed, stamina, resistant skin, etc.

No creation that was just like a human would be able to punch through metal or burst through walls for example. They have to be something more than just 100% organic like a human would be, and that's not even getting into how their brains would be created and work.

You are desperately trying to avoid suspension of disbelief but you are going to have to come to terms with the fact that it's just bioengineering

If it's just bio engineering, then why would Ridley Scott make the decision to show the glowing eyes to the audience, a common theme that happens many times in both movies?

Man you are dumb, it's to show they're artificially created not that they aren't made of flesh
Those glowing eyes were done with real people, you don't need to be made of metal to have something that life already has with some extra lighting

>not that they aren't made of flesh
I never claimed that they weren't. I think you're just misunderstanding me and we may have a different view of what bio engineering means.

At the end of the day, we have the Pris death scene to refer to, where we can see that she's basically malfunctioning. This scene heavily implies that it's not just a 1:1 100% identical human that's just enhanced - youtube.com/watch?v=e9t5ikxjAQ4

God this gave me the heeby jeebies.